Increase Branding & Safety with Fence Screen

Safety Sticklers Sonco Proud Increase Branding & Safety with Fence Screen

Increase Branding & Safety with Fence Screen

Printed Fence Screens Are Practical AND Persuasive

Make a Bold Branding Statement

When jobsite or event safety feels elusive, and your perimeter is vulnerable, there’s an easy and economical solution! High-quality privacy screens from SONCO play a proven role in securing your jobsite or event, protecting jobsite assets and intercepting dangerous debris. But what if your windscreens pull double-duty as branding and advertising touchpoints? With SONCO, they can!

Our boutique design and production team tailors fence-screen printing to your brand identity, company colors and custom messaging. Collaborate with SONCO creatives for well-fitted fence covers that conquer the weather — and pack a marketing punch.

What’s So Great About Privacy Screens?

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Depending on your needs, SONCO’s custom-printed fence screens come in various fabrics and styles to combat blowing dust, hide unsightly work zones, prevent intruders and give your brand community recognition. Other privacy cover benefits include:

  • Heightening jobsite safety. SONCO’s signature safety fence screens combine the messaging of multiple metal OSHA signs into one attractive, street-level billboard. Keep crews and pedestrians safe with large-scale signs that promote personal responsibility and worksite safety. Each sign installs quickly on temp fence panels and stands firm in wind, storms or heavy crowds.
  • Reducing distraction. Nosy onlookers, safety distractions and blowing dirt slows your operation. Don’t waste time and money managing these problems when there’s a simple fix! Your easy-install privacy fence screen secures the work zone and protects crews from getting sandblasted.
  • Fostering brand reputation. Fence screen logos, taglines and brand colors convey a sense of pride in your business, event or construction project. Our in-house design team creates brand-forward fence screens and custom-printed OSHA safety signs that let the community know your values.
  • Leveling up your advertising initiatives. Whether you’re marketing that next big event or promoting project sponsors, SONCO’s can’t-miss custom fence covers shout your message in full color with high-res printing. Advertise a grand opening or generate buzz for upcoming events!
  • Elevated work zone aesthetics. A tidy worksite says a lot about your brand. SONCO’s privacy screens block off messy construction sites and beautify the community. Display community artwork, murals and more with our high-resolution printing process.

Yes! There’s a Fence Screen for That!

The best thing about privacy fence covers is their versatility for events, construction sites, highway repairs, hospitality venues and transportation hubs. The SONCO windscreen lineup includes a fence cover for every budget and venue requirement, and our safety specialists help you choose the best product for every job.

Custom OSHA Safety Signs

These large, legible signs combine jobsite safety essentials into one easy-read fence screen. Add company branding for a practical-yet-aesthetic solution to OSHA compliance.

  • High-resolution, no-fade graphics
  • Resists moisture & UV rays
  • Brand-forward design
  • 80% blockage & 20% airflow
  • Several sizes to suit your space
Custom OSHA Safety Signs

Vinyl-Mesh Privacy Screens

Restore life to old fences and promote upcoming projects with SONCO’s vinyl-mesh screens. With custom printing, these high-quality fence covers increase brand awareness and provide space for advertising and sponsorships.

  • 70 or 80% blockage
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Wrinkle-resistant finish
  • Photo-quality printing of logos, graphics & messages
  • Black grommet eyelets & reinforced hems
fence screens

Solid Vinyl Fence Screens

Ideal for events and advertising, these vinyl fence covers are low opacity with double-sided printing. Our dye sublimation process is UV and moisture-resistant, so it outlasts competitors by a mile.

  • 95% privacy blockage
  • Proprietary, tight-weave polyester with matte finish
  • Rounded top corners for optimal fit
  • Choice of grommets or Velcro-edge finishing
  • One-person installation & removal
Solid Vinyl Fence Screens

Poly-Mesh Windscreens

Build your brand, promote sponsors or direct construction traffic with SONCO’s polyester-mesh fence covers. These fence covers are lightweight but durable — and perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.

  • 50% blockage of dust, debris & wind
  • 50% opacity for moderate privacy
  • Soft & wrinkle-resistant for sophisticated settings
  • Dye sublimation printing for full-color, fade-resistant graphics
  • Black grommet eyelets & reinforced hems
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Windscreen Rolls

When branding isn’t necessary, or you have large spans of fence to cover, ask about our windscreens.

  • 85% privacy blockage
  • Green, black & blue color choices
  • No hems or grommets
  • Polyethylene construction that withstands the elements
  • Resistant to fading & cracking
Green Screen on Fence Panels

Safety + Branding Is a Winning Combination

Aging or unsightly fence panels get a refresh with SONCO’s high-performance windscreen printing. With features like premium fabrics, sturdy grommets and reinforced hems, your privacy screens will last for years — indoors or out. Perfect for construction, traffic repairs, events and large facility operations, our competitively priced fence screens are brand-forward and made to last.

Contact a SONCO sign specialist to request a custom-printed fence screen estimate or inquire about fabric and finish options today!

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolohttps://www.soncocrowdcontrol.com/
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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