Non-Scalable Fence for Increase Your Security Strategy

Safety Sticklers Guides Non-Scalable Fence for Increase Your Security Strategy

Non-Scalable Fence for Increase Your Security Strategy

Need a Non-Scalable Fence to Tighten Your Perimeter?

Get the FAQs About High-Quality Security Fencing!

In the wake of security breaches, political demonstrations, and threats of civil unrest at national and state levels, non-scalable fences are making headlines. But what is a non-scalable fence, and how does it prevent intrusion and other exposures? It’s a popular Google query — so our security specialists set out to answer all your questions in one handy guide.

A facility’s perimeter is its first defense against exterior risk, from unauthorized access to vandalism, vehicle impact or weapons passing. And while we often think of anti-climb fences as the tall, steel walls around the White House and Supreme Court buildings, this type of boundary is also a staple at prisons and courthouses, nuclear plants, medical facilities, data-security centers and more. In this post, you’ll find answers to the most common non-scalable fence questions, plus essential tips about the nation’s most trusted perimeter products.

FAQs About Anti-Climb Fencing

Construction teams and facility operators trust non-scalable security fences for many reasons, and among the most important is their time-tested efficacy. Before you pay too much for a substandard security barrier, check out these non-scalable fence FAQs from the SONCO safety pros.

Q1: What Is a Non-Scalable Fence?

As you begin researching the best non-scalable fence for your industrial facility, municipal building or private business, it’s essential to understand your options. The terms “anti-scale” and “anti-climb” are often thought to refer to specific fences. Instead, they should be more broadly applied to the functionality of an entire product category.

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Crowd and perimeter control have never been more relevant, and companies around the U.S. are taking every precaution to avoid security incidents. Anti-climb perimeters keep people from scaling or climbing along your boundary. Designed with 10-gauge welded wire mesh (40 x 80 mm diamond) that inhibits grabbing, the Fortress™ anti-scale portable security fence is perfectly crafted to keep invaders out. And it has state-of-the-art features and steel + galvanized construction that are unshakable in emergencies.

When a non-climbable fence isn’t enough, some property owners add razor wire, barbed wire, floodlights and CCTV cameras to their property to beef up security. Ask SONCO about Fortress fence add-ons today!

Q2: Does Anti-Climb Fencing Have Other Features & Benefits?

Of course, no-scale fences can’t be climbed, but they are also impenetrable for other reasons. SONCO’s Fortress anti-climb security fence includes proven benefits like these:

  • 10-gauge welded wire mesh deters climbing and weapons passing.
  • Heavy-duty steel-plate bases and reinforcements enhance stability.
  • No-breach clamps and bolts secure panels from the inside and stay connected under intense force.
  • Extreme height offers superior separation between crowds and law enforcement. Towering over people, the Fortress provides a visibility barrier and a tactical advantage.
  • Tight mesh threading blocks and protects from glass bottles, bricks, stones and other projectiles.
  • Accessory-compatible design. Each Fortress non-scalable fence pairs with added bracing and opaque privacy screens to discourage trespassers and criminal casing.
  • A striking (and intimidating) look scares thieves or intruders away before they act.
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One thing is for sure: No matter where you install it, SONCO’s high-quality non-scalable security fence acts as a physical barrier and visual deterrent.

Q3: Can I Afford a Non-Scalable Fence?

With SONCO, you can! Offering popular Apruve financing plans and bulk pricing on non-scalable fences and perimeter equipment, SONCO safety professionals go the extra mile to accommodate your budget. Don’t sacrifice safety for savings. Call today to find out your security and anti-climb fence options!

Q4: What About Curb Appeal?

At SONCO, we know your property image is a high priority. Fortress anti-scale fences and other fence boundaries form an attractive-yet-imposing perimeter wall, protecting assets and people without deterring from curb appeal.

DID YOU KNOW? During Obama’s administration, the White House underwent a fence redesign. A popular New York Times article reported that the Secret Service had tested dozens of fences, with athletic agents masquerading as fence-jumpers. But fence efficacy wasn’t the White House team’s only objective.

To maintain the civic experience of White House guests and sightseers, curb appeal was also a key focus. The Times headline responded with, Wanted at the White House: A Fence That Says Halt! (With Curb Appeal) — and the hunt for an unbreachable-but-attractive fence was on.

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SONCO Has the BEST Anti-Scale Fence Deals!

Don’t let cost be an obstacle when installing or upgrading your high-security perimeter. Before you decide on a cheaper boundary, remember: Anti-scale fence investments aren’t just for desperate situations or the highest levels of government and law enforcement. Our U.S. crowd-control team recommends high-performance, non-scalable boundaries and security fences for hundreds of U.S. customers — at competitive pricing with bulk discounts. Whether you’re securing an airport, police station, construction zone, municipality or high-profile event, SONCO’s got you covered.

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Our trained safety experts specialize in protecting all environments, and we’ll provide you with a cost comparison that keeps your property secured and your finances in check. Click to request FREE advice from an anti-scale fence pro — or call today to inquire about quality-tested fencing accessories and other products that reinforce your safety goals.

Need custom fence screens for your facility’s perimeter? We never outsource your sign design! Our in-house creative team develops artwork using your logo or provided files; then we print your branding products and expedite shipping. SONCO customers also get FREE signage design and enjoy truckload discounts on barricades, temporary fence panels, and other perimeter security products. Learn more about custom fence screens on our blog, or call today. We’re the nation’s fencing and custom signage authority!

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hessionhttp://soncocrowdcontrol.com
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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