SONCO Printable Water Barrier Guide for Events & Construction

Safety Sticklers Guides SONCO Printable Water Barrier Guide for Events & Construction

SONCO Printable Water Barrier Guide for Events & Construction

Choose the Best Water Barrier: Features & Tips

Upgrade Your Work Zone or Event With Water Barricades

Successful road projects and public events require meticulous separation and coordination of moving vehicles, crowds and foot traffic. For ultimate peace of mind, venue operators and public works companies choose multi-use plastic water barriers from SONCO. With the help of our feature-rich water barricades, you can:  

  • Manage heavy traffic & busy construction sites 
  • Build impenetrable perimeters 
  • Deter theft & prevent unwanted vehicle entry
  • Protect workers & pedestrians from traffic
  • Streamline event flow & patron check-in
  • Minimize liability & comply with stringent safety guidelines 
Water Barrier

For decades, concrete Jersey barrier products were an industry standard for road construction and traffic rerouting. Today, contractors and facilities are replacing those clunky concrete walls with lightweight water barricade lines. Catch the water-filled barrier wave with proven safety features like hassle-free deployment, optimal shock absorption and amazing longevity, even after vehicle impact. SONCO customers love high-viz color choices like OSHA orange and white. These bright barricades command drivers’ attention and reduce the risk of auto and pedestrian accidents. 

Safety & Quality

Construction and road work crews across the country trust SONCO’s stellar water barrier safety record. As an industry leader for nearly 50 years, SONCO sells construction water barriers that meet Federal Highway Administration standards and undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory floor. Rotationally molded polyethylene construction means every water wall barrier stands up to the harshest weather and road conditions for a minimum of 8 hard-working years.

When filled with water or sand, SONCO plastic road barriers defy vehicle impacts as effectively as their concrete counterparts — with less frequent damage and lower replacement costs. Highway construction companies and public sector agencies choose SONCO plastic water barrier products for these popular features, too:  

  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) composition for optimal durability 
  • High resistance to sunlight & UV rays for long, damage-free life 
  • Stability in high winds, rain or collision when filled 
  • Orange or white plastic for heightened visibility 
  • Safety certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation 
  • 1-year warranty that protects barricade investments 
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#1 Choice for Public Sector Projects & Construction Sites

SONCO barricades are the ideal private or public sector water barrier, with high-performance construction that overcomes unruly crowds and tight traffic zones. Trust crowd control barriers for these critical safety operations and more:

  • Safety for government officials, VIPs & high-profile speakers
  • Airport entrance security 
  • Military base security for entrances & perimeters
  • National Guard barricade systems 
  • Traffic control detours & road work 
  • Highway safety projects 
  • School & crosswalk security 
  • Parade & festival routes 
  • Sports event ingress, egress & parking control 
  • Large-scale crowd security for perimeters & queues 
  • Construction site boundaries 
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Design Innovations Reduce Installation Time & Cost

SONCO water barriers make road work and barrier assembly fast and efficient, enabling you to complete traffic walls with fewer workers and less equipment. When your project is complete, just empty plastic barricades and stack them neatly for compact transport or storage. Subsequent setups are a breeze with SONCO’s on-site filling and emptying process.

Water barrier benefits also include hassle-free barricade configuration plus swivel-pin features to create long, straight perimeters, 90-degree angles or rounded contours. With SONCO’s adaptable barricade system, it’s easy to increase security and seclusion, too. Just add fence toppers and privacy screens!


  • Lightweight, stackable design to facilitate transport & deployment 
  • Threaded top-fill ports & bottom drain plugs for water or sand-filling & emptying 
  • Bottom & middle forklift slots for efficient on-site repositioning 
  • Wind- & collision-resistant construction that weathers the elements 
  • Tongue & groove end design for tight-fitting connections 
  • Heavy-duty swivel pins for EZ-form angles 
  • Molded recesses that accept standard lights & temporary fence panels  

Boost Public Event Security & Privacy

When paired with SONCO’s temporary fencing and other accessories, water barriers elevate security and safety awareness at crowded public events. When choosing your water-filled barrier wall, don’t forget these popular add-ons. Take your crowd control, perimeter maintenance and foot or vehicle access to the next level. 

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Fence Toppers: “Heighten” Your Security

Fence toppers increase the height of barrier walls and block visual access when installed on water-filled barriers. Use these retro-fitted crowd control barricades to prevent pedestrian injuries in high-traffic or rowdy crowd zones. 

Privacy Screens: Protect Equipment, Employees & VIPs

Hemmed and grommeted privacy screens attach to SONCO fence toppers to shield valuable equipment from prying eyes. Our customizable screens also increase safety and privacy for dignitaries, celebrities, speakers or VIP attendees. Water barriers topped with screened fence panels are also a strategic, affordable way to cordon off green rooms, press areas, lounges, security booths or private entrances for high-profile guests. 

Gate Sections: On-Site Access Made Easy

When water barricade lines require foot and vehicle access, choose SONCO gate units equipped with latches and hinges. SONCO Versa pedestrian gates enable safe entry for people and equipment while fitting securely onto your barrier’s tongue and groove connectors. When you need straightforward conversion from chain-link panel to rolling gate, choose the Versa wheeled gate kit. Create an on-demand rolling gate when motor vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment need to enter your work zone. 

High-Impact Results With Barricade Customization

All it takes to expand your brand or publicize an event is a custom-printed mesh screen. Command attention and upgrade the look of orange and white water barriers! Custom-printed fence toppers catch patrons’ attention and monetize your site from entrance to exit. Trust SONCO in-house creatives to print large-format, targeted messaging using provided logos and print-ready artwork. Our FREE graphic design services make your public sector agency or private business look qualified and professional. Popular uses for SONCO printed privacy screens include: 

  • Custom & stock OSHA signage for road projects & construction sites  
  • Infographics for safety messaging & public service announcements 
  • Paid advertisements & sponsor marketing  
  • Maps & directions to event or conference locations  
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Choose Truckload Bundles for Your Best Price

SONCO’s most popular water barriers and accessories come in amazing, pre-bundled deals at unbeatable prices! You can also partner with our crowd control experts to customize truckload bundles of water barriers, fence toppers, printed screens and gate units. Bundling gives you “just right” pricing, along with FREE shipping to your site or venue. And with our reputable APRUVE credit partnership, you can buy now and pay later. It’s simple! 

Connect with SONCO’s construction, traffic or event setup experts to create your online account and order securely from the portal. Need an estimate for SONCO water barricades for sale? Request a quote for small barricade lots, privacy screens or water barriers by the truckload. Just complete this online form, and our friendly team will reach out shortly!

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolo
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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