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Custom Barricade Covers – Details that Matters


Why SONCO Custom Barricade Covers?

The Difference Is in the DETAILS

If you’ve recently shopped for custom barricade covers, you may think they all look the same. But looks are deceiving. At SONCO, it’s our mission to outdo competitors with product quality, fair prices, and a non-negotiable focus on the details. Sadly, this sharp detail focus is lacking in the custom sign industry, so we’ve set out to change that.

Time after time, SONCO sign customers share frustrating stories of barrier jackets destroyed by the wind. When substandard barricade cover messaging wears away or barricade covers don’t fit correctly, your brand reputation takes a hit. And when custom barrier signage fails to meet demanding event and construction conditions, it’s usually because of the little things.

The Small Things Are EVERYTHING

When it comes to barricade signs, quality matters. It’s the difference between messages that stick-and messages that fail. To keep barrier jackets going strong during inclement weather, rowdy crowds and gale-force winds, SONCO focuses on the small stuff. Our in-house design and production teams are attentive to every facet of the construction and event sign process, taking extra care with details like these.


High-performance barrier covers come in your choice of robust fabrics, field-tested for superior functionality and durability.

  • Choose from vinyl and poly blends with varying levels of UV resistance and privacy blockage.
  • SONCO’s in-house design team recommends fabrics for indoor and outdoor applications based on your need for printing resolution and air flow.


Too many bargain-basement barricade signs fall apart when the going gets tough. SONCO signs resist damage from wind or energetic crowds, thanks to their sealed double hems and reinforced seams.

  • Carefully finished hems eliminate fraying and deliver durability plus elasticity.
  • Hems reinforced with webbing increase banner strength during rain, wind and crowd abuse.


Depending on budget and usage requirements, barricade-cover customers can choose from two fastener types.

  • Heavy-duty grommets, not standard eyelets. Strategically placed every 24 inches, these weather-proof metal grommets outdo traditional eyelets by a mile. Our high-performance grommets ensure a secure hold over years of daily sign use.
  • Premium Velcro fasteners. Industrial-strength hook-and-loop fasteners are tailor made for heavy-duty fabrics and high-strength closure applications. Trust your sign to perform flawlessly in wind and weather.


SONCO barricade jackets are finished to perfection.

  • Our easy-on barrier jacket design includes a side cut-out with reinforced seams.
  • Enjoy our fitted barrier-cover look with hassle-free, easy-on installation.

What Makes Sign Orders Such a Chore?

If ordering barricade covers makes you cringe, we get it. SONCO makes ordering and installing barrier jackets convenient, freeing you of these common problems.


If you’re like most event producers, you’re familiar with the “vendor juggle” for custom barricade covers and signage purchases. It’s stressful to deal with multiple companies for one crowd-control initiative, so SONCO makes it easy. We’re a one-stop shop, from equipment sales to in-house barrier jackets and print production. And it’s all under one roof-saving you time AND money.


No matter how much you plan, it’s common for print deliveries to run late. Where is your order now? Lost in shipping? Never left the shop? Who knows. And with too many vendors in the mix, it’s tough to nail down sign delay reasons.

At SONCO, we’re all about the details. That includes taking responsibility for your large-format print project throughout every project phase. Trust our in-house graphic design, print production and shipping operation to deliver barricade signs on time, every time.


Paying multiple vendors gets expensive fast, and inflation drives material costs through the roof. With rising expenses, you may wonder if custom barricade covers are worth the investment. They are! Don’t miss the chance to brand your site, advertise for sponsors and monetize your venue with affordable, top-quality signage from SONCO.

Here at SONCO, we save you money without sacrificing quality. Ask a team member about competitive barricade cover pricing that’s even cheaper in bulk. We also provide agile shipping that gets your message out fast. Time is precious, and money is tight. When you shop with SONCO, you won’t waste either one.

Meet the SONCO Difference

Did you know SONCO has a 4.6/5 overall customer rating? Get to know SONCO and discover why “different” means so much better. As usual, it starts with the little things. Features like premium fabrics, finishing details, and reinforced fasteners ensure your barrier signs stand the test of time and weather. And because we’re pros in the traffic, events, hospitality and facility operations industries, we know just what you need to look good.

What are you waiting for? A SONCO barricade sign pro is awaiting your call. During our chat, we’ll cover the big things but never lose sight of the small stuff. You’re in good hands. What can we print for you today?


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