Spotlight on Security: Guide to Stage Barriers from SONCO

Safety Sticklers Guides Spotlight on Security: Guide to Stage Barriers from SONCO

Spotlight on Security: Guide to Stage Barriers from SONCO

Proper Use of Stage Barriers Protect Performers & Prevent Disruption

An electrifying atmosphere and attendance by thousands of high-energy fans should ensure the success of your mega-concert, arena performance or outdoor festival. But when raucous crowds breach stage security or tear down barricades, a blockbuster gathering can devolve into chaos — putting lives and property at risk.

Built to prevent security breakdowns and crowd surges, SONCO stage barriers reinforce boundaries between performers and rowdy fans to deliver safe, uninterrupted performances. Our lightweight, heavy-duty metal stage barrier also blocks fans from rushing the stage, so your legendary show proceeds without incident.

Concert Tragedy Leads to Evaluation of Crowd Control Measures

The November 21 tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Music Festival performance continues to rattle the nation. The crowd surge, resulting in at least 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries, is still under investigation — and it often takes months to assess the damage when a major event goes wrong. Currently, authorities are focused on the concert’s safety barriers and crowd control measures as they work to diagnose the root causes of the surge.

The Astroworld incident has been compared to the Who’s infamous 1979 concert catastrophe, where 11 people died and 26 were injured. The trampling occurred when some attendees heard what is now thought to be a late sound-check or the airing of pre-recorded music. Fearing the concert had already begun, the crowd surged the doors and began rushing toward general admission seating.

In the wake of news stories like these and too many others, concert and venue crews must continually re-evaluate and improve their security and safety measures. Thanks to SONCO’s many decades of experience, we help teams create dependable systems for the nation’s safest events.

SONCO Manufactures Superior Stage Barriers

With nearly 50 years of perimeter security experience, SONCO understands the everyday challenges of the concert, speaking engagement and event industry. Focused on the safety and security of attendees, crews and performers, we manufacture concert stage barriers that withstand heavy, continuous service in all kinds of weather. These barriers are reliably used by event venues and concert teams, year after year. Choose from equipment for front of house (FOH) positions, delay towers and crowd surge prevention. Season after season, SONCO crowd control systems perform without fail at festivals, sporting events, political rallies, live performances, intense concerts, huge conventions and other large-scale gatherings.

With SONCO’s superior panel designs and intuitive accessories, our stage barrier systems give concert planners unmatched flexibility to configure safe, strong perimeters. Compatible with Mojo Barrier products and constructed with lightweight aluminum, these time-tested barriers are easy to deploy, tear down, store and move to your next venue. Our stage barricades address challenging venue needs like these:

  • Providing secure access for authorized personnel & stagehands
  • Ensuring seamless entry for authorized personnel, stagehands & vendors
  • Enabling hassle-free equipment access & cable control
  • Adjusting lights, mics, amps & equipment without disrupting safety barriers
stage barriers

How SONCO Stage Barriers Outperform the Competition

If your business is staging large-scale concerts or events, you need the SONCO edge. We build the best crowd-control solutions because we understand the features that make your job easier: quality materials and manufacturing, design simplicity, panel versatility, ease of use and unmatched value. SONCO stage barriers outdo the competition with these advantages and more:

  • Premium 6000 series aluminum alloy frames
  • American Welding Society-certified welds
  • Durability for heavy use & long lifespan
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures & weather conditions
  • Sturdy steel connector pins & cable channels
  • Stable rear step for security control
  • Compact, fold-up design
  • Interconnecting bases for a level floor surface
  • Gate & corner panels for flexible configuration

At SONCO, your experience with our products and services is priority #1. As we continually improve and enhance our offerings, you benefit from superior concert stage barriers plus an unparalleled customer experience. With nationwide warehouse distribution, fast shipping, savings on truckload deliveries and a robust one-year warranty, we make the decision easy.

Accessory Panels for Ultimate Stage Barricade Construction

When backstage walls don’t box in outdoor festivals and indoor concerts, SONCO stage barriers offer a portable, secure solution. Pair our straight crowd control barrier with corner panels to secure any stage profile. Intersperse heavy-duty Snake Runner stage panels and SONCO hinged gates to allow cable access and entry points for authorized staff. Facilitate panel transport and storage with SONCO’s Guardian barrier cart. These versatile stage barrier components enhance security and save you labor costs and time.

  • Guardian Straight Section Barrier: These panels link together to form a solid wall with integral steel pins and cable channels. Add corner panels and gate units to create a custom stage barricade. Each straight section barrier folds flat for compact transport and storage.
  • Guardian 90° Angle Flex Corner: Interchangeable from right-corner to left-corner configuration, these corner panels mate seamlessly with SONCO’s straight panels to form the strongest and longest-lasting stage barriers on the market.
  • Guardian Versa Corner: Accommodate unusual angles and irregular shapes with this double-hinged corner section without a footplate. The Versa Corner connects with other units to span out-of-square areas for equipment, storage or personnel use.
  • Guardian Hinged Gate Barrier: Maintain a secure stage while allowing convenient, time-saving passage for authorized engineers, stagehands and security crews.
  • Heavy-Duty Snake Runner Stage Barrier: With these convenient, built-tough stage barrier panels, your crew can feed cables safely through the Snake Runner without disrupting the crowd or disturbing the perimeter.
  • Guardian Stage Barrier Cart: Your staff will appreciate the time-saving ease of these carts. Efficiently deploy or remove stage barriers; then use our wheeled cart to transport or store up to ten flat-folded panels.

Upgrade Existing Stage Barriers at Bulk Pricing

All SONCO metal stage barriers integrate seamlessly with your legacy stage barricades, so you can upgrade without replacing still-usable pieces. Adding a few Snake Runner barriers or a secure Guardian Gate improves operational efficiency and safety. And, since the SONCO pros are serious about customer service, they’ll help you safely and cost-effectively upgrade all crowd control barriers without a hassle. Your designated sales advisor will also recommend the best SONCO stage barrier and accessory units to round out existing stage security systems. As you wear out our competitor’s panels, your SONCO stage barrier units will continue to deliver reliable strength, security and performance. Upgrade to a complete system!

SONCO’s Commitment to Your Company’s Success

Whether you need a few stage barriers for sale or an entire truckload, you are guaranteed a memorable customer experience at SONCO. We are a national crowd control authority with decades of experience and an innovative approach to product design, manufacturing and sales. Connect with our team, set up a new account and experience personalized service focused on your needs. You’ll love SONCO’s secure online order process, safe shopping guarantee and free expert advice. Ask about bundled discounts and our price-match guarantee for qualified orders!

We are always looking for new or improved products to protect our customers from unnecessary liability! If you have a suggestion to enhance event security or improve stage barriers, please give us your feedback here!

Chris Keith
Chris Keithhttp://soncocrowdcontrol.com
Chris is a veteran of the event industry and has spent over 20 years working with some of the top promotions, marketing and production companies in the country. Whether it's on site sponsorship fulfillment or logistics and operations, Chris has the experience to help you with all of your on site needs.
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