SONCO Sollage Fence Rack Transports Your Fencing Safely!

Safety Sticklers Guides SONCO Sollage Fence Rack Transports Your Fencing Safely!

SONCO Sollage Fence Rack Transports Your Fencing Safely!

Transporting Fencing Without a Fence Rack?

SONCO’s Sollage Rack Saves You Money & Time!

In the temporary fence rental business, chain-link panels take a beating. Some fence panels get mangled with construction site abuse, but other damage doesn’t occur on the job. It happens during transport. If a glance over your storage yard reveals bent, rusted and unusable temp fence panels, evaluate your distribution and storage setup. The damages can add up fast if you don’t use fence racks!

SONCO Keeps Fence Panels Looking Good & Working Hard

Companies have two main goals when they purchase or rent temporary fencing:

  1. Securing a venue or job site
  2. Maintaining an attractive, professional site appearance

Damaged fence panels fail on both counts. Bent frames prevent secure panel-to-panel connection, and torn mesh enables access by intruders and unauthorized people. Plus, rusted panels look unsightly, and they fail to project a professional image to crews, clients or guests.

For a long service life and better return on investment, construction managers and rental agents rely on top-quality temporary fencing — like SONCO’s Versa chain-link panels. But even SONCO’s heavy-duty, welded temp fence panels can get battered by poor transport and storage practices. Keep fencing looking and performing like new when you use a temp fence rack to move and store your chain-link system.

Hazards of Moving Panels Without Fence Dunnage

Uniform fence panels should stack neatly on a flatbed truck, right? That’s a common and costly misconception. Without a fence rack, frames made from round pipes tend to slip and slide over each other, creating an unstable load. When you lift precarious fence stacks with a forklift or secure them with a ratchet strap, slippage leads to panel damage, including:

  • Bent chain-link fence frames
  • Chain-link mesh tears
  • Galvanized zinc scratches
  • Total panel loss during transport
  • Injuries to workers, vendors or job-site guests

Costs of Transport & Storage Without a Sollage Rack

The profitability of your temp fence rental or purchase hinges on keeping panels intact and deployed. Transporting and storing fence panels between jobs involve repeated stacking, loading, unloading and re-stacking — with many opportunities for panel or worker injury. When this happens, your company is on the hook for lost revenue and other costs of temp fence mishandling. Costs like these:

  • Time consumed by untangling & re-stacking damaged panels.
  • Inventory shrinkage from fence panels lost in transport or damaged in repeated moves.
  • Lost crew hours & worker injuries from sliding fence panels, torn mesh, unstable stacks or unbalanced truckloads.
  • Liability for road hazards & accidents caused by poorly secured panels that fell off trucks.
  • Damage to your business reputation.

Imagine your savings in money, time and worry when you replace haphazard panel stacking and ratchet-strapping with a sturdy and practical Sollage fence rack from SONCO!

Sollage Racks: Our Best Fence Panel Storage Solution

When customers bring an industry need to our attention, SONCO responds with innovative product development.

THE PROBLEM: Temporary fence rental companies want a way to reduce labor, liability and loss when distributing and storing fence panels.

OUR SOLUTION: Introducing SONCO’s Sollage rack, a durable, stackable fence dunnage rack for chain-link panels. SONCO engineered Sollage racks to overcome our customers’ temporary fence deployment and storage difficulties.

Each fence rack consists of a reinforced base with extended feet and vertical sidebars, which prevent panels from moving. The rack’s steel construction and hot-dip galvanized finish guarantee your Sollage rack will perform and look like new after decades of service. SONCO fence racks quickly pay for themselves with time and labor savings, reduced liability from accidents and injuries, and reduced panel-replacement costs.

Sollage Rack 4

Check out the additional benefits of SONCO’s Sollage racks for chain-link panel transport and storage:

  • Sized to hold the most common panel dimensions (6’ x 10′ & 6’ x 12′)
  • Stackable to double the storage capacity
  • Unitized at 30 panels each for easy inventory & deployment
  • Designed for forklift loading & positioning
  • Secure, with no sliding during loading & truck transport
  • One-year SONCO product warranty
  • In stock for fast delivery

Fence Rack Deals Stretch Your Investment Dollars

Since 1976, SONCO has led the temp fencing industry with premium-grade products and unbeatable pricing. Our tradition of service continues in 2022 with a new customer favorite: Sollage fence racks + bundled product savings. Round out your legacy inventory or start fresh with our 30-piece rack bundle. You’ll get everything you need — fence panels, stands, clamps and bolts — for one low price, including shipping!

Do you own fence panels you aren’t using? Start a new revenue stream by renting unused fencing to event and hospitality venues! SONCO fence racks let you efficiently assess available inventory, then dispatch extra panels for temporary gigs and a tidy profit.

Buy Sollage Racks Today

Connect with SONCO to set up a new account or request a bid for truckloads of fence panels, barricades and traffic barriers. To suggest a product improvement or inquire about Sollage rack specifications, speak with the SONCO support team.

Check out this SONCO case study to see how one fire and water restoration company improved its efficiency with the Sollage system. Updated temporary fence storage and deployment strategies racked up the labor savings and new revenues for these industry innovators!

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolo
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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