Steel Barricades – Complete Guide with Features and Benefits

Safety Sticklers Guides Steel Barricades - Complete Guide with Features and Benefits

Steel Barricades – Complete Guide with Features and Benefits

Meet SONCO’s Steel Barricade Family:

Printable Guide for Choosing the BEST Barrier!

Steel barricades are the crowd-control standard for countless construction, event, equipment rental and highway management applications, but choosing the best product can be challenging. At SONCO, we help you navigate the complex maze of barrier decisions — from barricade weight and material to finishes, features and feet. Print this handy selection guide next time you need bike rack barricades, heavy-duty barricades or extra-tall barriers that prevent intrusion.

Choose our steel crowd barricades for applications like these and more:

  • Events, Concerts & Festivals
  • Concerts, performances & festivals
  • Building projects
  • Construction & traffic repair sites
  • Hospitality venues
  • Airports
  • Parking lots & structures
  • Medical facilities & hospitals
  • Colleges & schools

Customer Questions About Barricade Selection

To help you choose the best field-tested metal barricades for sale, SONCO’s support team starts by answering some basic FAQs.

Why choose metal barricades for crowd control & pedestrian use?

  • SONCO steel barricades are zinc-galvanized for performance and aesthetics. With the help of a hot zinc bath, they’ll look just as good five years from now as they do today!
  • Steel barriers deliver incomparable results when used for crowd control, traffic control, queue management and heavy-use job sites. You simply won’t find a better barricade on the market — and you’ll rarely need to replace a SONCO metal barrier!
  • Steel barriers like our classic barricade are built from high-performance 16-gauge steel for unmatched durability and functionality.

How do I store & move steel barricades?

  • At SONCO, we know space is hard to come by — so we carry transport and storage carts that securely house up to 30 barriers. These carts are corrosion-resistant and have large wheels that assure a smooth ride. When it’s time to store your barricades, SONCO carts are a handy, compact way to keep barriers in top condition for jobs to come.
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Yes! We Have a Barricade for That!

Barricades come in various weights and styles to match your budget and goals. While these popular barriers differ in construction and use, they have some things in common. First, SONCO fabricates steel barricades from uncoated, premium-quality steel. Then, we coat them in three layers of zinc alloy PLUS a topcoat of pure zinc. When the process is complete, these barriers withstand the worst — and last the longest. For more about the HDG process and its proven benefits, check out our comprehensive galvanized steel guide.

Read on to get the scoop and specs for SONCO’s family of steel barricades.

LIGHTGUARD Steel Barricades

  • For lightweight use — not recommended for heavy-duty crowd control.
    • 16- or 18-gauge steel
    • Hot-dip galvanized finish (no powder coating)
    • Used for schools, museums, libraries, bars, clubs & restaurants and indoor events
    • Products include the LightGuard S-800 (7.5ft) & LightGuard S-700 (6.5ft)

LineGuard Steel Barricades

  • High-resistance designs for crowd-control situations; used to channelize traffic & block off hazards, too.
    • 16-gauge steel
    • Available in galvanized & powder-coated finishes (safety orange & black)
    • VIP-black powder coating is perfect for elegant environments!
    • Recommended for large linear footage jobs with an ideal length and weight to make for an easier deployment
    • Used for events, stadiums, arenas, rental companies, hospitality venues & schools in orange and black
    • Products include the LightGuard S-400 (8ft) & LineGuard S-500 & S-600

DURAGUARD Steel Barricades for Super-Heavy-Duty Jobs

  • Highly resistant designs for heavy-duty crowd control & perimeter protection
    • 16-gauge steel
    • Hot-dip galvanized finish
    • Powder-coated styles (orange & black)
    • Strongest and most durable steel barricade on the market with a larger 1-5/8” OD frame
    • VIP-black powder coating is ideal for sophisticated settings!
    • Used for protests, heavy crowd control, government security & more
    • Products include the DuraGuard S-200 in hot-dipped galvanized and DuraGuard S-210 & S-220 in orange and black

Accessorize Your Steel Barricades

SONCO’s family of steel barriers pairs with a variety of accessories, from LED lights and custom-fitted signage to replaceable barricade feet (flat, y-stand, fixed and wheeled). Your SONCO safety specialist will recommend the best add-ons to secure your school, hospital, event, construction site or airport! Call now for more information.


Seeing Is Believing: SONCO Barricades Are BOSS

Serving customers since 1976, SONCO couldn’t be prouder about our flagship steel barricade lineup. Our U.S.-made metal barriers are a top choice for crowd control, perimeter security and rental businesses — and they undergo rigorous testing for performance, safety and durability. SONCO provides the industry’s most competitive pricing and a price-match guarantee with no hidden fees. The price you see is the final price! Get a quote for steel barricades by calling today or connecting online.

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“Naked” barricades are great, but covered barriers are better! Ask your SONCO support rep about custom-printed barrier covers to advertise, market upcoming events or monetize your site with sponsor ads! SONCO offers FREE barricade cover design with your barrier purchase, including free product mockups and proof review. Enjoy one-stop shopping for all your crowd control needs!

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hession
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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