Fence Rental Companies Boost Profit With Custom Signs

Safety Sticklers Guides Fence Rental Companies Boost Profit With Custom Signs

Fence Rental Companies Boost Profit With Custom Signs

Are You Leaving Fence Rental Cash on the Table?

Branded Signs Grow Income & Wow Customers

As a fence rental provider in today’s market, you’re under daily pressure from tight cash flow, shrinking equipment budgets and perpetual fence-panel replacement. To manage these realities, some rental businesses cut corners, buy substandard equipment or limp aging fence panels along until replacement is affordable.

Shortcuts like these may seem cost-effective in the interim, but they take a catastrophic long-term toll. Frustrated customers, client turnover, lost revenue and a damaged reputation are just a few byproducts of short-sighted savings strategies. And in the end, even the most diligent money-making efforts often fall short of budgetary goals.

Helping fence rental affiliates face a tough economy and discriminating customer base, SONCO knows the equipment rental market. If inflation has hurt your company or you’re starting (or growing) a chain-link fence rental business, read on for simple steps to increase revenue and recoup lost income.

Make More Money With Custom Signage

A fence rental contract is great, but why stop there? Increase sales and customer loyalty by providing your renters with fence sign design and printing. Did you know this simple service addition could boost equipment rental income by an average of 40 percent?

Construction managers, event promoters and facility operators are used to the tiresome “vendor juggle” when they need fences, branding, signs and large-format printing. When you add signage to your product lineup, SONCO’s in-house creatives develop FREE fence screen graphics for your construction and event customers. Combine this free design service with our in-house print capabilities — and take the multi-vendor hassle off your clients’ plates! Rental customers love working with one vendor for equipment, sign design and printing — and you’ll love the bump in revenue.

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The Pitch: Selling Custom Signage Benefits

When it’s time to sell custom signage to fence rental customers, start with this fundamental sales principle:

Signs are a worthy investment that pays BIG dividends and yields proven results.

Then, pitch the following signage benefits to your rental clients — and accelerate your fence rental income today!


Construction teams have countless uses for fence screens and signage, from OSHA signs to sponsor ads. To sell the safety and branding advantages of street-level billboards, share these handy usage tips with developers, GCs and construction companies:

  • Use high-resolution fence screen graphics to promote property amenities, share building plans or update the neighbors about project progress.
  • Make your brand “sticky” with memorable logos and brand colors.
  • Notify crews and guests of worksite safety guidelines + eliminate unnecessary liability with custom safety screens and OSHA-approved signs.
  • Improve the curb appeal of your work zone with tidy privacy screens, branded fence signs and barricade covers.
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Event managers and facility operators are concerned about patron safety and concert promotion. With your help, they can advertise new events, monetize venues and inform concertgoers about security protocols. Sell custom signage to event rental customers by highlighting these applications and more:

  • Invest in “coming soon” signage that boosts ticket sales for upcoming concerts.
  • Post detailed safety precautions to prevent injuries and ward off security breaches.
  • Monetize festival or concert sites with fence screen ads and sponsor banners.
  • Demarcate bathrooms, concession areas and entrance/exit sites with location and wayfinding signs.
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When you pair perimeter equipment with custom signage, your fence rental income will soar — and customers will reap the benefits of dealing with ONE trusted supplier for fence panels and sign design.

Save More Money With Temp Fence Racks

SONCO knows fence deployment and storage can be a pain, so we offer wheeled barricade racks and Sollage fence racks that ease these burdens. Our custom-sized storage and transport racks deliver a high return on investment due to these popular benefits:

  • Maintain chain-link panel & barricade integrity with neat stacking.
  • Prolong chain-link panel lifespan for increased rental income.
  • Minimize equipment replacement.
  • Make it easy to transport, deploy & relocate panels with wheeled storage.
  • Eliminate time wasters. No more untangling & re-stacking fence panels!
  • Reduce injuries & liability from falling or poorly secured panels.

Imagine the money, time and worry you’ll save when your fence rental business replaces haphazard panel stacking with our sturdy, time-tested Sollage fence racks!

Are You Ready to Raise Your Fence Rental Income?

SONCO safety specialists provide ongoing product and service support for fence rental companies. Have you taken advantage of this expertise? Ask our in-house designers about adding custom signage to your product lineup — and start increasing your revenue by 40 percent or more! Click here to request a quote for custom fence screens, barricade covers, OSHA safety signs and event signage.

To halt the costly cycle of frequent equipment replacement, ask a SONCO safety specialist about Sollage and barricade racks. These custom-sized storage devices are ideal for fence rental providers since they protect fencing, reduce panel damage and prolong equipment lifespan.

To join our list of recommended rental affiliates, call now. SONCO’s rental partners proudly offer chain-link fencing, barricade rental and custom signage to event operators, real estate developers, construction companies and concert promoters across the nation!

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolohttps://www.soncocrowdcontrol.com/
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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