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Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Guide |SONCO Crowd Control

Metal Barricade Faceoff: Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Versus Pre-Galvanized Steel

Discover the Benefits of HDG Fencing

You may think one galvanized barricade looks like another, and you could be right —at least when they are brand new. Add a few years of pedestrian wear and tear or hard use at outdoor festivals, construction sites and high-energy concerts — and things change. SONCO hot-dip galvanized barricades retain their characteristic “spangle” appearance and weather resistance, decade after decade, while competitors’ pre-galvanized barriers degrade over time. What accounts for the difference in product durability? Our cutting-edge galvanizing method determines how thoroughly steel components are coated and how well they withstand rough handling and inclement weather.

What Is a Pre-Galvanized Metal Finish?

Pre-galvanized metal consists of iron or steel coated with a thin layer of zinc. The zinc bonds to bare steel to form a protective barrier against rust and corrosion. Over time, atmospheric oxygen and acids can eat away at the zinc and rust may appear, especially if the finish is inadvertently scratched, dented or damaged. Pre-galvanizing doesn’t prohibit corrosion indefinitely, but it can prolong the life of galvanized metal fences and barricades. Unfortunately, the zinc coating does not cover the welds, seams and tubing interior, so barriers and fencing may be subject to rust and damage at those spots.

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SONCO’s Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Process

The zinc application method dictates how well your galvanized fencing withstands weather extremes and frequent use. Manufactured to last indefinitely, SONCO barriers and fences undergo our most durable galvanizing process: hot dipping. Hot-dipped, zinc-coated galvanized steel products deliver superior coverage and robust corrosion protection that keeps SONCO HDG fencing and barricades in service for decades. 

Here’s how our proven hot-dip galvanized steel process works.

  1. SONCO fabricates temporary fencing panels and barricades from uncoated, heavy-duty steel.
  2. Manufacturing technicians inspect every piece to meet our high standards for quality.
  3. Panels are thoroughly cleaned and fully immersed in a bath of liquified zinc.
  4. The hot zinc bonds with the steel through a reliable chemical reaction.
  5. This hot-dip galvanizing reaction results in an exceptionally durable, four-layer finish: three base coats of zinc-iron alloy plus a top coating of pure zinc.

Hot-dip galvanized steel produces fence panels and barricades that retain their tell-tale spangle finish, year after year. According to the American Galvanizers Association, they also combat up to 70 years of hard use before succumbing to rust and corrosion.

Barricades Manufactured With Pre-Galvanized Materials

Unfortunately, the barricade and industrial fencing market is filled with unrealized promises about pre-galvanized products. Regrettably, many of our competitors sell cheap pre-gal products that lack the guaranteed durability of HDG. Many companies fabricate their fencing with pre-galvanized (thinly coated) piping and mesh. While this may be suitable for indoor deployment or infrequent use, pre-galvanized crowd-control products don’t stand up under the rigors of outdoor use or constant handling. 

Pre-gal coatings have only a modest layer of zinc protection since galvanization is applied to pre-fabricated components before barricade construction. This means the tubing interiors, end-cuts and welds lack zinc coverage — so exposure to humidity, precipitation and rowdy crowds can set an early corrosion process in motion. In a short time, pre-galvanized barricades begin to show rust at joints, along wear lines and over the top of scratches in the thin zinc finish. 

Advantages of Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Galvanized Steel

Your investment in HDG barricades or fencing delivers a sure-fire ROI, especially if your construction company or event venue plans on aggressive use or storage in non-climate-controlled areas. Here’s why hot-dip galvanizing makes a big difference.

  • More thorough coverage. The hot-dip process galvanizes the entire fence panel after it is built. This process covers welds, end-cuts and tubing interiors, guaranteeing a total solution to wear and tear. 
  • Thicker coating. Hot-dip galvanized steel has three layers of zinc alloy and a topcoat of pure zinc. SONCO’s HDG products are made to withstand the worst and last the longest.
  • Complex metallurgical bond: The three inner coating layers form a chemical bond with the steel, producing an inseparable hard zinc-steel alloy instead of a more superficial “glaze.”
  • Long-lasting durability. Hot-dip galvanized steel withstands wet conditions, extreme temperature changes, continuous use and worksite abuse, all without looking worn, rusty or neglected.

Get the SONCO Edge With Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Products

Setting up crowd control barriers at music festivals, concerts, conventions or work zones takes time, know-how and teamwork. SONCO designs our perimeter safety and crowd control products to make your job easier. Our products work hard for you, job after job, from our hot-dip, galvanized steel carts to gates, stands and other accessories. Your equipment investment goes farther, too —since our products last longer! Explore our wide array of durable, premium-quality hot-dipped steel products from SONCO, including:

Affordable Solutions from the Crowd Control Authority

You don’t have to start all over to get the finest perimeter safety products. SONCO makes upgrading your existing crowd control barriers, perimeter fencing and traffic safety barriers easy. Our hot-dip galvanized barricades integrate seamlessly with other barricade brands, and you can replace old panels or add new accessories over time. Improve your job-site function and gradually upgrade your equipment or start from scratch with all HDG steel products.

SONCO product reps have decades of industry experience to advise you on purchases that make the most sense for your business. We’re focused on your success, and we work hard to prove it! When it’s time to expand your product inventory or invest in new solutions, SONCO gets you more for your money. Ask for a free, no-obligation quote on truckload bundles, including free shipping and deep discounts. Set up an account to access SONCO’s affordable financing and flexible payment plans or comparison shop with our price-match guarantee on comparable products.

Besides buying pre-galvanized steel, don’t make these other common mistakes when purchasing steel barricades! SONCO barricades lead the industry — for good reason.

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hessionhttp://soncocrowdcontrol.com
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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