Steel Barricades in Black or Orange – For Elegance or Safety

Safety Sticklers Guides Steel Barricades in Black or Orange - For Elegance or Safety

Steel Barricades in Black or Orange – For Elegance or Safety

While traditional steel barricades are a front-runner for perimeter and crowd security, some venues call for stylish upgrades, understated elegance or hi-viz colors. Not only are powder-coated barriers field-tested for safety and strength, but they also lend a signature look to important events and high-security environments. From classic black to safety-compliant orange, each powder-coated steel barrier comes with a hard-wearing coating that enhances your setting while protecting attendees and withstanding harsh conditions.

Black Steel Barricades: Crowd Control for the Red Carpet

black steel barricades

Black steel barricades make it easy to prepare for VIP events, serving as a chic addition to any security plan. And you won’t sacrifice an ounce of strength or durability! Thanks to their varying lengths and interlocking design, shiny black barriers are easily configured into any shape.

We start with powder coated steel that is rust- and corrosion-resistant. Then, we add a highly durable black coating that looks beautiful and combats crowd abuse, frequent relocation or inclement weather. Choose elegant black boundary systems for upscale events like these and more:

  • VIP ceremonies
  • Speaking tours
  • Museum openings
  • Concert hall gatherings
  • Awards ceremonies
  • A-list celebrity events
  • Art walks & festivals
  • Weddings & reunions

More Advantages of Classy Black Steel Barricades

black steel barricades

Every four years, the White House spends months planning the U.S. presidential inauguration. It’s a high-stakes security detail, and SONCO’s steel barricades played a crucial role in protecting lawmakers and attendees during 2016. Powder-coated in shiny black paint, the barriers stood their ground and complemented the setting — without distracting participants. The result was a safe inauguration attended by hundreds of high-profile guests and thousands of onlookers.

After standing tall at the White House, our black steel barricades have become a sought-after product for keeping crowds, artists, VIPs and stage-crew members safe.

Here are a few reasons why customers love these popular products:

  • Various sizes to meet your needs: From standard barrier sizes to extra-long 8-foot styles, black barricades can be custom-bundled to fit any fancy venue — including extra-large ballrooms and long, elegant aisles.
  • Field-tested for strength & durability: Don’t let the deluxe finish fool you. SONCO’s black steel barricades have seen their share of action. Field-tested across busy venues, these 16-gauge metal walls are solid and topple-proof in dense crowd conditions.
  • Aesthetic, timeless style: When barricade aesthetics are vital to the look and feel of your setting, you can’t go wrong with shiny black. These powder-coated barriers add a touch of refinement to your venue without detracting from its décor.

And, while black barricades are perfect as a stand-alone tool, SONCO also provides custom barrier jackets to boost brand identity or advertise for sponsors. Ask about our design services today!

Orange Steel Barricades: Eye-Catching Boundaries for Any Setting

orange steel barricades

There are times when crowd control equipment should be understated — and times when it should stand out. SONCO’s heavy-duty orange steel barricades are coated in bright safety colors to boost event security while commanding pedestrian attention. Choose orange barriers for serious crowd control, traffic management or heightened security. The instantly recognizable orange hue stands out whether you are securing a busy road or major festival. 

High-visibility orange barriers are constructed of the same heavy-duty steel as black and galvanized models, and the quality finish stays bright and rust-free — even with heavy use. Deploy our orange powder-coated barricades indoors or outdoors for high-performance crowd management and perimeter control. Orange barriers are a good choice for settings like these:

  • Arenas & stadiums
  • Mega-concerts, parades & festivals
  • Tradeshows & exhibits
  • Hazardous pedestrian zones
  • Facilities & garages

Uses & Benefits of Safety-Orange Barriers

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Available in many sizes and styles, our orange powder-coated steel barricades stand out where safety is paramount. With a heavy-duty finish that resists chipping and conquers weather or wear, these 16-gauge steel barriers are the perfect hi-viz security solution. Use SONCO’s orange barricades in a variety of circumstances:

  • Wall-off collapsed sidewalks or potential hazards.
  • Block crowd access to backstage or VIP-only sections.
  • Heighten vigilance around road construction or busy events.
  • Demarcate parade or marathon routes.
  • Channelize cars or pedestrians.

When you need an attractive, attention-grabbing barrier for your venue or construction project, safety-orange metal barriers can be custom-bundled to form boundaries of any length and shape. You’ll also enjoy these barrier benefits:

  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • In-stock availability for fast shipping
  • National distribution from our many locations
  • Discounts on pallet orders and truckloads
  • Barricade stands for all terrain types
  • Custom-printed barricade covers for branding or marketing

Orange Barricades Prevent Accidents at Warehouses & Factories

Orange barricades shine during heavy crowd control situations but are also a staple for warehouses and factories. According to ANSI standard Z535.1-2022, the color orange identifies dangerous equipment or machinery that could shock, injure, crush or cut workers.

Orange Barricades

It is also used on labels or signs to warn of hazards that may result in injury or death, especially when the overall risk is not extreme enough to warrant red “danger” messaging. Safety-orange barriers are used similarly in factories and busy work environments — to caution employees and guests about potential dangers or unauthorized entry. 

SONCO recommends factories and warehouses utilize orange barricades to close off dangerous equipment or demarcate hazards. Specific applications may include: 

  • Marking low-clearance levels. 
  • Restricting equipment access. 
  • Cordoning off wet or slick floors.
  • Separating pedestrian corridors from work zones. 
  • Delineating work areas where forklifts & equipment are in use. 
  • Alerting passersby to potential hazards.
  • Preventing guest access to secure sites. 

Tough, Tried & Trusted Metal Barricades for Sale

For the look you want and the performance you need, trust SONCO’s black and orange-coated barricades. Our heavy-duty powder coatings take galvanized steel barricades to the next level, whether you are deploying a perimeter, marking off hazard zones or setting boundaries for a mega-event. Rated 4.6/5 for our product and service quality, we’ve been safeguarding people and assets since 1976.

SONCO’s powder-coated steel barriers are robust, resilient and aesthetically pleasing — and they look great with barricade covers! You’ll receive FREE design services with your barricade cover purchase, whether you are advertising events or monetizing your jobsite. And don’t forget the barricade accessories! Choose from storage carts, rolling gates and all-terrain barrier stands. Contact our sales team or connect online to order barricades in bulk or inquire about truckload product bundles. Ask a team member about competitive financing from Apruve with SONCO’s buy now, pay later program.

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