Check Out This “Store & Deploy” Strategy for Temporary Fencing

Safety Sticklers Guides Check Out This “Store & Deploy” Strategy for Temporary Fencing

Check Out This “Store & Deploy” Strategy for Temporary Fencing

Work Faster + Generate New Revenue Streams

SONCO is proud to partner with businesses, agencies and organizations that are inventive and 100-percent committed to their customers. In today’s client case study, we shine the light on a fire and water restoration company that’s elevating its service to existing customers — all while opening a brand-new revenue stream.

After searching for ways to handily store, transport and deploy up to 600 linear feet of temporary fencing for business and rental use, the company retrofitted their service trailers with SONCO Sollage fence racks. The results are worth sharing since this highly efficient “fence rack on wheels” allowed the fire and restoration team to:

  • Save valuable time transporting temporary fencing to multiple job sites
  • Drop off fence panels to work zones in record time
  • Expand available offerings & elevate customer service
  • Generate additional revenue streams by renting out extra fencing
  • Eliminate the need for third-party fence rental companies
  • Maintain fence panel integrity & increase lifespan
  • Store temporary fencing between jobs
fence panel storage

It may seem like a simple idea, but this fire and water clean-up company now deploys equipment for small jobs safer and faster — without paying extra vendors. Extra temporary fencing is loaded onto the Sollage rack and dropped off with fence rental customers, creating a new stream of revenue while streamlining job-site protocols!

Benefits of Sollage Racks for Temporary Fencing

Wondering how to transport fence panels to your work zones? Need a tidy, efficient solution to fence panel storage and transport? SONCO’s Sollage fence rack is proven to reduce fence dunnage and eliminate transit-related panel damage. Before engineering the Sollage rack, our team spoke with industry safety experts to get their take on things. The feedback was clear: Fence experts needed a product to aid in the quick deployment and site-to-site transport of temporary fence panels.

From their input, SONCO created the Sollage fence rack with these key features:

  • Two rack models to fit 6’ x 10′ & 6’ x 12′ panels
  • Stackable, space-saving design for optimal storage capacity
  • 30-panel capacity to expedite transport jobs
  • Tough galvanized finish that’s durable & corrosion resistant
  • One-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
Temporary Fencing

Ready to create your own “fence rack on wheels”? Get started now: Order Sollage fence racks by requesting a quote first. To speak with a SONCO team member about alternate ways to transport and store those temporary fence panels, call 888.766.2616 today!

Expand Your Revenue With SONCO Sollage Racks

Every day, SONCO team members get out and about to engage with growing and innovating businesses. It’s our honor to help our clients serve their communities and build their businesses — and we love to help them succeed! If you or someone you know uses a SONCO product in new, inventive ways, connect with our team!

How can SONCO be part of your company’s next big idea? We’d love to help — and we may even share your vision with other industry partners. You could be featured in our next case study!

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hession
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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