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Choose the Best Temporary Fence Screen

The Complete Temporary Fence Screen Guide:

Choosing a Windscreen for Your Project

Windscreens and custom-printed fence covers do more than block the wind. Found at construction sites, event venues, sports arenas and more, these screens improve job site aesthetics and lend privacy and security to your project. When it’s time to choose a windscreen, keep these key features and benefits in mind.

Temporary Fence Screens 101: Benefits

When windscreens accompany temporary fences, your job site is safer and more attractive. Fence covers play an integral role in many outdoor projects and are commonly used in construction zones. An essential part of any non-permanent perimeter system, fence privacy covers shield job sites from inclement weather and create a safer environment. Protect your employees and the public by filtering airborne dust and debris.

Other advantages to construction windscreens include:

  • Increased privacy. Construction managers use chain link fence screens to enhance on-site safety. Prevent people from wandering into unsafe areas, and print crucial safety information on your construction windscreens.
  • Crime reduction. Construction sites seem to invite thieves and vandals, but windscreens can reduce the chance of jobsite damage. Consider privacy covers to protect jobsite assets from theft, too.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Construction areas are unsightly, but fence privacy screens help work zones look tidier. Custom-printed windscreens minimize visual distraction and keep your community clean and orderly.
  • Branding & monetizing. Your temporary fence supplier can customize construction fence screens to reflect your company’s branding and logo design. You can also monetize your work zone by printing sponsor ads on these valuable perimeter covers.
    temporary fence screen
  • Safety first! In addition to providing an advertising opportunity, many construction teams use fence covers to convey crucial safety information. Ask a SONCO branding specialist about your FREE windscreen design template.
    chain link fence cover

When properly used, custom construction screens are versatile and easy to install. They are also affordable—and they keep people safe and prevent workflow disruption.

Things to Know Before You Buy

What is the Purpose of Your Windscreen?

Windscreens come with dozens of options. To choose the best features, make a list of your priorities and reasons for purchase. Each product has variations in opacity (AKA wind resistance) and the type of material weave. Consider your preferred level of privacy and breathability, as well as the best fabric for blocking dust and debris. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my windscreen a barrier for traffic control?
  • Do I mainly need debris and dirt filtration?
  • How vital is on-site privacy?
  • Does my temporary fence cover need to be aesthetically appealing?
  • Are there safety or community codes or restrictions I need to follow?

Windscreen Opacity

Once you’ve narrowed your windscreen features, it’s time to determine fence cover opacity. How much privacy do you want or need?

privacy screen

High-quality privacy screens offer varying levels of privacy coverage. Choose from translucent (see-through) to opaque (solid). Translucent variations are suitable for concerts and sporting events, while opaque fence screens help to mask construction site assets. With SONCO’s sign solutions, you can also add a custom logo or graphic to your windscreen!

Windscreen Dimensions

Sometimes, windscreens don’t quite fit your fencing. When you partner with SONCO, our fence panels are consistently sized to fit your custom-printed temporary fence screen. Experience the perfect fit—every time.

And remember: You can cover the entire perimeter or choose just a couple of panels, depending on your fence’s function. Either way, SONCO windscreens always deliver:

  • Custom colors & other tailored options
  • Wrinkle-resistant materials
  • Vibrant, fade-resistant graphics
  • Variety of windscreen materials
  • Nationwide shipping & fast turnaround times
  • Free printing proofs
  • Price matching
  • Unbeatable customer service
color rolls with grommets 1

Connect With SONCO For Custom Windscreens

Do you need help choosing a proper windscreen for your environment? A SONCO team member is here to help. Connect with our fencing specialists today and get the perfect windscreen for your needs. To learn more about temporary fence solutions and branded fence jackets, call 888.766.2616 or request a quote online!

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