Why and When You Should Use Temporary Fencing

Safety Sticklers Guides Why and When You Should Use Temporary Fencing

Why and When You Should Use Temporary Fencing

Industries including mining, roadwork and construction are danger zones to anyone unfamiliar with these types of work sites. Separating pedestrians and automobile traffic from construction zones is required by law. But in addition to safety, temporary fences and fence screens keep construction areas more aesthetically pleasing while the work is being completed.

Crowd control safety is another great use for temporary fencing. Barriers are needed to navigate crowds and keep traffic moving smoothly during big events. When crowds are properly managed, people remain safe and have a good time.

Temporary fencing, also known as temp fencing, is a fence that is not permanently installed. It is easily put up and removed as necessary. Temporary fencing should be used when permanent fencing is just not feasible or if the fence will only be used for a certain period of time.

Sonco, your source for construction barriers and fencing, offer the most common uses for temporary fencing.


If you are in the middle of a construction project, you might wish to install temporary fencing for any number of reasons.

One reason to install fencing is for security. Fencing is a great way to keep thieves and other undesirables off the construction property. As you know, construction equipment and supplies are worth a whole lot of money.

From a legal standpoint, temporary fencing is required under state and federal laws to ensure the public’s safety. These laws were also put in place to protect the safety of construction workers.

There is a consequence should a construction site not properly utilize temporary fencing.

In addition, insurance companies wish to limit as much liability as possible. Having temporary fencing set up at a construction site can help keep insurance claims to a minimum should an accident or incident occur.

Safety is always a concern at construction sites and temporary fencing can help. Between the dangers on a construction site including uneven ground, moving equipment, and unfinished buildings, fencing keeps contractors safe as well as the general public.


If you plan on hosting a wedding or other type of large-scale party, you may wish to install temporary fencing for a number of reasons.

First, a fence is one of the best ways to ensure your event stays private and is hidden from roaming eyes. And just like how fencing is used at rock venues, you can use fencing to guide people throughout the event.

Fencing at a large-scale event isn’t just about safety and protecting the attendees, it is also about making the guests feel supported and comfortable. To that end, the goal is to make these events safe in a friendly matter.

Temporary fencing can also be used to help with parking configurations at large events. Temporary fencing will also help organize and steer people in the right direction regarding where they should go.

If you are in need of temporary fencing, contact Sonco today.

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