How to Manage Event Crowds: Tips for Crowd Control

Safety Sticklers Guides How to Manage Event Crowds: Tips for Crowd Control

How to Manage Event Crowds: Tips for Crowd Control

Prevent Mayhem at Your Next Event:

Proven Crowd Control Tips for Large Venues

Though our 2020 event and sports seasons were a bust, many venues are planning on a full house this summer. Coronavirus precautions are still in place—but accelerated vaccine efforts and glimmers of spring optimism have organizers feeling hopeful for the first time in months. The allure of human connection, specialty food trucks and vendor souvenirs are already driving ticket sales for spring concerts, festivals, tournaments and trade shows.

Large crowds generate solid sales and happy sponsors, but they can also pose a serious threat to event security. As attendees return to stadiums, arenas and stages this summer, savvy event managers partner with SONCO Crowd Control for safety equipment, perimeter security and crowd management. When your venue hits the mark with crowd safety and customer satisfaction, you’ll enjoy goodwill toward event sponsors and positive reviews for organizers! Check out the tips below to deliver an entertaining experience that prioritizes the safety of ticket holders and employees.

Prepare for Known Risks & Unexpected Threats

Large event venues must comply with local codes and state safety regulations, and these guidelines form the backbone of your crowd control plan. Once this foundation is in place, build on these precautions to form a more comprehensive risk management plan. Consider these event aspects and others as you prep for a safe, fun event:

  • Crowd size & makeup: Will you need to screen entrants, stagger entry times or control movement within the venue? Assess risk levels and identify areas of congestion or confusion—since these situations may lead to injury or confrontation. With these details in hand, develop a plan where designated areas, clear signage and traffic-flow fencing help to (1) eliminate crowding and (2) urge a continuous flow of pedestrians.
  • Queue formation for high traffic areas: You can already pinpoint crowd hotspots like restroom areas, food courts and entry or exit points. Employ stanchion kits, ropes and retractable belt systems to direct foot traffic, eliminate crowding and cordon off prohibited sections.
  • Need for ushers, first-aid stations & security services: Having trained staff on the venue floor to answer questions, give directions or seat people is crucial to your crowd control plan. Position ushers near critical traffic areas like admissions, registration and seating. Use trained security personnel to handle attendee conflicts. Estimate attendance and set up adequate, easy-to-find first-aid and rest stations.
  • Evacuation plans: Prepare for the unthinkable—a weather emergency, bomb threat or active shooter situation. Make sure emergency exits are clearly marked, brightly lit and easily located. Set up emergency communications with staff trained to evacuate or shelter attending crowds. Review emergency procedures and coordinate evacuation protocols with local fire and police departments.

Facilitate Crowd Movement With Barriers & Signs

Once you’ve planned for safety and security, turn your attention to the attendee experience. Unexpected exhibits, great walk-on music or sought-after merchandise won’t guarantee event success—especially when customers can’t find their seats or lack accessible routes to food, restrooms or merch signing.

Crowd management works best when it makes sense and facilitates seamless movement through the venue. To successfully manage your next sellout crowd, evaluate safety and security measures from the customer’s perspective.

  • Are all signs easy to read & follow?
  • Do barricades create helpful divides or impede traffic flow?
  • Are there easy-to-follow directions to exhibits, bathrooms, concessions & exits?

Add Messaging & Boost Event Revenues

SONCO barricades help manage event crowds and secure your venue’s perimeter, but that’s just the start. Our safety and crowd control products also boost your bottom line when you add custom-printed banners, bold signage and logoed barricade covers. These creative marketing accessories turn your crowd control perimeter into an effective billboard for events and products.

To update your company logo or create a compelling visual message for your summer event, contact SONCO’s design department. Upload print-ready graphics and receive a free proof of your images displayed on our high-performance barricade covers, perimeter screens, signs, banners and more.

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