Why temporary fence falling should be a concern

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Why temporary fence falling should be a concern

Temporary fence stability is important, especially in areas that are prone to high winds. An improperly secured fence could result in a treacherous situation

An unstable temp fence creates a potentially hazardous work site. There’s a lot that can go wrong. It can be a significant liability that goes far beyond a breach in security

It can lead to costly lawsuits and incur expenses to pay for property damage, replace damaged fencing, and settle worker’s comp claims. 

The Consequences of Unsecured Temporary Fencing 

Some of the top concerns for unsecured temp fencing include: 

  • Site security – Your fence is there, at least in part, to provide security for your site. Fence panels that fall or can be pushed over undermine that security, making your site more prone to unwanted individuals like vandals or thieves
  • Property damage – In moderately strong wind or strong gusts, a fence panel can be blown about and cause damage to vehicles, buildings, equipment, and other property
  • Injuries – Falling temp fence can cause injury by falling on people. A panel that has already fallen can cause a person to trip. This can cause serious harm including bruises, abrasions, concussions, and broken bones
  • Takes staff away from assigned tasks – Continually running back and forth to right a fence that keeps falling over, they cannot perform their assigned duties. This eats into your contract time and causes delays in the completion of the project. Frequent disruptions to tend to an unstable fence can be very costly indeed if you are late on delivery. 
  • Fence damage – Your fence can become damaged if it falls over, especially if it falls over often. It can be very costly to repair the panels or, worse, to replace them. Even if the expense isn’t that great, it still cuts into your total project profit. You don’t need anything impacting your profit. 
  • Obstacles that can cause accidents – A fallen panel can cause accidents. If a panel falls in the street or partially in the street, cars may have to swerve to avoid hitting it. This can lead to traffic accidents which is an increased liability on your part. If a panel falls across the sidewalk, it can cause bicycle accidents or people can trip over them. 

OSHA Regulations for Temporary Fences 

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Your temp fencing should comply with US standards OSHA Standard 1926: Work area control

According to OSHA regulations, temporary construction fencing must run along the perimeter of any worksite to limit or prevent access to high-voltage zones or those prone to fall risks, as well as other hazardous areas. 

Fencing prevents pedestrians and vehicles from entering the construction site where there is a potential for injury, vandalism, or damage to equipment or property. Temporary fencing is also an effective theft deterrent in high-crime areas or where theft is a concern. 

Different municipalities and jurisdictions may have their own regulations regarding temporary fence heights, installation methods, and materials. Failure to comply can lead to costly lawsuits, expensive fines, and contract penalties for project delays, not to mention safety concerns for workers and others on the site. 

The main reason why your temporary fence falls 

One of the most common reasons that temporary fences fall is because of wind. This can cause operational disruption and that can mean significant and costly time delays, legal and compliance fees, and extra labor costs. All of which can be avoided by properly securing all temporary fence panels. 

It is important to protect your staff and your company from unnecessary liability. Temp fencing that is not secured properly is a bad reflection on your company and your work. But it goes deeper than that. 

Safety reasons

Safety is a huge concern on construction sites. Temp fencing ensures worker safety and protects the construction equipment, materials, and the site itself. It also serves to keep the community safe. 

Fencing deters would-be thieves and ensures overall site safety. It keeps unauthorized people from entering the worksite, especially curious children and teenagers looking for adventure. Fencing continues working to secure your worksite long after your staff has gone home for the day.

Legal consequences

Some very costly legal consequences can come from non-compliance, lawsuits, and worker’s comp claims. Failing to comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations can be very expensive with fees and fines totaling thousands of dollars or more. 

Personal injury lawsuits can be very expensive as well if someone is injured due to your downed fence or if their property is damaged. Injured workers can file worker’s comp claims which can get very pricey very fast.

Reputation/Branding of the company

A fallen fence can also be damaging to your brand and tarnish your company’s reputation. You don’t need the bad press associated with injuries or property damage, even if a trespasser accesses your worksite illegally through a fallen fence panel. 

It is still your responsibility to secure your worksite properly. Failure to do so can cost you future contracts with existing clients as well as new ones.

Operational Disruption 

When a fence panel falls it means that someone must stop the work they are doing to go set the panel back up and secure it. Usually, more than one person must stop their work to take care of the matter. 

If this happens often enough, it can cause a significant disruption in your operation and can even go so far as to cause delays in the completion of the job as agreed upon in your contract. That is an avoidable expense you do not want.

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How to mitigate the causes of temporary fence falling 

Identifying the reasons why your temporary fence keeps falling is key to resolving the issue efficiently. Here’s a list of practical actions you can take to make sure your fence will stay in place.  

  • Set up temporary fences properly  
  • Choose effective anchoring for temporary fences 
  • Add the right screen type 
  • Schedule regular maintenance for the temporary fences

When choosing fence screens, opt for mesh fabrics that allow sufficient airflow to reduce wind pressure on panels. For more information on fence screens, check out the complete guide on how to choose the best fence screen for each application

 It’s crucial to consider stabilization methods during fence installation. While DIY options exist, they may not always be reliable. The Anchor Base Family stands out as a reliable solution, purpose-made and designed to withstand high winds and prevent fence collapse.

Anchor Stand

Durable, effective, and made of 100% recyclable PVC, the Anchor Stand provides superior stability compared to metal tube stands. Ideal for projects requiring moderate stability, it ensures long-lasting performance without bending or rusting, outlasting metal tube stands by five times.

Anchor Weight

The Anchor Weight features a broad, high-visibility plate for durability and portability. It’s a more practical alternative to sandbags. It can be easily stored and reused across various work sites, minimizing tripping risks and maximizing space efficiency. 

Anchor Block

Constructed from durable materials, the Anchor Block resists cracks and breakage in any environment. With its high-visibility features, it reduces tripping hazards and accidents on the worksite. Easy to stack, store, and reuse, Anchor Blocks offer a cost-effective solution for temporary fencing needs.

The Importance of Stable Temporary Fencing

From ensuring site security and worker safety to protecting against legal liabilities and preserving your company’s reputation, the significance of properly secured temporary fencing cannot be overstated.

By implementing proactive measures such as proper setup, effective anchoring, and routine maintenance, along with utilizing reliable stabilization solutions like the Anchor Base Family, you can mitigate the risks associated with fence instability. 

Ultimately, investing in the stability of your temporary fencing not only enhances operational efficiency but also reinforces a commitment to safety and professionalism in every aspect of your construction projects.

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