Non-Scalable Fence – Why It’s Important, And How To Get One For The Best Deal

Safety Sticklers Guides Non-Scalable Fence – Why It’s Important, And How To Get One For...

Non-Scalable Fence – Why It’s Important, And How To Get One For The Best Deal

The Capitol riots have customers asking about non-scalable fencing, so we created a helpful guide on this high-effectively form of perimeter security. Learn about an anti-scale fence here

In the wake of the riots that breached the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, we’ve been asked more than ever about a non-scalable fence. And it makes sense: a simple riot fencing system around the perimeter would have more than likely prevented that from happening.

Thankfully, a non-scalable fence isn’t reserved for the highest levels of law enforcement or the most desperate situations. At Sonco, we offer a high quality, non-scalable fence for the best deal. Whether construction zones and events or police agencies and government buildings, we have your perimeter handled.

What Is A Non-Scalable Fence?

Also labeled “anti-scale” or “unscalable,” a non-scalable fence is a free-standing, hands-free, transportable and versatile crowd control product that creates extremely effective perimeters for a wide variety of applications. 

Anytime you’re expecting a large turnout of angry or highly excited people, this is a barrier you want on your side. It’s also ideal for additional security at work zones with highly sensitive materials and equipment.

The Best Unscalable Fence: “Fortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence” From Sonco

Unscalable Fence - ortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence

What does a Sonco non-scalable fence offer? We’ll go into more detail of each key benefit below, but this temp fencing is:

  • 10ga Welded wire mesh anti-climb helps deter anyone to climbing or passing thru any objects.
  • Connected by bolts rather than clamps to stay connected even under intense strain.
  • Incredibly sturdy, with a heavy-duty, steel plate base for unrivaled stability.
  • Able to protect from projectiles such as glass bottles and bricks.
  • Easily combined with multiple perimeter security peripherals, including floodlights and CCTV cameras.
  • Intimidating in terms of height and design, a look that deters rioters in and of itself.
  • The tallest height in temp fencing for superior separation between police and crowds.
  • Compatible with valuable accessories, including braces for additional support as well as privacy screens for tactical advantage.

Below, we’ll go over each of these areas in more detail.

See Fortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence Spec Sheet Here!

Practically Impossible To Climb

The tight, diamond-shaped mesh of a non-scalable fence puts tremendous pressure on the ends of your fingers when you try to lift your body. 

This makes it all but impossible to climb up the fence, whereas standard chain link fence panels is relatively easy to climb, especially if the person has experience in climbing it.

The diamond mesh is also tight enough to prevent someone from wearing gloves from climbing. If you have even a semi-thick glove, anti-scale fencing might as well be a metal wall.

While nothing is 100% certain, the difference between one person managing to do the impossible is better than dozens of people easily scaling the perimeter.

Connected By Bolts Rather Than Clamps

For most temporary fencing applications, clamps do a great job of creating uninterrupted perimeters. They prevent panels from separating, even when someone is trying to pry them apart, forcing would-be criminals to cut through the fence or climb over it, which gives law enforcement a tactical advantage.

However, a riot fence needs to be secured by a bolt, which is essentially a thick metal bar that runs perpendicular between the two panels, then locked in place to the fencing. No matter how hard a huge number of people try to push through, the bolt will hold up under incredible pressure.

Incredibly Sturdy

unscalable fence 1

Our non-scalable fence stands on heavy-duty steel plates, which provides greater overall stability to each individual panel and creates a flat, smooth perimeter around any area. This is the toughest, most reliable stand in the industry.

Even when they’re not bolted to other panels, these stay upright, further emphasizing their versatility and adaptability to any situation.

However, the steel plates can be removed for storage and transport purposes.

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Able To Protect From Projectiles

An unscalable fence isn’t just a wall that’s practically impossible to climb. This is the strongest, most durable portable fence on the market today. It can protect security personnel from bricks, bottles, stones, and beyond. While you’ll want to stand a few feet back if people start throwing items made of glass, the tight mesh threading breaks and blocks with unfaltering efficiency.

Easily Combined With Multiple Perimeter Security Peripherals

Due to the eight-foot height and hyper-sturdy build, you can combine the Fortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence with all sorts of additional perimeter security peripherals. From floodlights to cameras to even just safety signage, you can make sure you have a fortress-like wall between you, your people, and dangerous crowds.

An unscalable fence also makes for an ideal interior line of defense behind more standard crowd control products, such as chain link fencing or steel barriers. This makes it a great addition to your existing perimeter security products.

Serves As Intimidating Deterrent

The pure size and sharp design of the Fortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence is a great deterrent from a perimeter breach in and of itself. 

This towers over people when they’re right up against it, and it blocks out the sun at certain angles. You can feel that it’s painful to climb just by touching it, and it’s just enough of a visibility barrier for police to create formations and discuss tactics sei-privately.

Standard chain link fencing is familiar, unintimidating, and provides little separation between the police and the crowd. It’s certainly better than nothing, but that’s certainly not good enough for potentially deadly situations.

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Highly Effective Add-Ons

Our offerings go beyond what comes with the non-scalable fence. We also offer valuable additional accessories to take your temp fencing to the next level of stability, reliability, and effectiveness. We can also create a custom bundle deal specific to your order – request a free online quote today!


In many instances, temporary fencing requires a brace for high winds and other environments. But a brace might be most useful for crowd control applications, ensuring that people don’t get crushed or trampled while keeping a strong perimeter.

When you have hundreds of people pushing up against your perimeter, you want your fencing to be reinforced, and you don’t want to realize that while it’s happening. We offer high-quality braces for our panels so you know you’re ready for any and everything.

Safety Tape

In most crowd control situations, the vast majority of the crowd will go along with whatever perimeter you’ve set up. That means if you use safety tape to establish where the crowd should be in relation to law enforcement, folks tend to follow that.

We offer high-visibility, anti-slip safety tape to create a literal line in front of your non-scalable fence. This lets people know that if they stay back, they won’t be considered a threat.

Privacy Screens

A privacy screen adds an additional level of security by minimizing visibility between police and the crowds. While you’re looking at the CCTV security peripheral you’ve set up with your riot fencing, the crowd has no idea what’s going on behind the perimeter. This provides an enormous tactical advantage and further creates an intimidating presence. Even the bravest, most violent people will think twice before running blindly into the unknown.

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Custom Signage

We offer custom vinyl signs that relay safety messaging on top of increasing privacy. Big, large signs are one of the most common and affordable forms of crowd management. Like with the safety tape, people want to know what is and isn’t allowed so that they can operate accordingly. 

Plus, a clearly visible sign will lower the likelihood that you’ll take responsibility for any escalation. If what’s expected is clearly laid out for all to see, then whatever happens outside of those parameters is likely outside of your liability.

Order The “Fortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence” from Sonco Today

Non-Scalable- Fortress™ Anti-scale Portable Security Fence

Sonco has been leading the crowd control and perimeter security industry since 1976, providing the best products for the best prices. Get the highest quality non-scalable fence today. Order from Sonco, and we’ll get right to work on exceeding your expectations.

If you have any questions, our team of experts is on-call with advice and insights specific to your application. Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

Giuliano Marinho
Giuliano Marinho
Specialist in Crowd Control and Perimeter Security, I am in charge of the largest portal of the segment in the USA. We provide the latest in crowd management products. We are in business of designing products that will enhance the security and safety of YOUR people and assets. Our ultimate goal is to give our customers’ peace-of-mind.
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