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What Is an Aluminum Concert Barricade? | Definition & Benefits


Concert barriers, also known as crowd control barriers, are vital to event production, helping you deliver safe, flawless performances that steal the stage. They are temporary structures used to manage and control crowds during events, concerts, festivals, or any large gatherings.

You can find these structures on the market in different materials such as aluminum, plastic or steel. Today, you’ll learn more about aluminum concert barricades, their characteristics and benefits in order to make a more oriented decision when it comes to crowd control in concerts.

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What Is an Aluminum Concert Barricade?

An aluminum concert barricade is typically constructed from aluminum materials, providing adequate strength and durability for crowd control purposes. It tends to be light, making it easier to transport and set up. This can be advantageous for smaller events or situations where flexibility in setup is essential.

Aluminum concert barricades offer great strength, particularly for smaller events or situations where flexibility in setup is essential. However, if you’re looking for greater robustness and resistance, heavy-duty aluminum barricades have what you need.

Heavy-duty aluminum concert barricades are specifically engineered to provide maximum strength, durability, and security in high-traffic or high-security event settings. They also are the linchpins of event infrastructure and crowd control. A thoughtful barrier strategy helps you comply with safety ordinances while streamlining event flow and crowd movements. It also serves these vital functions:

  • Safeguards attendees, performers & crews.
  • Prevents crowds at concert from rushing or trampling.
  • Secures equipment & assets.
  • Delineates performance, concession & VIP zones.

In addition to their practicality, these black and silver concert barriers enhance event aesthetics. They establish production professionalism, provide a framework for signage installation, and integrate with your event’s vibe.

With the help of industry-leading aluminum stage barricades, you’ll make a positive event impression focused on the performance — rather than unruly crowds and safety mishaps.

What Is a Heavy-Duty Aluminum Concert Barricade?

Crowd, crew and performer safety is a non-negotiable part of event management, and heavy-duty aluminum concert barricades are integral to this security mandate.

Unlike hard-to-move, “backbreaking” steel stage barriers, these new-age barricades are built from a strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy tough enough for large crowds.

  • Weighing in at 50 to 80 pounds per section, aluminum stage barriers are designed for effortless handling and simple installation by a skeleton crew.
  • Not only do they facilitate streamlined installation and stage adjustments, but they also reduce crew member injuries and back pain — thanks to their agile maneuverability.
  • With an increased strength-to-weight barrier ratio over steel, aluminum barriers absorb crowd pressure, making them an exceptional choice for large-scale event management.
  • Some barriers also have integrated rear steps, allowing security personnel to surveil crowds and watch for safety issues.

Think of heavy-duty aluminum stage barriers as a layer of reassurance for your team. Forming an unobtrusive security line, they act as infrastructure and crowd control for mega-concerts, festivals and other performances.

Heavy-duty aluminum: The Best Choice for Stage Barriers

The right stage barricade system blends functionality, aesthetics and cost-efficiency, but barrier selection takes careful consideration. Old-school steel barriers have notorious drawbacks, while heavy-duty aluminum barricades save you time, money and hassle.

Producing a top-tier event hinges on dependable crowd control and streamlined stage setups — and high-performance aluminum concert barriers are the unsung heroes of your stage.

This updated post provides the full scoop on aluminum stage barrier setups — from features and applications to product storage tips. Before you invest in concert crowd control equipment, don’t miss this guide to heavy-duty aluminum concert barricade benefits.

At SONCO, we know quick stage setup and equipment reliability are essential to a successful event. Trust our reputable stage barrier lineup to streamline crowd management without sacrificing safety. When patron, performer and crew security are paramount, these industry-leading aluminum concert barricades deliver.


From design simplicity to panel versatility, SONCO’s aluminum barriers offer unmatched flexibility for your stage setup. Choose from barrier equipment for delay towers, crowd-surge prevention, and front-of-house (FOH) positions. Take on these tasks and more with this great alternative to expensive Mojo barricades:

  • Provide secure access for stagehands, vendors & authorized personnel.
  • Pass cables through accessible, 12” snake-runner openings.
  • Adjust mics, lights & lamps without disrupting your barrier line.
  • Interlock pieces for an immovable barrier wall.
  • Fold barricades flat for compact storage & transport.
  • Protect entertainers & resist crowd surges.
  • Save people power, time & fuel while deploying or transporting.
  • Prevent crew injuries & shorten installation times.

What Is the Difference Between Steel Concert Barricades & Aluminum?

The shift from legacy steel concert barricades to heavy-duty aluminum stage barriers is more than a material change. It’s a crowd-control innovation. Aluminum-alloy barricades transform event safety, ease of handling, portability and cost-effectiveness.


  • There’s a reason steel barricades are called “back breakers.” While they bring strength to the table, their bulk and weight pose injury issues, especially for small crews. Heavy-duty aluminum concert barriers are easy to move, position and relocate while saving crew members from back and joint pain.
  • Many steel stage barriers require heavy machinery (like forklifts) to move, so there’s no such thing as a “streamlined” stage setup. They also lack portability, preventing quick emergency removal. In comparison, aluminum barriers enable simplified, efficient deployment without forklifts and machinery. Their lighter weight also facilitates mid-performance stage and scenery changes.
  • Since they require more time and larger crews, heavier steel barriers cost more to install and eat up labor time. Heavy-duty aluminum systems save resources by hastening deployment.
  • Steel barricades can rust or corrode over time, especially outdoors with moisture exposure. Aluminum concert barriers are naturally resistant to environmental corrosion because the metal has a natural protective layer that shields it from rust. This is an undeniable benefit for outdoor use.


Premium construction, proven durability & long lifespans. These barriers hold up, show after show.

