Next-Gen Barricade Cart – CrowdGuard Transport Cart

Safety Sticklers Sonco Proud Next-Gen Barricade Cart - CrowdGuard Transport Cart

Next-Gen Barricade Cart – CrowdGuard Transport Cart

Protect Your Crew & Power Up Productivity with Barricade Carts

Barricades, fencing and crowd control products are vital to any successful safety plan, but equipment is only as good as its deployment strategy. Without proper tools for barricade transport and installation, crews can become inefficient and injury-prone, and safety practices are doomed to fail. 

Crowd control experts pro-quality barrier carts to speed barrier transport and installation, but that’s not all. Thanks to our steel barricade cart, your team members save energy for the things that matter — like detail-focused equipment installation that protects guests, performers and crews. 

Introducing the Next-Gen CrowdGuard Barricade Cart 

Barricade Cart

At SONCO, we know (1) client feedback is among our greatest assets, and (2) small features make a BIG difference. With these things in mind, we continually innovate our product lineup to ensure an exceptional customer experience.  

Recently, SONCO experts made valuable changes to our wildly popular barrier cart, and today we announce the arrival of an upgraded version: the CrowdGuard barricade transport cart! Built from hot-dip galvanized steel and designed to move up to 30 metal barricades in one trip, this workhorse outstrips competitors and delivers on ROI. CrowdGuard will quickly become your new favorite tool — one you can rely on for years of dependable service. 

Aren’t All Barricade Carts the Same? 

Before we share the unique advantages of a next-gen CrowdGuard cart, let’s examine the competition. Discerning SONCO clients tell us many off-brand carts have high markups but fail to deliver on performance and longevity. Reports indicate these knockoff carts may also: 

  • Bend or feel unstable when fully weighted. 
  • Accommodate half as many barricades. 
  • Maneuver poorly & curtail efficiency. 
  • Require early replacement. 
  • Rust or corrode from moisture exposure. 

What’s So Great About CrowdGuard Barricade Cart? 

The difference steel barrier carts make to your team and operation cannot be understated — but only if you buy the right cart the first time. Each CrowdGuard product comes directly from the manufacturer (that’s us!), so you’ll get a competitive price without gimmicky markups.  

There are many reasons SONCO’s reimagined steel barricade cart is the perfect choice for your facility, event venue or construction site. Like our previous transport device, CrowdGuard is still lightweight, maneuverable and accommodating — but a few key improvements make this one product you can’t live without!  

Barricade Cart Features
  • One update is the robust handlebar, making lifting and toting metal barricades easier than ever.  
  • Customers also love our cart’s extra-large wheels, which discourage friction and improve mobility on uneven terrain. Take the CrowdGuard over grassy hills, gravel parking lots and unpredictable ground cover. 

Yet another cart benefit: Load barricades with the feet on! Most carts require foot removal before loading, and that’s a proven time waster during barrier installation and breakdown.  

Finally, here are a few more reasons the CrowdGuard barricade cart is worth your investment: 

  • Premium galvanized steel construction for unmatched strength. 
  • Hot-dip, zinc-alloy coating to combat rust or abrasion. Provides long-term durability!  
  • Double capacity of competitor carts: transports 30 metal barricades in one trip. 
  • One-year manufacturer warranty & five-star customer support. 
  • Just five to seven business days from order to delivery (on average). 
  • Doubles as a compact storage rack between uses! 

Don’t Wait for Your Next Project. Buy CrowdGuard TODAY! 

SONCO has been an industry leader since 1976, and we’ve built our reputation on engineering and sourcing state-of-the-art equipment. The next-generation CrowdGuard barrier cart delivers total peace of mind at prices you won’t believe, and you’ll safeguard installers and crews from physical stress or potential injury. Those are great reasons to contact our team! In a few clicks, you can request a quote, get answers to product questions, or order your steel barricade cart online now! 

Nearly 50 years of experience positions us as America’s crowd control authority — and our 4.6/5-star reviews tell a story of supportive follow-through and total customer satisfaction. Save time and money installing and relocating your steel barricades. Invest in CrowdGuard barricade transport and storage devices today! 

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