Traffic & Road Safety Equipment- Barricades, Flares & More

Safety Sticklers Sonco Proud Traffic & Road Safety Equipment- Barricades, Flares & More

Traffic & Road Safety Equipment- Barricades, Flares & More

SONCO Road Safety Equipment Saves Lives

Mark Upcoming Hazards With Barricades, Flares & More

If you’re in the road repair, construction or emergency services industries, common road hazards like these are nothing new:

  • Broken-down equipment on the roadside
  • Sinkholes bringing residential streets to a stop
  • Produce & other items falling off trucks
  • Flooding that closes traffic lanes
  • Washed-out dirt roads
  • Missing or broken signage

With SONCO road safety equipment, you can act fast when threats arise. With our help, contractors and law enforcement officers set up high-visibility signage and construction barricades that slow or redirect traffic around obstacles. You’ll find all the barriers, signs, cones and flares you need to channelize traffic, cordon-off danger zones, and warn oncoming motorists in the SONCO traffic safety store.

Road Safety Equipment

Construction industry regulations dictate the size, shape, color and placement of hazard-marking highway equipment. Knowing how to deploy roadway safety equipment properly can save lives and protect your company from liability. If you have questions about your current traffic safety supply, connect with the SONCO experts for inventory suggestions and road safety equipment upgrades.

Choose Barricades to Fit the Roadway & Hazard

When to Deploy Type I, II & III Traffic Barricades

Roadway hazards range from minor potholes to total highway closures. Three types of folding traffic barricades warn drivers of danger and block dangerous walkways, streets and thoroughfares. Safety experts offer these guidelines for choosing the best traffic barrier style — recognized in the industry as “Type I,” “Type II” or “Type III” barricades.

  • Type I traffic barriers: These barricades consist of a single reflective panel mounted on a folding sawhorse frame. Measuring just 24 inches wide, Type I barricades lay flat and store compactly. Use Type I traffic barricades to block pedestrian traffic or demarcate minor damage or hazards on lower-speed roads.
road safety equipment
  • Type II traffic barriers: Just as small and portable as Type I barricades, these barriers have one key difference: They are equipped with TWO striped reflective panels. The added panel increases visibility and makes Type II barriers suitable for highway or busier-street use. Deploy Type II barricades around maintenance holes, downed limbs, utility work and traffic hazards.
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  • Type III traffic barriers: Built larger (48 inches or wider) and consisting of three orange and white striped reflective panels, Type III barricades are mounted on an upright frame. Use Type III Barricades to detour street traffic, close flooded or damaged roads and block access to tree trimming, electrical line repair or road paving.

Route Traffic Around Hazards With SONCO Safety Barricades

Major highway construction projects, bridge repairs or pipeline installations involve months or even years of traffic detours and lane closures. On a given day, motorists may interact with challenges like large construction equipment or changing traffic routes. Heavy-duty orange jersey barriers and channelizer drums guide vehicles around ditches, concrete forms, utility installations and other high-risk construction activities. Water barriers with chain-link toppers prohibit wildlife and pedestrians from entering roadways and causing accidents. And SONCO road safety equipment performs multiple roles to prevent highway danger, including:

  • Blocking defunct streets & construction site driveways
  • Barricading dangerous curves & cliffs
  • Preventing accidental lane crossings
  • Marking changes in roadbeds & pavement layers
  • Protecting pedestrians from construction traffic
  • Merging or rerouting traffic around work areas or obstructions

Flares & Traffic Cones Flag Emergencies

When first responders or construction workers encounter hazardous road conditions at night, flares and reflective orange traffic cones or drums are often deployed first. Stowable and easy to install, traffic cones signal “caution” and “slow down” to drivers approaching stalled vehicles, traffic checkpoints or emergency work areas.

drums for Barricading in Construction

Traffic Signs Call Out Danger

Communicating clearly with drivers helps to prevent road-hazard accidents. SONCO’s traffic safety store carries roll-up and aluminum hazard warning signs, with options like:

  • DETOUR →
  • SLOW

For your convenience, SONCO also supplies tripods and spring stands for quick deployment of roll-up signs.

Traffic Signs And Safety

Striking graphics and hi-viz colors add to construction and warning sign effectiveness. Partner with SONCO’s in-house design department for custom signs, barricade covers and fence screens that defy nasty weather and rough usage. Advertise your company name or communicate safety and environmental values. Simply upload print-ready logos and graphics, and our designers will confirm the resolution, size and color. Then they create FREE sign layouts and free proofs for your approval.

Shop America’s Traffic Safety Store

SONCO stays at the forefront of roadway safety equipment and regulatory changes. For nearly 50 years, we have innovated traffic barricades and safety drums in impact-resistant plastics. We’ve also added features and accessories to improve the visibility and versatility of traditional construction barricades. Our growing lineup of traffic safety supplies lasts longer, deploys more easily and complies with NCHRP-350 and MUTCD standards. Save on expenses and labor — without worrying about non-compliance penalties!

Act now to:

  • Capture SONCO savings with our company’s price-match guarantee, Apruve credit program and FREE shipping.
  • Bundle your road safety equipment with temp fencing and construction signs for unbeatable bulk pricing.
  • Connect online to request a no-obligation bid or ask a SONCO product expert for equipment advice.

How do you choose the proper water-filled barricade or traffic barrier for a specific roadway hazard? Check out the Safety Sticklers’ barricade guide! This comprehensive post provides helpful details about selecting barricades to suit your unique application.

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hessionhttp://soncocrowdcontrol.com
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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