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Create Better Events With SONCO

Stage Barriers Add Layers of Security & Protection 

Concerts and sporting events often proceed without incident, but advanced event planning should always include an objective assessment of security risks. Safety considerations may include:

  • Trips/falls, heat strokes, accidental injuries & public health emergencies. 
  • High emotions sparked by competitive sporting events, political rallies, raucous concerts or controversial keynotes. 
  • Acts of domestic terrorism or perpetrated violence. 
  • Drinking, drugs, sexual promiscuity and other forms of disorderly conduct.  

Keeping crowds, artists and speakers safe requires a thoughtful perimeter strategy, and stage barriers offer a physical deterrent to crowd violence. These barricades are also a top way to manage crowd traffic, protect attendees, minimize venue liability and reduce the potential for event-related injuries. 

Gated Stage Barriers Safeguard Talent & Crowds

Gate stage barriers elevate event safety by supporting boundaries. Hinged gates allow authorized personnel to enter without disrupting barrier lines, and well-designed barricade systems permit security, engineers and maintenance crews to access closed areas. Enabling critical personnel to access behind-the-scenes locations makes large gatherings safer and more successful. 

In addition, gated stage barriers are an ideal addition to any bulk equipment order since they integrate seamlessly with SONCO straight barrier panels, snake runners and corner sections. Mojo barriers and other popular equipment styles are also compatible with SONCO gates and panels, making it easy to create customized crowd safety systems that address event-specific hazards.  

Why Choose Stage Barriers?

The impact of poorly managed events can be disastrous, with problems ranging from collapsed barricade injuries, long lines, frustrated attendees, disorganized wayfinding and more. Heighten the safety of your next concert or tournament with premium stage barrier systems from America’s crowd control team. 


In many cases, concert barriers are the foremost safety mechanism for high-energy concerts, intoxicated patrons and rowdy groups. When carefully placed in high-risk zones, these metal barricades serve as a physical border between performers and audiences. Level up your venue’s safety plan by installing gated stage systems at facility entrances and exits, too. 

SONCO Stage Barriers for Event Production

SONCO perimeter products can be mixed and matched to solve any venue’s most pressing security problems. Get the flexibility you need to build stable boundaries while assuring hassle-free access for employees and authorized contractors. Stage barrier features include, but are not limited to:   

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Weather-resistant designs that resist high winds, moisture & other elements 
  • Simple, hardware-free deployment 
  • Effortless integration of straight panels, corners, snake runners, gates & more  
  • Ramp-style bases for spectator convenience & comfort 
stage barrier

Essential Perimeter Equipment for Events

When it comes to non-negotiable security measures for your mass gathering, steel barricades and aluminum stage barriers are a vital part of your playbook. 

  • Steel barricades: Essential for crowd control, these sturdy units define barriers between restricted areas and unruly audiences. Steel barricades also direct the flow of foot and vehicle traffic, and they’re perfect for cultivating order and directing lines. 
stage barricade for sale
  • Stage barriers: Stage barriers were explicitly designed for music festivals, concert venues and other dense crowd zones. Today, customizable stage systems are considered crucial to performer staff and spectator safety.  

In any fast-paced environment where music and alcohol are flowing, both steel barricades and stage barriers deliver added layers of protection. 

Customizing Your Stage Barriers

Thanks to SONCO’s steel barricade customization process, you can now add custom barricade covers to bolster company visibility and advertise for sponsors. When barricade jackets adorn your crowd control equipment, audiences take notice. While safeguarding your venue from a security breach, SONCO’s high-performance barricades can also ignite brand recognition and monetize your perimeter. Printed equipment covers include any design, in any color—printed on your choice of heavy-duty, double-sided fabric!  

Partner With SONCO for Stage Barricades

SONCO is the nation’s go-to resource for creating safe, successful events, whether you require stage barriers, steel barricades or other proven perimeter equipment. To connect with a SONCO specialist, request a quote or call 888.766.2615 today. Ask about crowd control products for jobsites, construction zones and traffic safety, too! 

Chris Keith
Chris Keith
Chris is a veteran of the event industry and has spent over 20 years working with some of the top promotions, marketing and production companies in the country. Whether it's on site sponsorship fulfillment or logistics and operations, Chris has the experience to help you with all of your on site needs.
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