Don’t Miss This Important Metal Barricade Guide

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Don’t Miss This Important Metal Barricade Guide

The Steel Barricade Guide

Explore Premium Crowd Control Barriers for Your Project

Across the United States, event venues, municipalities and construction companies invest in steel barriers to secure job sites, events and project zones. Safeguard employees, pedestrians and drivers by investing in heavy-duty metal barricades from the nation’s most trusted barrier supplier. 

Whether you’re hosting a town parade, controlling concert crowds or building secure perimeters around festival sites, a steel barricade system gets the job done. Customers report that upfront metal barrier investments are worth every penny, thanks to SONCO’s time-tested barricade safety features and rigorous testing for quality assurance. 

Effectively Organize Lines for Faster Entry Into Sporting Venues

U.S.-made metal barricades are proven to elevate site safety at event venues, airports, municipal sites, construction zones and traffic work zones. With a proven ability to protect people, vehicles and assets, steel barricades are commonly used for these applications and more: 

  • Creating designated areas at any venue 
  • Directing concert or festival foot-traffic 
  • Demarcating marathon, bike race & parade routes  
  • Organizing admission or merch lines at conferences & events 
  • Cordoning off VIP & high-security zones 
  • Preventing vehicle congestion & controlling parking lots 
  • Separating traffic from people for optimal safety 
  • Organizing school tournaments, track meets or job fairs 
  • Implementing crowd control measures 
  • Protecting traffic & construction workers from roadside hazards 
  • Safeguarding the public from job site risks 

Types of Steel Interlocking Barricades & Their Uses 

Metal Traffic Barricades

Galvanized steel barricades and powder-coated barriers are helpful for parking lot and event traffic management, and they are frequently used to divide pedestrians from slow-moving traffic. Most SONCO customers choose metal barricades for crowd control, however. Deploy metal boundaries at indoor or outdoor event venues, COVID testing centers, trade shows and conferences, festivals and more.  

Steel Pedestrian Barriers

From perimeter fencing to foot traffic direction, galvanized and powder-coated steel barricades are designed for event management, security and safety. These tried and trusted crowd control walls stand up to daily abuse and hold firm at unruly gatherings. 

Create the Barrier You Need With These Popular Features

Add steel barricades to this year’s budget and check out SONCO’s expansive collection of styles and sizes. Check out the features and benefits of metal barricades for sale — so you’ll know what to look for before you buy! 

  • Tough-as-nails construction: Galvanized bicycle barricades are built from premium grade, ultra-durable hot-dip galvanized steel and designed to withstand the elements. Our goal is to deliver products that look great now — and five years from now! 
What Does Galvanized Mean? Galvanized vs Non-Galvanized Steel Barricade
  • Variety of finishes: Your metal barricade system is customizable with your choice of powder paint coatings (all colors) or galvanized steel finishes. Each finish protects interlocking walls from corrosion or rust and provides years of longevity. 
Black Barricade
  • Adaptable, interlocking design. Manufactured with side hooks and receivers, SONCO crowd control barriers connect easily to form the shape you need. Create straight or snaking lines, circles or squares, and sharp or smooth corners. 

High-Viz or Classic Barrier Colors for Every Situation

SONCO interlocking steel barricades are available in standard colors like black or OSHA orange, but we also provide custom colors upon request. Choose metal barrier colors that reflect your branding, align with your industry or complement your event color scheme. Opt for single barrier colors or alternate colors for a bold statement. Consider the possibilities: 

  • Black: Understated and classic, black powder-coated barricades blend into the background without “shouting” for public attention. Typical uses include public or private gatherings, black tie and VIP events, political conventions or theater productions.

Click here to view this success story and understand how the White House during the Presidential Inauguration managed crowd using black powder-coated steel barricades.

  • Orange: Popularly used for pedestrian safety, orange is high-visibility color that demand attention. These bike rack barricades warn pedestrians and drivers to stay alert and observe safety protocols. 
orange barricade

Buying Metal Barricade Guide

When you work in entertainment, construction, government, or a similar field, you’ll likely use metal barricades often.You probably also know that shopping for them isn’t as easy as it seems. Sure, all metal barricades look similar, but their differences can be substantial. From storage optimization to use on uneven surfaces, what feels like “little things” can make the most significant impact on the success of a crowd control application.

That’s why the SONCO team created this straightforward overview to give you a leg up on the metal barricades buying process.

Steel Barricade Base Options

Choosing the proper steel barrier base is vital for user safety, and options vary based on installation location. Consider these base options when you customize metal crowd control products: 

  • Flat Base: Designed for smooth surfaces, this base minimizes tripping hazards with its low-profile design. 
  • Bridged Base: SONCO’s bridged bases have a slight curve ideal for uneven terrain like grass or rocks. Add wheels for effortless portability! 
Comp 1 0003617

Additional Interlocking Barrier Features

When you partner with SONCO, you’ll receive industry-leading barricade products with unmatched quality. And that’s a guarantee!

  • All SONCO barricades include a one-year manufacturing warranty. 
  • Metal barriers are lightweight, portable and have carrying handles for single-person deployment or transport. 
  • Galvanized steel barricades are built with 16-gauge tubing. They are virtually indestructible! 
  • Thick, upright bars improve longevity and ensure a robust security wall.

Trust SONCO With Your Safety & Security Needs

Metal safety guards from SONCO Crowd Control are the ultimate in versatility, and every barricade is crafted to perfection and certified for safety. Our manufacturing team offers discounts on bulk orders and provides upfront estimates for ClassicLinemasterVector and other metal product lines.

Before you check out, don’t forget to accessorize your purchase with transport and storage carts or custom-printed barricade covers that monetize any event or job site. Learn more today: Call 855.430.6420 to reach a SONCO sales representative. Request a quote today!

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolo
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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