Choose Black Stage Barriers for Elegant Crowd Control

Safety Sticklers News Choose Black Stage Barriers for Elegant Crowd Control

Choose Black Stage Barriers for Elegant Crowd Control

Upgrading or Adding Stage Barriers?

Black Concert Barricades Fuse Safety With Ambiance

Keeping crowds, artists and crew members safe takes more than careful planning, and today’s venue operators are increasingly uneasy after event tragedies like Astroworld and Wireless Festival. To accompany a well-thought security blueprint, you need field-tested stage barricades and perimeter equipment. SONCO stage barriers are solid and topple-proof when confronting dense crowds, raucous performances, inclement weather and unpredictable circumstances.

While our traditional, galvanized stage barricades are a venue favorite, some performances demand more sophisticated, classic-looking equipment. When barrier aesthetics are vital to the look and feel of your event, SONCO’s new black stage barricades fit the bill. These powder-coated barriers take our galvanized steel finish to the next level while providing the same strength, stability and flexibility. And, just like the rest of our stage-equipment lineup, black concert barriers integrate seamlessly with MOJO-style barricades and other high-cost barriers.

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Should You Choose Black Concert Barricades?

To determine if black stage barriers will meet your needs, contact a SONCO barricade expert. Weighing budget and safety objectives, our team will recommend the best-possible stage setups. Considering shiny black Versa corners, snake runners and straight section barriers? Here are a few questions to help you decide:

  • Do you need upscale stage equipment and barriers that “fade” into the background? Galvanized equipment may stand out or detract from a sophisticated concert-hall performance. When atmosphere is everything, black barricades are the answer. Designed for events requiring heavy-duty crowd control with consummate style, this versatile product line is an ideal choice. Black stage barricades add a touch of flair when the lights are up — and they fade quietly into the background when performers are front and center.
  • Will you install barriers outdoors? Good news! SONCO’s steel-core black stage barriers have a tough-as-nails powder coating that helps prevent rust and corrosion. Use black concert barricades for your indoor red-carpet performance or three-day outdoor festival. Inside or out, our black stage barriers resist moisture, UV rays and overall wear.
  • Do you need an improved method for storage and installation? We know space is always limited — and storage is a big sticking point for customers. That’s why SONCO prioritizes ease of deployment and storability when designing perimeter equipment and stage barriers. For improved transport and compact storage, ask about custom-fit barrier carts! Each cart provides compact, damage-free stacking of up to 10 stage barriers, and a modest crew can easily transport equipment to its installed location. No need for a large workforce or loads of storage space.
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Safety Benefits of Black Concert Barriers

Like SONCO’s full lineup of black stage barricades, our powder-coated concert barriers are built to perform. Made from premium-grade steel that’s hot-dip galvanized for added durability, they securely interlock to form a fortress-like boundary against chaos. The result is heavy-duty crowd control equipment with understated style. From speaking engagements and elegant galas to rowdy outdoor festivals, these black stage barriers deliver the level of safety performance you’ve come to expect from the nation’s crowd-control authority.

Designed and built to protect concertgoers, crews and performers, SONCO’s lightweight-yet-sturdy stage barriers are vital to crowd-control success. No more “back-breaker” barricades that lead to all-too-common crew injuries! Our stage barriers weigh around 50 pounds and lock together to prevent crowd tipping. (Ask about integrated accessories for secure personnel access, too!)

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Use SONCO’s field-tested MOJO-style barricades to achieve goals like these and more:

  • Reinforcing stage boundaries
  • Discouraging security breaches
  • Blocking fans from rushing the stage
  • Protecting performers from crowds
  • Controlling crew & security access
  • Preventing deadly crowd surges
  • Delivering safe, uninterrupted performances

No matter the event size, SONCO knows safety and well-being are paramount. That’s why we’re joining with venues and promoters across the U.S. to safeguard artists, avert trampling and riots, and prevent the tragic results of concerts gone wrong. With the increasing use of stage barricades, crowd-control barriers and wayfinding signage, you also need equipment that’s easy to assemble and tear down — and we’ve got that covered, too.

Heighten Safety With Field-Tested Stage Barricades for Sale

London is still reeling after reports of Wireless Festival riots and crowd stabbings made headlines earlier this month. For many, the concert was a stark reminder of last year’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, where 10 died and hundreds were injured in what attendee Billy Nasser called a “death trap.”

In the wake of these events, concert promoters and venues are rethinking decades of crowd-control strategies — from equipment use and security protocols to expanded law enforcement presence. As they refine performance plans, dozens of venues and event managers partner with SONCO’s safety pros. Concert success starts with protecting people, so we build galvanized and black barricades that secure your stage and reduce unnecessary risk.

Don’t pay for a name brand like MOJO® barriers. Pay for quality, instead. Click here to request an estimate for SONCO black stage barricades for sale. Our no-topple concert barricades come in discounted bundles and truckload deals, and they integrate seamlessly with MOJO-style barricades. And with SONCO’s attractive credit lines and buy-now-pay-later terms, you’ll never sacrifice safety for savings.

Start today: request a custom equipment estimate for your next performance! For more details about the benefits of stage barriers, check out this blog post.

Chris Keith
Chris Keith
Chris is a veteran of the event industry and has spent over 20 years working with some of the top promotions, marketing and production companies in the country. Whether it's on site sponsorship fulfillment or logistics and operations, Chris has the experience to help you with all of your on site needs.
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