What Are Barricades Used For? Here’s What the Experts Say.

Safety Sticklers Tips What Are Barricades Used For? Here's What the Experts Say.

What Are Barricades Used For? Here’s What the Experts Say.

What Are Barricades Used For: A Closer Look at Barricades and Their Potential Applications.

Barricades are crowd management and perimeter security products used to protect people, vehicles, equipment, and construction sites. 

Typically speaking, the larger and more visible the barricade, the more intensive the application. Examples include road closures and temporary hazard areas. 

Alternatively, smaller and more suggestion-oriented barricades are used for moderate applications, like parade routes and high school athletic events. 

Read on to learn more about what barricades are used for, the different types, and how you can identify the kind that’s right for you.

What Are Barricades Used For: The Different Barricade Types

When you’re shopping for the barricade that’s right for your application, you’ll likely find yourself wondering what a type 3 (type III) barricade is used for. Furthermore, what’s the difference between a Type I, Type II, and Type III barricade?

Type 1 Barricade
Type I Barricade
Type 2 Barricade
Type II Barricade
What Are Barricades Used For: Type 3 Barricade
Type III Barricade

The good news is that the type refers to the number of panels. A Type 1 barricade will have a single panel, while a Type 3 barricade is used for applications that require three panels. Whether made of wood, metal, or plastic, the difference between the different types of barricades remain consistent.

When shopping for barricades, you might wonder what a type III barricade is used for instead of a type 1 barricade. The simplest answer is the most obvious: the more visibility you need, the more panels you’ll want. 

But the more complex answer comes down to experience. When you’ve utilized a Type I barricade that doesn’t cut it, you upgrade to a Type II barricade. Through trial and error, industry experts have been able to identify what they need for what application. If you fall outside of that level of expertise, that’s not an issue if you partner with a reputable company with experts just a phone call away. When you can give an industry insider your specifications, they can help you determine what barricade you need to get the job done right.

Why Not Always Invest in Type 3 Barricades?

If a Type I barricade sometimes doesn’t cut it, it’s logical to wonder why you wouldn’t just get a Type 3 barricade. Better to be safe than sorry, right? But the best product for your needs doesn’t mean the most expensive or robust product available. Since you’re running a business, you want cost-efficiency too, and having something that’s over-the-top is poor practice. 

For the same reason you wouldn’t invest in unnecessary light mounts, buying a barricade with three panels instead of one can be a waste of money. 

With that being said, some applications necessitate Type 3 barricades, and anything less would be a danger to crew, pedestrians, drivers, equipment, and works in progress. 

What Are Type 3 Barricades Used For?

Type 3 Barricades are most commonly used for blocking paths or streets rather than delineating alternative routes. If you want to make sure pedestrians and vehicles know not to proceed in that direction, you use Type 3 barricades.

What Are Type 1 & 2 Barricades Used For?

When you’re directing pedestrian or vehicles traffic rather than blocking a route, Type 1 or Type 2 barricades are an ideal option. They’re a common sight inside construction sites, and a favorite among school administrators for pickup and dropoff locations. Type I and II barricades are a nice step up from traffic cones.

Bike Rack Barricades and Water-Filled Barriers

Steel Barricade
Steel Barricade
Water Filled Barrier
Water Filled Barrier

The Type 1 through 3 barricades aren’t the only options on the block. In fact, steel barricades are the most common sight to the average person because they’re so often used for popular events. Bike rack barricades are a good example, used for a wide range of crowd control and perimeter security applications.

For example, barricades and temporary fencing available at SONCO were used by the Secret Service for the 2016 Presidential Inauguration as well as the NYPD for their New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square. At the same time, our barricades are also used for athletic events by an Oregon High School that sought to boost their campus safety and aesthetics.

You may also want to consider high-visibility water- or sand-filled barriers that serve as strong barricades but don’t take it to the level of Jersey style barriers. This is the heavy-duty option used at construction sites that serve a similar purpose as Type 3 barricades, just with increased stability.

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Qualities to Look for in Traffic Barricades

Plenty of different companies offer traffic barricades, but only a select few have the qualities that the experts look for.

  • MATERIALS/CONSTRUCTION: Is the plastic HDPE? Is the steel hot-dipped galvanized? Are the products guaranteed to last up to a certain amount of time in any and all weather conditions? Overall quality means you’re making a long-term investment, even if you’re saving money.
  • GOVERNMENTAL CERTIFICATION: Construction sites and event venues normally have to follow strict regulatory standards to stay in compliance. Because of this, your products should be certified accordingly.
  • WIDE SELECTION: On top of the specific barricade you need, you’ll want to make sure you can add additional products with ease, as well as accessorize to heighten safety and security if necessary.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICES: Just because you’re prioritizing safety doesn’t mean you have to deprioritize your finances. This is especially true when you’re buying in bulk or looking to bundle your barricades with compatible accessories. Call SONCO at (888) 766-2616 to learn about any seasonal deals going on right now.
  • ACCESSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE: We pride ourselves on offering expert advice. And whenever we see a construction site, music festival, or event venue that’s utilizing the wrong products, we have to wonder if it’s because the prodiver gave the wrong advice. 

Our goal at SONCO is to check every one of these boxes, going above and beyond to exceed every client’s expectations – in terms of both product quality and overall service. 

A Barricade from an Industry Leader

With hyper-competitive rates and a price-match guarantee, buying from SONCO means you’re getting the highest quality barricade for the lowest possible pricing. Explore our selection today to find out how we’ve remained a cutting-edge brand that sets the standard since 1976.

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