COVID-19 Screening Areas for Sports Arenas and Facilities

Safety Sticklers Guides COVID-19 Screening Areas for Sports Arenas and Facilities

COVID-19 Screening Areas for Sports Arenas and Facilities

Professional sports arenas and facilities can easily set up COVID-19 screening areas with the right equipment. Here’s an expert guide on how to get it done in an effective, safe, and budget-friendly way.

With German and English soccer resuming, it’s not difficult to imagine US sports returning in the near future. And setting up screening areas is crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep players, staff, family, and the media as safe as possible.

We may be entering a world where fans can attend games after going through a screening process. Event venues and sports arenas may be able to implement this if they’re operating at reduced capacity. 

However, at least for now, this is focusing on screening essential folks – and what you’ll need to set up safe, effective, and long-term screening protocols.

But first, let’s take a look across the pond.

How Sports in Other Countries Are Reopening

Players and staff of the Bundesliga, the German soccer league, spent 25 days in quarantine. Then they began training in small groups while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. During this time, all personnel were tested at least once a week – and screened every day. 

After 40 days—of isolation, then light training, then full-contact training—the Bundesliga played its first match. 

Following this blueprint to safely resuming the season, the English Premier League will do the same. As it stands, games will be underway on June 17, with Aston Villa playing Sheffield United at 1:00 PM EST.

Why Screening AND Testing?

Testing areas are likely akin to doctors offices or comparably sterilized environments. For example, the same place an athlete would get their physical is where the test would be administered.

Each person can be tested separately over the course the week, then you’d restart in the same order to maintain consistency. This is an extremely important aspect to ensuring everyone is being tested as often as feasibly possible.

But on top of that testing, screening needs to be done every day. Even those who tested negative the day before may be positive the next. And screening is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread (second only to quarantining).

Establishing Screening Areas

For Queuing: Retractable Belt Stanchions 

Before people even get to the screening areas, they’ll need to practice social distancing while waiting in line. If someone fails screening but interacts with people beforehand, it defeats the purpose. That’s where retractable belt stanchions come in handy.

COVID-19 physical distancing stanchions can display the six feet directly on the belt. The stanchion frame sign can display important safety information. Post signs are also used to further drive home the need to stay six feet apart. If they’re presented in your team’s colors, they look great too.

To get started, check out the custom retractable belt barriers and accessories available at SONCO.

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For Screening Area: Tents and Barricades

A tent is a great way to increase privacy and protection while creating a designated screening area. And steel barricades create the different pathways you’ll need for effective screening. 

The first checkpoint can be performed by a medical professional in PPE and supported by an A-Frame sign that presents screening questions. Here are some sample ideas:

  • Do you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19?
  • Have you been within six feet of anyone showing symptoms?
  • Have you deviated from your usual routine in the past two weeks?

If they answer yes to any of those questions, they need to leave immediately and not return to the facility until they’re tested and cleared.

Establish an exit point from the screening area that’s a safe distance from the entry queue. 

If the person answers no to every question, they can proceed forward to the temperature screening. This is where a separate, properly protected medical professional will administer a temperature check, which can be done using a laser for hands-off screening.

If the person has a temperature, they need to leave immediately through a separate exit point a safe distance from the first exit point and the entry queue. You do not want anyone symptomatic backtracking and potentially spreading the disease further.

If the person does not have a temperature and answered no to all screening questions, they can proceed inside the facility.

Essential Equipment Checklist for Screening Areas at Sports Stadiums:

  • Barricades or retractable belt stanchions for entry and two separate exit points.
  • Stanchion topper or post signs to encourage social distancing.
  • Barricade covers, which can serve the same purpose. They’re also easier to clean than the steel barricade tubes.
  • A-Frame signs for important information, like “Mask Required.”
  • Pop-up tents in case of inclement weather, and to maintain privacy and prevent the spread of droplets from talking, etc.

Partner with a SONCO crowd control expert to develop the bundle deal specific to your needs and venue. We do full customization, or you can simply add your logo to the stock messaging. 

Get in touch today for no-obligation, proven advice – alongside the industry’s best deals, guaranteed.

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