Temporary Fence Panels: Security Use

Safety Sticklers Guides Temporary Fence Panels: Security Use

Temporary Fence Panels: Security Use

Temporary Fencing from the Security Experts

Temporary fences supply affordable, easy-install perimeter security for worksites, event venues, and arenas. From sporting events to construction sites, chain-link panels deliver safe, on-the-fly boundary control.

While temporary barriers aren’t a permanent security solution, they are adaptable and inexpensive to replace. Found across every venue and setting, chain fencing is a popular form of perimeter management. Consider these popular uses for your temporary fence panels:

  1. Securing outdoor perimeters. Temporary fencing is the nation’s #1 choice for safeguarding construction sites and traffic projects. Chain-link perimeters control property entry, keep pedestrians safe and minimize security breaches or potential liability.
  2. Preventing vandalism. How many times have you driven past a construction site and spotted graffiti or signs of vandalism? Property destruction and site clean-up aren’t just expensive; they may set your project back days or weeks. Portable fence installation limits security breaches and reduces vandalism costs.
  3. Controlling crowds. Crowd control is integral to the safety and success of major events. Temporary fencing restricts access, funnels large groups, and creates organized pathways and queue solutions. Clear event boundaries keep your venue safe while improving traffic flow and minimizing wait times.
  4. Protecting privacy. Fence screens are easily mounted on chain-link panels to discourage snooping, protect valuable equipment and elevate job-site privacy. Custom-printed fence screens and branded signage also reduce instances of trespassing while giving your perimeter a “buttoned-up” look.
temp fence panels

Pros of Temporary Fence Panels

Event facilities and construction companies rely on temporary fences for safe, secure boundaries and crowd control. These perimeter systems are versatile and available in dozens of sizes, configurations, and material choices. Use portable fences for these projects and more:

  • Traffic control
  • Roadwork
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Public Restrictions
  • Queue Management & Ticketing
Temporary fencing

Chain Link Fence Panel Features:

No matter the project, SONCO makes fence installation effortless. Temporary fence systems are built from sturdy, lightweight materials. SONCO’s durable chain-link panels transport quickly and deliver unbeatable performance in high-traffic areas and challenging environments.  Extra cross-tube support increases panel stability and prolong fence life. 

Features to Consider When Buying a Chain Link Fence Panel:

Temporary Fence Panel

Keep your employees and other pedestrians safe when using fence panels

Fence bases play a major role in reducing accidents such as tripping and falling. SONCO is the leading retailer of portable fence panels and fence bases. To enhance safety the fence bases are an important ally.  

Beyond Sandbags and Concrete Blocks

Many companies use sandbags or concrete blocks to secure fencing simply because that’s the way it has always been done — until SONCO! SONCO has a line of fence bases that revolutionize how the structural integrity of your perimeter can function, improving safety all around.  

Sandbags and concrete blocks, at the end of the day, do a subpar job of securing construction fence panels, and even though these fences are temporary, it’s vital that the area remains safe for the duration of the project.

Put Safety First With SONCO

Finally, get rid of sandbags or concrete blocks for good, and invest in temporary fence panels and fence bases from SONCO. Each SONCO fence base product includes high visibility inserts that are either bright orange — they stand out and alert people of their presence.   

Ask more information about our innovative line of OxBlocks and OxStands: low-profile fence bases that endure inclement weather and reduce tripping. Watch the video below: 

Advantages of SONCO Fencing

SONCO carries the industry’s best selection of chain-link fence panels. Temp fencing is ideal for construction sites, event venues, stadiums, and more. Available in standard sizes (6X10, 6X12, and 8X10), custom configurations, and heavy-duty varieties, temp fence panels lend cost-effective durability to most projects.

For added security and privacy, install custom-printed fence toppers on your chain-link panels. Used for highway and roadside projects, outdoor festivals, and more, SONCO’s portable fence solutions meet your most rigorous security requirements.

Watch this video to see SONCO Fence solutions: 

Connect with our perimeter experts today—and discover the SONCO Difference for yourself. Request a Quote Now!

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