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Temporary Fence Bracing – Boost your ChainLink Panel


Tough Projects Demand Sturdy Fence Bracing

Reinforce & Stabilize Your Temporary Fence Panels

Portability and easy reconfiguration make temporary fencing an invaluable asset — and a major liability when one or more panels fail. Fence bracing, an often-overlooked accessory, provides the crucial fence panel support to keep temp fences upright, intact and on the job. 

Even top-of-the-line chain-link fence panels can fail if they break down under heavy winds or pressure from jostling crowds. Prevent security breaches and potential liability with the right fence bracing system for your construction or event application. 

How do you add extra support to chain-link fencing? Start by choosing a manufacturer with decades of experience and positive customer feedback. Serving the construction and event markets since 1976, SONCO industry pros know what works — and what doesn’t. Check out these helpful facts about temporary fence bracing, as well as its most popular features and benefits. 

Fence Bracing 101: The Basics

A rectangular welded pipe stand forms the most common temporary fence panel brace. This simple stand anchors the ends of two fence panels, joining them in a line or at an angle. When the brace is correctly installed on level ground, it supports the panel legs and provides a stable, low-profile support system reinforced with sandbags or concrete blocks. 

While they are common at construction sites, sandbags and blocks degrade over time when heavy equipment and frequent moves damage them. In the end, you are left with a vulnerable perimeter and a messy, labor-intensive cleanup job.

Next-Generation Fence Panel Support

SONCO’s crowd-control team has improved the basic fence bracing system with a line of rugged, easy-to-deploy weighted bases for temporary fence panels. Outperforming old-school fence braces, our temp fence brace blocks meet stringent safety regulations, endure rough weather and hasty repositioning, and stand up to unruly concert crowds and daily construction zone activity. New-age temporary fence bracing targets these specific challenges of the worksite:

  • Durability: Molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that resists cracking & shock
  • Visibility: Customizable with OSHA orange inserts or your preferred color
  • Portability: Stackable with internal carry handles 
  • Safety: Low-profile with colored inserts to alert pedestrians & reduce tripping
  • Sustainability: 100% recyclable

Accessorize to Power-Up Your Temp Fence

Our time-tested line of fence bracing accessories gives you the versatility to configure temporary fencing for any construction site or event venue. Choose the best chain-link panel brace from these SONCO options:

  • Temp fencing panel extender to adjust fencing placed on uneven terrain
  • Hi-Viz OxStand base for anti-trip, low-profile fence panel support
  • OxBlock weighted base to replace sandbags or concrete blocks
  • BigFoot fence panel weight for a broader base & 33lbs of extra weight

Bracing for Wind

High winds cause unpredictable fencing damage, especially when temporary fence panels are equipped with privacy screens or custom-printed graphics. If barrier damage occurs, you lose your investment AND the potential income generated by sponsorship or advertising revenue. Add perpendicular support to chain-link panels with an inexpensive and effective fencing accessory like our temporary fence panel brace.

Designed with two bends, this temp fencing brace attaches to the panel frame for added strength and stability. Rigid perpendicular bracing positioned every three to six panels strengthens your perimeter fence and keeps it erect in steady winds and gusty storms.

Take Temporary Fencing to the Next Level

Customize perimeter fencing like never before with temporary fencing products that take a beating. No more replacing sandbags or shifting blocks to make way for workers or truck traffic. SONCO pedestrian and vehicle gates connect with chain-link panels to form a functional, secure and safe workplace entry point.

Privacy screens, imprinted with your brand identity, block debris and lend a professional, well-kept appearance to venues or construction zones. OSHA-printed safety signage and temporary fence braces in hi-viz colors help ensure safety regulation compliance.

As always, SONCO makes it easy to upgrade perimeter fencing with bundled orders, truckload pricing and convenient credit terms! We know our products deliver the best value for your dollar, and we back our value proposition with our PRICE MATCH guarantee. Request a fence bracing and temp fence panel estimate online or call today to speak with a SONCO product expert.

More Accessories to Power-Up Your Job Site

Hoping to enhance your revenue and elevate the appearance of your event venue or construction job site? Add SONCO’s custom-printed barricade covers and fence screens to any fence bracing purchase. Learn more about fence graphics in our recent blog post about the monetary, aesthetic and logistical benefits of custom-printed privacy screens!


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