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Fence Rack – How to Extend Fence Panel Life?


Stop Costly Panel Replacement with a Temp Fence Rack

Extend Fence Life With Our #1 Steel Storage Solution

When SONCO requests honest feedback from construction teams and fence rental providers, a couple of concerns always top the list.

  • I’m in the construction business and want to expand my revenue stream by renting out unused fencing. How can I store and deliver chain-link panels to rental customers?
  • I’m struggling to store my chain-link fencing. Fence panels litter my storage area, and I need to reclaim some space. I also want to maintain fence integrity and avoid damage. What should I do?
  • It’s labor-intensive to tie stacks of fencing to my truck, and I’m worried about damaging panels or losing them on the road. How can I keep other drivers safe, decrease my liability and avoid constant panel replacement?

To answer these questions and aid temp fence customers in the storage and site-to-site transport of chain-link panels, SONCO engineered the Sollage temp fence rack. This fence panel storage solution is available as a stand-alone product or with our 30-panel fence bundle, and it’s available in two sizes to fit 10- or 12-foot panels.


  • Two sizes for 6’ x 10’ or 6’ x 12’ panels
  • 30-panel capacity for compact storage & expedited transport
  • Vertical stack-ability for a small storage footprint
  • One-year manufacturer warranty for total peace of mind
  • Fabricated from steel to increase durability

One Field-Tested Temp Fence Rack for All Your Needs

To increase the value of our industry-leading 30-panel fence kit, SONCO includes its exclusive temp fence rack. Verified customers report that Sollage racks solve a range of temp fencing problems, making them one of our most popular products! If fence storage and maintenance concerns keep you up at night, call or connect online with SONCO’s construction division. We can help you open a fence rental business, prevent damaged panels, and securely transport chain link to rental customers or job sites. Trust our safety specialists to provide detailed temp fence rack specifications, bundle details and delivery dates for your area.

Generate New Revenue Streams With Fence Rental

Renting out extra fence panels generates welcome revenue, and many of our customers benefit from adding this service. If you have stacks of unused chain-link fencing lying around, a Sollage rack could be your best 2022 investment. Use your galvanized temp fence rack to transport panels to rental sites — and open a lucrative income stream!

To start a fence rental business, ask a SONCO support pro about fence rack bundle kits and extra Sollage racks for storage and transport.

Chain-Link Panel Storage, Simplified.

No matter the size of your stockyard, storage is always tight. SONCO’s construction partners use temporary fencing for most job site perimeters, and fence rental affiliates house a huge inventory of panels, bases and accessories. Since chain link is easy to damage if stored incorrectly, SONCO engineered the perfect fence panel storage solution! Our temp fence rack keeps panels pristine and stored compactly in outdoor yards or indoor warehouses.

Between jobs or rentals, use the Sollage steel fence rack to store up to 30 panels. When 30 panels aren’t enough, SONCO fence racks stack securely to take advantage of vertical space. If your temp fence storage footprint is small, Sollage racks contain and protect panels, even in tight quarters.

Clean Up Your Stockyard & Maintain Fence Quality

When temp fencing is scattered across a storage area, it costs you time and money. Improper storage of chain-link panels also incurs damage that renders them unusable, and continual fence panel replacement eats into your profits. SONCO’s temporary fence rack cleans up your stockyard and maintains fence quality. 

Shiny, well-maintained fencing looks professional and performs flawlessly, and Sollage racks keep chain-link panels looking as good today as the day you bought them. We hate to hear stories of yards full of mangled, damaged fencing, and we know constant panel replacement is wasteful. With space for over two dozen panels, SONCO’s Sollage racks keep fencing level, secure, and in tip-top shape for your next project.

Safely Transport Panels to Work Zones & Rental Customers

Without a fence rack, you have to tie dozens of panels to a flatbed or trailer. It’s a labor-intensive process, and one loose panel can endanger other drivers, cause personal injury or increase your liability. Fortunately, Sollage racks aren’t just great for storage. They are the answer to safe fence transport! Whether you’re staging a job site for your construction business or delivering chain-link to rental customers, stackable fence racks secure panels for hauling and eliminate the cost of transit-related damage.

Check Out Our 4.6 Customer Rating!

Our 4.6-star rating average makes us an industry leader, and customer care is our specialty. From industry-leading product support to no-obligation advice about starting a fence rental company, we take exceptional care of our clients.

Invest in a SONCO Sollage rack or an all-inclusive rack plus panel bundle today — and start your fence rental business tomorrow! A SONCO fence pro can help you estimate rental revenue, and we’ll answer all of your chain-link storage and transport questions. To learn more about uses for our exclusive Sollage rack, click here!


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