Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Event Fence

Safety Sticklers Sonco Proud Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Event Fence

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Event Fence

Vinyl event fences are PVC durable polymer plastic panels with swiveling T-feet interlock to create a reliable barrier in custom configurations. It features clean lines and a smooth white finish, adding polish to events while containing crowds and guiding pedestrians.

Your black-tie occasion isn’t complete without barriers for elegant crowd control, but wood fencing is a pain to deploy — and traditional steel barricades can distract from event aesthetics. Gala planners and venue managers trust SONCO’s vinyl event fencing for classy perimeters that withstand weather and crowds. 

If you are looking for vinyl event fence rental, consider the benefits of buying, instead! White vinyl picket fencing may cost more than other crowd control tools, but it’s a long-lasting, low-maintenance product worth the splurge. Customers report a high ROI for this popular fencing, rating vinyl panels a top choice for their sturdy, weatherproof design. In addition, event fence panels are quick to configure and install, making them an ideal choice for all of your elegant events: golf tournaments, red-carpet galas, dignitary gatherings, press conferences, weddings and charity functions. 

What Is PVC Vinyl Event Fence? 

Vinyl Event Fence

Our white plastic fencing is constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of recyclable plastic known for its low-maintenance durability and long-lasting construction. Unlike wood, PVC fence panels won’t rot or splinter — and they never injure guests with rough edges or protruding nails. Increase safety and reduce liability with this smooth, glossy fencing for VIP events

What are the Vinyl Event Fence Benefits? 

Pedestrian safety and traffic flow are top priorities for event planners, and PVC vinyl fencing meets these criteria and more. Whether you’re separating public and private spaces or directing guests to restrooms and refreshments, event fence panels check all the right boxes. A small crew can install portable event fences since the lightweight, maneuverable panels weigh only 33 pounds!  

Venues and event managers also love these plastic fence advantages: 

  • Long-term, low-maintenance performance. PVC event barriers are fire-resistant and will not warp, peel, corrode or rust. They hold up for hundreds of events when routinely maintained with a soft cloth and non-toxic cleaner. 
  • Aesthetic appeal. When metal barriers detract from the festivities, vinyl white event fencing lends a clean, sophisticated look to your charity fundraiser or red-carpet gala. Portable event fencing is an understated, elegant way to control guest traffic and perimeter access. 
  • Cost-effective materials. Though vinyl event fencing costs more than other barrier options, it includes a built-in ROI. Unlike wooden pickets, plastic fence systems require less labor to install and do not need replacing due to bug infestations or wood rot — saving you money in the long run. 
  • Sturdy-yet-attractive construction. Polyvinyl fencing is up to the task when rowdy guests lean on fence panels or inclement weather arises! Its sturdy, interlocking design prevents panels from separating under pressure, and a tough, polyvinyl-chloride coating protects from rain, sleet and other harsh conditions. Event fences also include steel base feet for optimal stability. 
  • Configuration flexibility. PVC fencing panels contain a hook-and-loop interlocking system, making it fast and easy to create any enclosure size. Place panels straight or angled to create a robust, adjoining barrier system. 

What Are Some Popular Event Fence Uses? 

White vinyl picket fencing is more than a perimeter tool. Venue operators use these portable fence systems for country club parties, fundraising galas, VIP and dignitary events, fashion shows, movie premieres, weddings, festivals and more. Choose PVC fencing for applications like these: 

  • Lining aisles & pedestrian walkways 
  • Limiting event access to ticketed guests 
  • Dressing up the event environment 
  • Delineating public & private event spaces 
  • Blocking access to hazards or off-limits zones 
  • Identifying VIP seating areas 
  • Controlling heavy foot traffic 
  • Wayfinding for bathrooms, concessions & exits 

How Do Vinyl Event Fence Systems Work? 

Event fencing includes an discreet interlocking system to secure panels together. Use the included interlocking hardware to join one panel to the next. Swivel the T-feet into place to create your custom configuration for aisles, walkways, perimeters and more, and anchor the feet with stakes or hardware using provided anchor holes. 

How to Store White Vinyl Event Fences? 

When your gala or festival is over, removing and storing SONCO’s vinyl white event fencing is easy! Pull apart the interlocking hardware between each lightweight panel and store them indoors to prevent yellowing or staining from humid or wet conditions. Storing fence panels upright reduces the chance of scratching or other damage. Need a wheeled cart to transport event barricades? Ask our support team about heavy-duty storage carts for streamlined fence installation and removal! 

Where to use Vinyl Event Fences?

Vinyl Event Fence

When you need classy temporary barriers that lend luxury ambiance to that special occasion, choose SONCO’s VIP vinyl event fence. Tall enough to control crowds yet stylish enough for the red carpet, these polymer plastic panels measure a perfect 42 inches high by 72 inches wide. Use vinyl event fencing for venues and celebrations like these:

  • Awards ceremonies 
  • Benefit auctions 
  • Garden parties, weddings & anniversaries 
  • Resort & theme park events 
  • Patio dining at fine restaurants, bars & bistros 
  • Country club gatherings 
  • Music & performing arts festivals 

SONCO’s white plastic fencing features clean lines and a polished-white finish, adding finesse to your venue while containing crowds and guiding pedestrians. Get the look of elegant fencing for VIP events — without complicated assembly and expensive labor costs. Contact a product pro or request an estimate for your next PVC event fence project by emailing [email protected]! 

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