How a Pedestrian Barricade Systems works?

Safety Sticklers Guides How a Pedestrian Barricade Systems works?

How a Pedestrian Barricade Systems works?

Choose Plastic Pedestrian Barricades for Portable, High-Visibility Boundaries

Protect People & Create Safe Foot Paths

With near-daily changes in COVID-19 protocols and continued unrest caused by recent variants, many states and localities are still unsure about the future of their 2022 event and construction seasons. But no matter what the New Year holds, you’ll need high-quality pedestrian barricade systems to direct foot traffic at your store, event or temporary building site. Trust SONCO to help you acquire and install the industry’s leading portable plastic barricade systems, sanitation stations and safety signage — all while meeting your operational objectives and budget targets.

Plastic Barricades: A Quick-Deploy Security Solution

One of SONCO’s best sellers for the safety of event attendees and crowds is our plastic pedestrian barricade collection. Available in yellow and gray, crowd control favorites like the Avalon Plastic Barricade are lightweight, easy to move and quick to connect for a straight or curved border. For tight spaces, install our Minit Barricade, the everyday crowd fencing solution for event queues and safety sign displays. Available in custom colors that complement your branding, you can’t beat these little powerhouses for portable crowd control and traffic direction.

plastic pedestrian barricades

Why Choose a Plastic Pedestrian Barricade Product?

You’re probably familiar with one of SONCO’s anchor products: the classic, heavy-duty steel barricade. We recommend these steel-strong barricades for high-security situations, prolonged deployment and consistent exposure to extreme weather. Steel barricades are made to withstand the outdoor elements and are heavy enough to maintain order in high-intensity crowd situations. 

plastic pedestrian barricade

For festivals, retail venues and temporary building projects, we often suggest cost-effective plastic pedestrian barricades in high-viz colors and compact styles. Consider temporary plastic barriers for tasks like these and more: 

  • Establishing event perimeters
  • Setting up retail queues
  • Guiding people around closed areas
  • Roping off secure venue areas
  • Channelizing pedestrian traffic
  • Cordoning off spills or tripping hazards
  • Setting up parades & festivals

Built from tough, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these event safety barriers are suitable for indoor or light outdoor use and are UV-stabilized to resist fading. For increased visibility, add custom reflective tape with your choice of branding or printed safety messages.

Features & Benefits of Plastic Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Pedestrian and employee safety is the primary concern when setting up any concert, festival or job site. Used for longitudinal channelizing, light-duty crowd control and demarcating walkways and boundaries, SONCO’s extendable, interlocking pedestrian barriers are easy to install, quick to move and compact to store or transport.

Experience the advantages of these feature-rich crowd control products:

  • Versatile t-feet for stability on all types of terrain
  • Bold colors that spotlight walkways and other touch-points
  • Subtle colors (white, gray, black) for a low-key look in more formal or professional settings
  • Durable, lightweight fabrication allowing one-person deployment and transport
  • Customizable options like reflective tape, personalized logo stickers, safety messaging or sponsor advertising
  • Easy-to-attach info boards, safety signs or sponsor ads
  • Built-in hook & loop systems for secure connection in any configuration
  • Variety of custom barrier sizes and convenient in-stock options.

To secure passersby, install time-tested equipment that separates and guides foot traffic around your project site or entertainment venue. As a leader with nearly five decades of experience in crowd control and perimeter safety, SONCO can recommend the best option for portable pedestrian safety barriers. 

pedestrian barricade

Compliant Plastic Pedestrian Barricade Products

Praised for their versatility, color range and portable design, ADA-compliant plastic pedestrian barricades create safe, stable and accessible pedestrian paths. The no-trip, MUTCD-compliant devices help walkers steer clear of nearby roads, crowded areas and potential hazards. ADA plastic barricades are constructed from the highest quality HDPE (heavy-duty plastic) to catch people’s attention, and custom colors are available upon request. 

Throughout every project and challenge, SONCO is the ultimate crowd-safety partner. Below, we offer proven tips to launch your successful, injury-free event or work season with temporary barriers and plastic barricades.

Add Safety With Pedestrian Barricade Systems

Prioritize Safe Foot Traffic

Always safeguard those on foot when you map out venue perimeters, entryways and exits. Route queues and walking zones away from secure areas, potential hazards or temporary spills. Unsure about the best way to deploy your pedestrian barricade lineup? Contact a SONCO product expert for help choosing and installing temporary barriers.

event safety

Call Out Pedestrian Routes, Gates & Queues

Eventgoers and concert fans arrive in high spirits, anxious to find seats, meet friends and purchase fan merchandise. Direct your audience along each step of the event journey with conspicuous temporary barriers and plastic barricade pathways. This equipment safeguards attendees, discourages crowd congestion and ensures safe entrance, exit and venue navigation.

Draw Added Attention to Barricade Systems & Queues

SONCO temporary barriers come in bright, noticeable colors, but many customers add reflective stripes, logo stickers or custom signage to their pedestrian safety barriers. SONCO’s seasoned in-house creatives can design and print stock and custom safety signage to brand your barrier equipment and capture spectator attention.

pedestrian safety barriers

SONCO Is Your Pedestrian Safety Partner

Pedestrian plastic barricades aren’t the only way to keep people safe at your venue or job site. Learn more about using temporary fence panels to secure event access, set up effective perimeters and protect those involved with your next building project. For more information, check out our blog post on the versatility of temp fencing for construction zones, festivals and project sites!

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hession
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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