Laced Chain-Link: Temp Fence for the Long Haul

Safety Sticklers Guides Laced Chain-Link: Temp Fence for the Long Haul

Laced Chain-Link: Temp Fence for the Long Haul

Frequently Asked Questions About Temp Fence

Let’s Talk Technical Specs

Rising costs stretch every budget in today’s inflationary environment, casting doubt on previous hopes of a “reasonable” ROI. SONCO knows that construction and facility operators need specifics about temp fence before they invest, and it’s our goal to provide you with data and peace of mind.

Don’t miss SONCO’s answers to these frequently asked questions as you weigh temp fencing options. With nearly 50 years in the perimeter security and crowd-control industries, SONCO continually evaluates our materials and manufacturing techniques. We’re proud to supply you with the best value for your temp fencing dollars, guaranteed.

Q1: Why does SONCO stock exclusively three chain-link panel sizes? Are other sizes available?

SONCO carries three standardized temporary fence panels — without passing on the expense of custom sizes.

  • 6×10 chain-link panels
  • 6×12 chain-link panels
  • 8×10 chain-link panels

Longtime feedback from construction crews and venue operators tells us that these panel sizes are (1) easy to handle and (2) versatile enough to configure any perimeter. SONCO’s 6’ chain-link panels are popular for securing construction equipment and supplies, while 8’ panels protect security-sensitive zones from unwanted eyes and intruders.

Temp Fence

SONCO does not stock laced chain-link panels in custom sizes like 7’ high or 14’ long. We limit our selection to the most common measurements, and you’ll save money with our best-value prices and unbeatable bundle deals. Plus, SONCO’s standard-size panels pair seamlessly with legacy 6×10 chain-link fence panels already in your inventory! To save even more, ask our fence experts how switching to 6×12 chain-link fence panels may lower rising fence costs.

Q2: Why doesn’t SONCO use welded wire panels and tension bars?

Customers shopping around for temporary fencing often ask if SONCO chain-link has welded-wire panels and tension bars. The answer is always NO! Temp fencing constructed with welded-wire panels does not meet SONCO’s uncompromising quality and field-testing requirements. Our temporary fencing features laced chain-link panels for robust durability. Laced mesh attaches firmly to fence panels, wrapping tightly around the frame on all sides. It will not pop off, unlike welded-wire panels tacked onto the frame with small weld spots. These welds frequently break during fence set-up, transport and heavy construction traffic or event crowds.

Compair Fences 2

For added rigidity and strength, SONCO constructs temporary fence panels with welded corners and cross bracing. There are no loose chain-link edges to sag or buckle, making tension bars unnecessary. Manufactured to American Welding Society code, SONCO chain-link panels won’t break down, need repairs or require early replacement. Our hot-dip galvanized zinc finish protects steel fencing from rust and preserves the attractive spangle appearance. Your SONCO temp fence investment delivers years of dependable use.

Q3: Will 1-⅝” OD framing hold up better than 1-⅜” tubing?

Some SONCO competitors boast about “commercial” fence panels built with 1-⅝” OD steel tubing. At SONCO, decades of industry experience tell us heavier tubing is overkill. Thicker steel pipe adds unnecessary weight and expense to fence panels. SONCO’s standard fencing uses 1-⅜” OD steel tubing, and our superior panel construction guarantees the rigidity and sturdiness required for any outdoor or indoor environment. Consult a product expert for a complete analysis of your temporary fencing needs, and we’ll recommend the best chain-link panels and accessories for every application.

Temp Fence

Multiply the Benefits of Temporary Fencing With Custom Privacy Screens

Construction sites are filled with dust, debris and dangers. Prevent complaints and comply with regulations by surrounding your project with SONCO fence screens.

  • Privacy screens cut down on dust and keep intruders at bay.
  • Pre-printed safety screens post required OSHA signage and keep your company in compliance.
  • Custom-printed screens add an attractive perimeter to your job site or boost revenues with paid advertising.

As a SONCO customer, you gain access to our in-house designers for custom print layouts that save you time and money! Submit your print-ready graphics, and our designers will check all files for color, sizing and resolution. Then, we’ll provide FREE design proofs for your approval.

chain link temp fence 1

Temporary fencing with custom privacy screens adds an upscale look to your building project while increasing brand awareness. For concert venues and expos, printed screens advertise sponsor products or build excitement for upcoming events. Request a SONCO branding kit and explore the possibilities. Set up a SONCO account to begin saving on temporary fencing and custom-printed fence screens today!

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hession
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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