What Are the Types of Chain-link Fence?

Safety Sticklers Guides What Are the Types of Chain-link Fence?

What Are the Types of Chain-link Fence?

Chain-link fencing is one of today’s most popular barrier styles, serving as a physical and psychological deterrent for jobsites, concerts, event venues, schools, sports arenas, and more. 

When it’s time to secure your jobsite, build a perimeter, deter trespassing, inhibit vandalism, create aesthetic barriers, or prevent injuries and legal risks, there are fence solutions for every security and budget.  

Sometimes, though, fence styles and features can be confusing. That’s why we’ve created a detailed guide on chain-link fences, addressing your most frequently asked questions. Learn how to install chain-link fences and explore their various uses and benefits!

Chain-link Fence Pros & Cons 

Before choosing the most robust, aesthetic and versatile fence for your needs, you need to master the pros and cons of available materials and their recommended applications. 

This comprehensive guide is an expert’s take on popular fencing types. Here you will get to know the fundamentals of galvanized chain-link fences and powder-coated chain-link fences.

What Are the Types of Chain-link Fence for My Project? 

Chain-link fences form secure boundaries at countless project sites around the country. Galvanized fences are the most popular style, and their hot-dipped finish is robust enough for raucous crowds and dangerous jobsites. 

When aesthetics is a focus, powder-coated chain-link is popular for commercial, industrial and residential use. Before deciding between these two time-tested fence options, check out their benefits, features and applications below.

Galvanized Chain-link for All-Round Versatility 

One of the most well-known fence types is galvanized chain-link fencing. Particularly advantageous for temporary installations, this wire mesh fencing (also called hurricane or chain-wire fencing) is invaluable for most uses. 

Invest in chain-link temp fencing for establishing construction perimeters, delineating commercial facility boundaries, demarcating festival sites, protecting government buildings, encircling school campuses, securing medical facilities, and more.  

Mesh temporary fences amplify safety and enable transparent surveillance. The wire-woven fabric is durable, cost-efficient, and reasonably low maintenance, and it serves as a simple, attractive barrier in many settings.

Why Choose Hot-Dip Galvanized Fence Panels? 

There are many types of chain-link fencing, from pre-galvanized to stainless steel and aluminum. Hot-dip galvanized panels are built strong, tested for structural integrity, and immersed in a hot zinc bath. 

Following the hot-dipping process, each fence panel contains four coats of a tough, durable finish: three layers of zinc alloy and another of pure zinc for added strength

While raw metal fences and pre-galvanized fence panels are susceptible to corrosion, especially at weak joints and welds, superior-quality hot-dip galvanized panels resist rust and last decades without replacement. 

Many HDG fences last 20 to 30 years or more, according to the American Galvanizers Association. Other galvanized fence benefits include:  

  • Finish Protection:

Scratched zinc coatings continue to resist rust and corrosion, protecting the fence’s underlying steel layer. 

  • Durability:

Hardening after the hot-dip process, the zinc alloy and pure zinc coatings develop a chemical bond with the underlying metal, providing full coverage. 

  • Lifespan:

Hot-dip galvanized steel is trusted in some of the most demanding industrial environments, delivering maintenance-free performance over decades

  • Recyclability:

Steel and zinc are abundant resources and are fully recyclable after use. This makes galvanized fence panels a nearly infinitely renewable resource for your green initiatives. 

  • Immediate Use & Wide Availability:

Curing occurs immediately since zinc solidifies when fencing is removed from the liquid metal bath. Right away, your fencing is rugged and ready to go.

North American galvanizers are easy to find, guaranteeing access to hot-dip galvanized fence panels as needed. 

Applications for Galvanized Chain-link Fencing 

Galvanized chain-link fencing is a trusted choice across construction, equipment rental, and events sectors. It’s also favored in different environments, including roadwork sites, schools, medical campuses, and residential construction. 

No matter the industry, hot-dip galvanized fences have dozens of uses. Popular applications include: 

chain link blog sector
Chain-link fence in use at a prison

Securing High-profile Buildings & Critical Infrastructure. 

  • Protect government centers, data-storage facilities, utility substations, military installations and corporate headquarters.
  • Facilitating surveillance at prisons, military bases, and more.
  • Reinforce boundaries with anti-climb chain-link panels, barbed wire toppers, gates, or intrusion sensors. 

Controlling Access & Maintaining Jobsite Safety. 

  • Enclose hazardous equipment and block off excavation areas and heights.
  • Prevent contact with falling debris, avoid trip-and-falls, and minimize pedestrian injuries.
  • Block off bystanders and protect yourself from legal risk.
  • Comply with OSHA security standards and safety regulations. 

Guarding Materials, Inventory, Stage Equipment & Other Assets. 

  • Create physical and psychological deterrents for criminals.
  • Safeguard assets at jobsites, events or staging areas.
  • For added security, obstruct views with privacy screens or custom-printed fence covers

Manage Crowds, Protect Patrons, Guide Traffic & Control Access. 

  • Control enthusiastic gatherings at rallies, sporting events and festivals.
  • Protect crews, patrons and performers from crowd surges.
  • Demarcate VIP areas, guide foot traffic, assist with wayfinding, or block unauthorized entry.
  • Secure playgrounds, create sports field perimeters, and control school or hospital access. 

