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Managing the New Normal


Managing Customer Uncertainty During the Return to Business

10 Tips for Navigating Your Company’s Post-Pandemic Reality

Pandemic change and market uncertainties upended nearly every business practice and consumer expectation. To succeed in 2021 and beyond, agile businesses are focused on adapting and innovating core business offerings to meet shifting customer needs. Despite new limitations, your business can thrive—and our team is here to help create a safe perimeter for success.

Learn to improve your bottom line with these 10 tips for navigating the post-pandemic business climate.

Improve Your Safety Plan

Continued global change reminds us nothing is guaranteed in this world. To create a safe, orderly business environment for employees and customers, choose simple and effective barrier and fencing solutions. Begin with perimeter protection that secures your venue, encourages healthy interaction of team members and guests—and meets local and federal regulations.

An enhanced business safety plan may include versatile solutions for spaces like these:

• Event venues
• Common areas
• Outdoor gathering spaces
• Government buildings & public spaces
• Schools & libraries
• Small businesses
• Hospitality venues

Update Your Inventory

Providing optimal product and service quality is essential since consumers are still finding their way in the “new normal.” Take time to assess your business offerings and align them with future goals. At the time of this post, many customers prefer to take their goods to-go and attend appointments online. Providing remote service offerings and curbside pickup can put you in touch with more customers while allowing you to sideline products no longer in high demand. It is wise to update your inventory to better meet your customers’ needs during and after a crisis.

Adapt & Innovate Business Systems

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that innovation is key to survival. If your business is struggling to adapt, now is an ideal time to engineer new solutions. Many companies realize the benefits of a remote workforce and are working to deploy their team from across the world. Pain points in your business plan have become evident over the last year, and addressing them head-on allows you to adapt and thrive. The worst thing you can do is return to “business as usual.”

Focus on Core Customers

Despite unprecedented global change, you likely have a subset of happy, loyal customers. These diehard clients have been with your company for years, and they do not plan to go elsewhere. Focus on meeting the needs of this core clientele to garner vital support for your business. Reward your customers, and they will reward you.

Improve Customer Service

One way to earn customer loyalty and build a happy group of core customers is by delivering consistent, high-level service. To achieve this, develop a plan to collect information about customer experiences. Ask clients what they wish to see in the future and how you can improve your products, service offerings and follow-through.

Feedback is the best way to improve—but doing so requires effort. Consider offering discounts or promotional specials to consumers who provide honest feedback. Provide exclusive access to coveted resources or brainstorm other ways to reward people for sharing their experiences.

Deploy Effective Marketing Strategies

A noisy, distracting marketplace makes it challenging to differentiate yourself from competition. Focus on innovating your marketing plan and driving home the unique benefits you offer your clientele. Use custom signs and other advertising solutions to boost brand visibility and awareness. Whether you are promoting a blood drive or letting customers know you are open for business, customized signs, screens and barricade covers give you a clear edge over the competition.

Establish a Reputation for Safety

One way to garner customer support and deliver peace of mind is by focusing on your company’s health and safety measures. By incorporating responsible practices into your company culture and physical environment, you’ll show new and returning customers you are serious about keeping them healthy while meeting today’s post-pandemic business challenges.

Meet Changing Regulations

Partner with a reputable perimeter security and custom sign supplier to stay current with all industry-specific safety regulations. Based on local and municipal jurisdictions, regulations for crowd control change almost daily. Partnering with a trusted crowd control and perimeter security specialist helps you meet stringent requirements, manage your property and budget for now—and whatever the future holds.

Take Advantage of Technology to Streamline Processes

Using technology and adopting simplified applications your customers can access from any device allows you to manage goods or services and incentivize today’s hard-to-please consumer. Simple improvements to your client portal or development of a new app may yield big improvements in your customer experience.

Sonco offers updated technology to provide you with real-time quotes and availability on the products you need most. Focusing on simplicity and transparency, we empower you to boost your bottom line and better manage your perimeter security, COVID-19 health requirements and other barrier or crowd control needs.

Adapt and Thrive With Sonco Perimeter Security

Sonco Crowd Control offers a safe, secure and straightforward way to purchase perimeter security solutions, fencing, banners, signage and more. Helping today’s enterprises adapt to the ever-changing marketplace is our priority—and we don’t rest until you are successful. Our innovative product line helps your business thrive during a post-crisis market environment.

Contact our perimeter security specialists for facility security, customer wayfinding and products that meet your business’ evolving safety requirements. Browse Sonco’s online store to find the crowd control solutions your business needs—and get in touch with us to learn how we’re helping America reopen.


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