  • Built with 6000-series, 18-gauge aluminum alloy frames.
  • Steel connector pin-and-cable-channel technology.
  • Welds certified by the American Welding Society.
  • Resistance to extreme weather & temperatures for years of outdoor use.

Unstoppable crowd control. Nothing is more important than event safety. Provide secure crew access while staving off crowd surges.

  • Lightweight enough to move; robust enough to hold off crowds.
  • Manageable weight allows quick emergency removal.
  • Rear steps for staff visibility & security surveillance.
  • Non-slip flooring that enhances personnel accessibility.

Adaptable deployment & configuration. Create custom stage setups with ease. Envision your stage — 100 different ways.

  • Compact, fold-up design for easy deployment and teardown.
  • Flexibly configured straight sections, gates, snake runners & corner panels.
  • Interlocking technology with 30-degree connection inserts.
  • Compatible with Mojo & other barrier brands.

Aesthetic features that outshine the competition.

  • Shiny silver color creates a clean, edgy, industrial vibe.
  • Black powder-coating gives you a sophisticated look — or enables barriers to “fade into the background.”
  • Hang custom signage with branding, marketing messages, sponsor ads or directional guidance.

Applications for Heavy-Duty Aluminum Concert Barricade

Lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum stage barriers have many versatile applications:

  • Red carpet performances. Establish exclusive VIP and media zones, delineate guest areas, and funnel crowd movement.
  • Portable stages. Use heavy-duty aluminum concert barriers at road shows, pop-up events, road shows and speaking tours. Create a secure stage infrastructure for artists while effectively managing crowds.
  • Mega-concerts & summer festivals. Heavy-duty aluminum concert platforms are solid and durable enough for enthusiastic crowds. Protect performers, fans and crew while creating a rave-worthy event.
  • Conventions & trade shows: Balance exhibition infrastructure with display elegance. Aluminum barricades help create the perfect event vibe — without sacrificing strength and stability.
  • Outdoor events: For BBQ battles, food-truck contests, marathons and more, you need crowd control that withstands the elements. Safeguard guests and enable event accessibility with these weather-resistant, versatile stage systems.
  • Holiday events & plays: Safety and crowd management come first, but you can’t neglect the holiday event ambiance. Aluminum barriers can be subtly integrated into your event — while maintaining a festive, enchanting environment for patrons.
  • Political rallies: You never know what will happen in a politically charged environment. Heavy-duty aluminum scaffolding offers proven crowd control while guaranteeing speaker and attendee accessibility.
  • Sporting & playoff events: When terrain varies and weather conditions can interfere with the competition, aluminum stage barricades are an adaptable solution. With inherent corrosion resistance and ease of relocation, these barriers are perfect for halftime — or anytime.

Heavy-Duty Concert Barriers Benefits

Heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum concert barricades offer a multitude of benefits for your next theater performance or stage debut:

  • Reducing crew stress & liability. If you’re tired of steel back-breaker barriers that injure crews, increase liability, and cost you downtime, aluminum barriers are the solution. These lightweight but tough barricade systems reduce your crew’s physical toll. Thanks to their ease of deployment and relocation, your employees maintain an improved focus during performances. And that means fewer accidents and falls during setup, set changes or stage updates.
  • Strength without weight. Despite their agility, 18-gauge, heavy-duty aluminum concert barricades pack a punch like steel. Their aluminum alloy construction is easy to deploy, but it stands up against crowd pressure, constant relocation and heavy-use environments.
  • Adaptability & compatibility. When you can’t afford to replace your entire stage system, add a few barricades here and there. No problem. Seamlessly integrating with legacy steel and Mojo-style barriers, aluminum systems pair well with your existing equipment.
  • Proven durability. Countless factors can reduce the life of your stage equipment — from moisture exposure and UV rays to physical wear and tear. Heavy-duty aluminum barricades aren’t just weather-, UV- and corrosion-resistant. They’re also certified by the American Welding Society’s structural welding code for fabricating and erecting aluminum structures. Trust your concert equipment to withstand anything you throw at it.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum stage barriers come in silver and black. Add an industrial edge to your performance aesthetic, or set up barricades to blend into the background.
  • Cost-effectiveness. An affordable alternative to Mojo Barricades, heavy-duty aluminum stage systems offer exceptional ROI. With guaranteed durability, versatility and low-maintenance construction, these barriers are a proven value and cost-effective solution for any performance venue.
  • Efficient transport & storage. Pair aluminum concert barriers with stackable carts, also manufactured from premium aluminum. Premium stage barrier carts allow you to move 10 barriers at once — as many as a human can comfortably push. These barriers also fold for storage, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and roll on four large, smooth-swiveling wheels. With stackable stage barrier carts, stage setup and teardown couldn’t be easier.

In the long run, upgrading to aluminum barrier systems doesn’t just simplify installation. It reduces your venue’s liability and enables compliance with health and safety standards. Your crew will thank you, too.

Conclusion | Aluminum Concert Barriers Outclass Steel

Crowd safety has always been vital to event crews, but incidents like the deadly 2021 Astroworld crowd surge increased security concerns among patrons and performers, too. And when it comes to sold-out performances — you can’t afford a security breakdown.

With robust construction, easy installation and an impressive lifespan, SONCO’s heavy-duty aluminum concert barriers are the toughest part of your security lineup. Learn more about this hard-working crowd control tool or talk with our barricade experts to customize your StageGuard system.

Fifty years strong, SONCO Perimeter Security proudly partners with U.S. event producers, venue operators, show managers and concert promoters. Our top priorities are securing facilities, safeguarding assets, and protecting your people. And with battle-tested StageGuard concert barriers, every show goes off without a hitch.


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