Temporary Fencing – Technical Specs & Features

Safety Sticklers Guides Temporary Fencing - Technical Specs & Features

Temporary Fencing – Technical Specs & Features

Let’s Talk Technical Specs: SONCO Temporary Fencing

FAQs About Temp Fence Panels

With inflation pressure, supply chain gaps and COVID mandates causing daily upheaval, construction and event-staging costs keep rising. Since every purchase squeezes the bottom line, managers are frantically searching for the best value in temporary fencing and perimeter control.

In a world of uncertainty, you can count on SONCO for quality temporary fencing and crowd control solutions. With 46 years in the industry, we’ve learned what really matters: high-performance construction fence panels built to last — and priced to fit your budget. To get the best deal, skip the hard sell and look to SONCO for expert advice and accurate data. 

Have the Facts When You Comparison Shop

If you are in the market for temporary fencing, you’re probably comparing SONCO construction fence panels with other companies. But is it an apples-to-apples comparison? Most chain link fence panels for sale don’t match SONCO’s quality materials, exacting manufacturing standards and innovative designs. Check out our temp fencing technical specs — and ask for a competitive bid before you buy. With SONCO’s bulk pricing, convenient credit terms and price-match guarantee, we’re confident you’ll recognize our value.

SONCO Temporary Fencing Technical Specifications

Panels Sized for Versatility

SONCO manufactures construction fence panels in three standard sizes, giving you maximum flexibility to secure your building, road repair or event-access site. Ask our team to help you choose the best fencing type for your project! SONCO’s standard panels are easily configured to any perimeter, preventing the need for more costly, custom-sized options. Choose from these temporary fencing panels in stock at SONCO:

  • 6’H x 10’W Versa Chain Link Panel (45 lbs.)
  • 6’H x 12’W Versa Chain Link Panel (45 lbs.)
  • 8’H x 10’W Versa Panel Classic (59 lbs.)
temporary fence

SONCO’s Versa panel line also features extended uprights for an extra 6 inches of height to clear bracing stands and blocks.

Fencing Built for Performance

High-quality materials and a weather-resistant finish keep SONCO temp fence panels on the job long after other panels have been scrapped. You won’t find longer-lasting, comparably priced construction fencing on the market. Our meticulous manufacturing process meets American Welding Society codes, and all temporary fencing for sale undergoes rigorous quality testing. Compare the competition to SONCO’s chain link fencing specs, including:

  • Main Frame: 1⅜” OD 16-gauge steel tubing with welded joints 
  • Supports: cross-bracing with vertical + horizontal steel support
  • Versa Chain Link Wire: 2 ⅜” 12.5 gauge mesh-laced on all sides
  • Versa Panel Classic Wire: 2 ¼” 11.5 gauge mesh-laced on all sides
  • Finish: hot-dip, zinc-galvanized steel
Temporary Fencing

When you find chain link panels for sale at lower prices, look for manufacturing shortcuts like welded wire panels, tension-bar bracing and pre-galvanized tubing. These temporary fencing components won’t last, and you’ll never find them in SONCO construction fence panels.

MicrosoftTeams image

Components Designed for Function

When it comes to the flexible functionality of our chain link fence panels, competitors can’t hold a candle to SONCO. Boost the safety and performance of construction fence panels with new-age accessories like these:

  • Approved OSHA Safety Sign Fence Screens (4’x6′, 6’x10′, 6’x12′ and 8’x10′)
  • BigFoot Fence Panel Weight (22”L x 23.6”W x 3”H, 33 lb. WT)
  • Hi-Viz Orange OxStand Anti-Trip Fence Base (12”W x 36”L x 1.4”H)
  • Sollage Transport Rack for Construction Fence Panels (fits 6’ x 10’ or 6’ x 12’ panels)
  • Versa Pedestrian Gate (6’H x 4’W)

Reduce hazards and streamline construction sites or event venues with 21st-century technology from the nation’s crowd-control experts. Our fence accessories simplify setup and redeployment, save time and labor, protect equipment and personnel, and keep job sites in regulatory compliance. SONCO temporary fencing panels and accessories also pair with SONCO pedestrian barricades, crash-resistant water barriers, stage barriers and chain link fence panels for sale from other manufacturers.

Screens & Graphics Transform Temporary Fencing for Sale

When is perimeter fencing more than worksite security? When you add fence screen mesh for privacy and dust or debris control! Throw in custom graphics or messaging, and your construction fence panels become street-level billboards that give a shout-out to your brand or event. SONCO privacy screens and graphic signs also last through changing weather and multiple reuses, giving you unbeatable ROI.

Ready to get started? Check out SONCO’s mesh screen rolls! They deliver privacy PLUS airflow and are compatible with all chain link fence panel specs. 

custom fence screens

Speak with a product expert to request a custom-printed signage branding kit. In it, you’ll find detailed specifications for our most popular fabric options plus a catalog of SONCO custom-printed products.

How to Set Up Construction Site Fencing: A Definitive Guide outlines best practices to prevent mischief and accidents at your construction site. Protect equipment, materials and personnel with proper temporary fencing deployment. Download our helpful SONCO guide today!

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolohttps://www.soncocrowdcontrol.com/
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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