Fence Bases for Construction Zones

Safety Sticklers Guides Fence Bases for Construction Zones

Fence Bases for Construction Zones

Boost Construction Safety With Low-Profile Fence Post Bases

At SONCO, we put your safety first — and we know safety is also the number one priority for our construction customers. As you review work zone safety protocols, remember to assess the safety and efficacy of your temporary fence systems. Temp fencing and fence bases play a crucial role in cordoning off construction sites and traffic work zones, and they minimize trip-and-fall injuries in and around your jobsite. These incidents are among the most common types of construction accidents, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. During 2019, falls, slips and trips resulted in a median of 28 days of missed work for injured parties.

Before you choose temporary fences for construction zones, check out the main reasons why low-profile fence base designs are a great alternative to sandbags and concrete blocks.

Fence Stability Goes Beyond Sandbags

Unfortunately, sandbags are not the most efficient way to secure temporary fencing. Though the fence panels are not permanent, it is still vital that your work zone remains secure for the duration of your project. To revolutionize your perimeter’s structural integrity, choose SONCO’s proprietary fence bases. The low-profile, easy-deploy products are aesthetic and sturdy, making it easy for workers and passersby to navigate safely around most jobsites.

What’s The Trouble With Sandbags?

Construction managers face many challenges with sandbags since they are messy and unreliable. The bag’s outer material is often thin and weak, and when they are punctured, it’s only a matter of time before it shreds or splits. Like that dreaded trash bag that shreds while you’re carrying it to the dumpster, damaged sandbags are irreparable, inconvenient and frustrating.

Sandbag 1

Securing fences with sandbags or concrete blocks in high-traffic areas may also put pedestrians and construction teams at risk. These makeshift fence stabilizers protrude into walking areas, quickly becoming a tripping hazard. When workers move in and out of the work zone, or pedestrians walk along temporary fence panels, concrete blocks and sandbags could leave them vulnerable to stumbles, falls and other injuries. Safety is primary when it comes to your jobsite’s perimeter, and low-profile bases can also safeguard your company against fall-related lawsuits and worker’s compensation claims.

Hi-Viz BigFoot
Hi-Viz BigFoot

Put Safety First With SONCO

SONCO helps you get rid of sandbags — for good! When you invest in our temporary fence panels and high-visibility fence bases, you’ll receive cost-effective durability that stands strong during rigorous use and inclement weather. Worksite safety is paramount, and SONCO’s innovative products and construction industry experience assure our products meet your needs and protect you from unnecessary legal culpability.

Why Choose SONCO?

SONCO’s fence stabilizers are the leading alternative to blocks and sandbags. With products easily deployed in any environment, it’s seamless to move your temporary fence system from one site to the next. Enjoy advantages like these when you give up sandbags and trust SONCO fence bases for your next project:

· High Visibility: Every SONCO fence base product includes high-viz inserts available in bright orange or yellow. While concrete bricks and sandbags sometimes go unnoticed, these bright-colored fence bases stand out and grab people’s attention. Reduce trip and fall accidents by switching out sandbags!

oxblock whit fence panel05
Hi-Viz OxBlock

· Easy Transport: With a stackable design and built-in handholds for easy carrying, SONCO fence bases are easily stacked and transported during deployment and worksite cleanup. At larger worksites, your team can transport batches of stacked fence bases with a hand truck or forklift.

bundle oxstand
Hi-Vis Oxstand

· Exclusive Design: Sandbags must be bulky to weigh enough for optimal stability. SONCO fence bases have a slim, low-profile design that stays out of the way and minimizes accidental stumbling.

base oxstand 4
Hi-Vis Oxstand

Ready to Improve Construction Safety? SONCO Can Help!

If you’re tired of replacing split sandbags and broken concrete blocks — or you’re worried about tripping injuries — there is an alternative! Avoid unforeseen accidents and unnecessary liability with SONCO fence bases, the perfect substitute for concrete blocks and sandbag stabilizers. To learn more about our proprietary fence base designs, browse our construction fence systems or request a quote today.

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hessionhttp://soncocrowdcontrol.com
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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