What’s the Difference Between Crowd Control and Crowd Management ?

Safety Sticklers Tips What’s the Difference Between Crowd Control and Crowd Management ?

What’s the Difference Between Crowd Control and Crowd Management ?

Timeless question: Is it “Crowd Control” or “Crowd Management”? Read our latest blog for the answer – and a link to a must-listen podcast.

As put wonderfully on the Event Safety Alliance podcast in an episode titled The Art and Science of Crowd Safety, most of the advice that crowd safety professionals receive are things they already know – just put in a more clear-cut, actionable way. And one such example is the difference between Crowd Control and Crowd Management .

Part of our commitment to providing expert advice is through the Safety Sticklers. As Eric Stuart QPM of the UK’s Gentian Event Crowd Safety Company puts it:

“Sonco is one of those companies working hard to provide the right products and advice to help people like me implement safe plans for crowds in a wide variety of settings.”  

We pride ourselves on feedback like that, and we hope this article is helpful in your ongoing endeavors within the event management industry and beyond.

Crowd Control And Crowd Management

On the surface, crowd management may seem identical to crowd control. In both instances, the ultimate goal is to get people to do something for their own safety and the safety of staff, performers, and so on. But scratch a bit deeper, and we can better parse out what makes each category unique, and set ourselves up for success.

What Is Crowd Management?

Crowd Management is about influence. It’s helping people get from A to B in the safest manner possible. But it also requires participation, meaning Crowd Management products that are ignored might as well not even be there.

To counterbalance the lack of overt crowd control, Crowd Management products are presented in bright colors and can include helpful messaging. 

Examples of Crowd Management Products

With the above in mind, here are some common examples:

traffic cone 28 2 1
Traffic Safety Cones

crowd control and crowd management retractable stanchions 1
Retractable Belt Barriers

a frame signage crowd control and crowd management

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What Is Crowd Control?

Crowd Control is virtually forcing people to follow certain protocols. In terms of SONCO Perimeter Security,  a product that’s difficult to move or cross without serious effort would fall under the Crowd Control category.

However, Crowd Control as an umbrella term also encompasses personnel, such as security guards and traffic officers. Basically, anything that gives people little option but to follow the guidance they’re being given is Crowd Control.

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Examples of Crowd Control Products

Aside from personnel, here are some highly effective products designed to help you control crowds:

crowd control and crowd management stage barrier
Aluminum Stage Barriers

crowd control temporary fence panel
Temporary Fencing

crowd control traffic jersey style barrier 1
Jersey Style Barriers

For personalized advice on what you might need for your site and project, give our experts a call today at (888) 766-2615 or send a message bellow. For more from the blog, click here.

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