Custom Fence Screens for Tidy Job Sites

Safety Sticklers Guides Custom Fence Screens for Tidy Job Sites

Custom Fence Screens for Tidy Job Sites

Shape Up Your Perimeter With Custom Fence Screens

Does Your Job Site Display Brand Professionalism?

Reinforcing work zone security and complying with health and safety guidelines are top priorities for construction teams — and so is establishing a clean, orderly job site. Research shows the public is skeptical of contractors and the broader construction industry. This negative image is made worse by the appearance of shabby work areas, blowing trash and debris, graffitied surfaces and broken-down fencing.

A professional worksite needs more than a robust perimeter, so SONCO customizes printed construction fence screens, custom signage and fence privacy screen products to maintain security, elevate site aesthetics and reflect well on your company’s projects and brand. This commitment to excellence is uncommon in today’s construction industry, and your stand-out dedication fosters supportive communities and future profitability. 

If your job site looks more like photo A than B, we recommend a SONCO perimeter makeover. Follow these valuable tips from our construction experts, and set up work zones that are productive, secure and orderly.

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Work Zones by the SONCO Pros

Chances are you’ve seen dozens of unsightly work zones like image A. These unkempt, graffiti-covered job sites are found around large communities and small towns — and they contribute to a second-rate image for your crew and company.

With the addition of a printed screen, your work zone gets a makeover. Surround your construction zone or municipal project with ground-level signage and billboards showcasing your brand identity, conveying safety guidelines, and endorsing sponsors while protecting equipment and employees.

SONCO Tips for a Clean, Professional Job Site

Begin protecting your construction zone or commercial project with SONCO-strong steel barricades, temporary fences, vehicle gates, pedestrian gates and other perimeter equipment. Once barricade setup is complete, a SONCO representative will share options for elevating your job site’s look with construction fence mesh, branded building wraps or a custom-printed construction fence screen.

custom fence screens

Prioritize Environmental Safety

The primary reason for work zone upkeep is preserving employee, vendor and guest safety and security. Construction sites are chaotic — often scattered with debris, nails, potential hazards and stacks of building supplies. A busy work zone can also be a dumping ground for garbage and abandoned tools, increasing the risk of slip, trip and fall accidents or more serious safety threats.

A sanitary, organized job site surrounded by branded signage and dust-blocking fabric reduces debris spray on windy days. A wind-resistant privacy screen or chain-link fence privacy screen protects nearby walkways from piling dirt and keeps pedestrians safe from blowing leaves and sand. SONCO carries vinyl, polyester and mesh-style fence covers that offer breathability while delivering privacy and dust protection. Ask about the best option for your application!

fence privacy screen

Foster Good Will

Enforcing a culture of daily housekeeping and job-site tidiness does not just minimize safety risks. Communities, nearby businesses and passersby appreciate it when construction teams get serious about work-zone cleanliness. Clients and customers are grateful for your crew’s accountability, attention to detail and care for surrounding streets, businesses, residential properties and historic sites. Don’t underestimate the importance of these goodwill efforts in winning over future customers and community influencers.

Take Advantage of Cost-Effective Advertising

Overseeing a well-maintained construction site and branding your perimeter with custom fence screens are fast and relatively inexpensive ways to increase brand recognition. Turn everyday bike rack barricades into ad space by choosing custom-fitted and versatile fence cover styles. Print attractive graphics, messages or sponsor ads on your wind and privacy screens to discourage vandals from looking for a blank canvas. And remember, every temporary fence screen or barrier jacket is easily removed and replaced if damage occurs or changes are needed.

Repair Vandalism & Refresh Perimeters

Construction sites and traffic work zones are high-profile targets presenting an open invitation to vandals and thieves. Often found in dense urban centers and frequently trafficked areas, these sites are subject to vandalism, graffiti, equipment damage and materials theft. Fortunately, it only takes minutes to remove damaged, graffitied or defaced tarps and fence screens and replace them with tidy, branded wraps and signage. Careful maintenance of the work zone speaks well of your company to onlookers and neighbors. 

Be “Brand Forward”

Steel barricades and temporary fence panels form a bulwark of perimeter protection around your job site — and SONCO fence screens put that perimeter to work. Every day, we partner with commercial and municipal organizations to turn fencing and crowd control equipment into orderly boundaries that convey personalized messages. Use vinyl, polyester and mesh fence screens, building wraps and banners to achieve these goals and more:

  • Boost brand reputation with printed logos, taglines & brand colors 
  • Monetize perimeter fencing with sponsorship advertisements 
  • Create safety sign fence screens with construction site guidelines & personal safety reminders 
  • Advertise your building’s grand opening or generate buzz for upcoming events 
  • Display community murals and artwork with chain link fence screens 

Deck Out Your Job Site With SONCO Professionalism

To preserve environmental aesthetics and avoid tainting your brand with job-site security risks, partner with SONCO for fence wrapping and signage installation. From fence screens to wind-resistant privacy screens, we help you cultivate community enthusiasm about your project while safeguarding your business’ reputation. Connect with a member of our design team to request fence screen personalization or purchase additional safety equipment for public initiatives, new building sites or traffic work zones.

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolo
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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