Powder-Coated Chain-link Fences 

Powder-coated chain-link fencing is a durable option for various settings, including construction, events, facility management, and upscale environments. The powder-coating process ensures resistance to moisture, sun damage, corrosion, and mold, offering long-lasting protection. 

When choosing your coated fence, remember that spray painting and powder coating are not the same. Spray paint wears off quickly when scratched or corroded, but powder-coated finishes are applied in a thicker layer that will resist even an animal chewing and other kinds of damage. 

chain link garden
Chain link fence being used to fence off a garden

Benefits of powder-coated chain-link fences: 

This durable, protective finish fends off rust and corrosion while protecting the steel underneath — significantly extending the chain-link’s lifespan. 

  • Durability & Proven Quality:

Most chain-link fencing is made of low-density metal, making powder-coated versions lightweight and easy to install, without sacrificing durability and corrosion resistance. 

  • Decorative Look:

The fence’s beautiful, smooth finish complements any architectural look and takes a beating in harsh weather, at busy jobsites, and other demanding settings. 

  • Tough Coating:

During oven heating, an electrostatic charge ensures the powder coating remains in place, covering the entire fence uniformly. 

  • Low-maintenance Design:

Since the fence’s powder coating won’t peel or crack with stress, little maintenance is required to maintain the fence’s beauty.  

  • Custom Colors for Safety or Aesthetics:

Order powder-coated chain-link fabric in bold, bright, or understated elegant colors. Orange, yellow, or green fences are a proven choice for high-visibility safety areas, while black powder-coated fences are found at classy red-carpet events, delivering a look of sophistication.

There are few powder-coated fencing drawbacks, but it is important to note that this style of temp fencing costs more than traditional galvanized panels. If money is tight, sticking with standard silver chain-link fencing is more cost-effective.

Powder-Coated Chain-link Fence Applications 

Colored, powder-coated chain-link perimeters are used for these applications and more: 

Commercial or Residential Ornamental Boundaries

  • Upgrade the exterior of your facility or residence with beautiful powder coatings and decorative post caps or domes. 
  • Enclose gardens, public or private swimming pools, sports fields, yards, and parks with this attractive, enduring perimeter choice.

High-profile Security & Critical Infrastructure

  • Protect government centers, data-storage facilities, utility substations and military installations with this high-security fence option while blending fence aesthetics with your chosen environment. 
  • Reinforce boundaries around homes and businesses. Powder-coated chain-link fences deliver attractive looks and unmatched strength
  • Deter trespassing and vandalism in a variety of settings. 

Industrial & Agricultural Safety Applications

  • Powder-coated chain-link fencing is popular for enclosing hazardous areas, heavy-duty equipment and machinery or storage yards — helping ensure worker and guest safety. 
  • Farmers and ranchers use powder-coated galvanized fencing to create livestock enclosures. The fence’s finish is durable enough to withstand animal wear and tear while warding off the elements. 
chain link farm
Chain link fence in use at a farm

Wrap-Up: From Perimeter Affordability to Fence Customization

When it comes to selecting the right chain-link fence for your project, you have two excellent options: hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated. Both offer unique advantages, and the best choice depends on your specific application and budgetary considerations

While hot-dip galvanized fences provide robust corrosion resistance and are typically more affordable upfront, powder coated fences offer enhanced durability and aesthetic customization options. 

Regardless of which option you choose, both are reliable and long-lasting solutions that prioritize safety and security. 

Before jumping into a galvanized or powder-coated fence order, check out SONCO’s truckload pricing, which includes considerable discounts. To save even more cash — lock in SONCO’s price-match guarantee. No matter how you choose to pay, we’ll always match lower prices on identical brands, makes and fence models!

L Sonco Web banner blog truck copy

Does Your Project Zone Look Professional? 

Ensuring a professional work environment elevates your brand and positively influences your company’s image. Ongoing research finds the public “generally skeptical” of contractors and construction crews. 

Unfortunately, the prevalence of shabby work zones, blowing trash, vandalized surfaces, and poor-quality fencing reinforces this negative view of the industry. 

To elevate the appearance of your job site, event space, festival area, or traffic project, consider custom-printed fence screens and privacy screen rolls. These solutions enhance security, revitalize your job site, and safeguards your team from flying debris.

Storage Should Not Be an Afterthought 

Ordering chain-link or other fencing in bulk? You could try to get by without storage, but transport efficiency and fence-panel organization will suffer. 

Explore SONCO’s stackable sollage racks, offering space-saving transport and storage for numerous chain-link and powder-coated panels! Insufficiently secured panels risk falling off trucks, leading to damage or potential injuries for drivers and pedestrians alike. 

Sollage racks also protect your reputation from taking a hit should an inadvertent fence-panel accident ruin fencing or vehicles. Worth twice the investment, each sollage rack meticulously stores up to 30 wire-mesh fence panels — securing them for safe, damage-free arrival every time. 

Construction fences endure severe conditions like high winds, storms, crowds, trucks, and heavy equipment, heightening the risk of falling. To protect the fence from damage after installation, we recommend using Anchor Bases. 

anchor bases
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