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Don’t Miss SONCO’s Essential Temporary Fencing Guide


SONCO Guide to Temporary Fencing:

Choose the Best Chain Link Fence for Events & Job Sites

Whether you’re setting up a festival, cordoning off your construction site or securing a mega-concert venue, temporary fencing protects employees, the public and your equipment. Whatever the venue, SONCO’s versatile and heavy-duty temporary fence panels deliver lasting value, everyday performance and ultimate peace of mind. 

Maximize Your Investment & Secure Your Site

It may seem like all chain link fence panels look alike, but the SONCO difference is clear. We bulldoze the competition with thicker, heavy-gauge materials and guaranteed quality and product features developed over 45+ years as a crowd control authority. Our temporary fence panels meet indoor and outdoor challenges, and we build every temporary construction fence to withstand adverse weather, frequent panel transport and rugged daily use. 

Structural Advantages of Temporary Fencing

Poorly built temporary fencing doesn’t hold up over time, especially when subjected to the pressures of major crowd surges, attempted break-ins and chaotic construction zones. SONCO chain link fence panels are built tough to endure these demands for years to come. Check out these advantages: 

  • Fencing made from superior material. Count on 11 ½-gauge, 2 ¼-inch galvanized chain link mesh that is laced to all four panel sides. 
  • 20-percent heavier frame. Feel the difference! Your temp fence includes 16-gauge, 1 ⅜ -inch end posts. That’s extra weight you can feel, resulting in the industry’s most stable temporary fencing panels.
  • Cross-tube reinforcement to secure any fence line. SONCO’s vertical & horizontal supports strengthen individual panels for an ultra-reliable fence line. 

Design Innovations & New Age Accessories

Securing construction sites and event venues since 1976, SONCO takes temporary fencing to new heights with a 6 added inches of end-post height. These taller posts also accommodate our most trusted fencing accessories, like stabilizing stands and blocks

Oxstand Base: A SONCO Exclusive

Crafted just for SONCO fence products, the Oxstand offers robust fence stability in a low-profile, no-trip design. This 12-inch by 36-inch fence base solves most common industrial safety, usage and compliance problems. Hallmark features include: 

  • Hi-viz OSHA orange color that reduces accidents
  • Unobtrusive, no-trip design  
  • Easy transport, storage & set-up. That equals lower labor costs!  
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) composition for crack-resistant product life 
  • Adaptable design for any fence configuration, straight or contoured

Oxblock Base: Making Job Sites Safer

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports slips, trips and falls among the most common kinds of construction accidents. In 2019, these incidents led to a 28-day median of missed work. SONCO recommends low-profile Oxblock fence bases to replace bulky concrete blocks and sandbags. The base’s unobtrusive design plus bright orange ends helps minimize trips, slips and falls. 

Manufactured from strong, recyclable thermoplastics, Oxblocks weigh in at a hefty 52 pounds! That’s enough ballast to anchor SONCO temporary construction fences through buffeting winds, stormy weather and pushy crowds. Trust Oxblock bases for these high-value characteristics, too: 

  • Highly visible orange base ends that draw attention & reduce falls 
  • Heavy, compact profile that stabilizes without extra bracing 
  • Internal handles for fast, efficient deployment & removal
  • Stackable design that facilitates transport, replacement & storage 

Bigfoot Ballast Weights: Cutting-Edge Fence Stabilization

With Bigfoot ballast weights, you can toss those messy sandbags. Bigfoot is built to overlay standard tube stands and accompany SONCO’s proprietary Oxstand. Count on the base’s low-profile design and OSHA-orange stripes to curtail tripping incidents. Customers appreciate Bigfoot features like these: 

  • Tough, recycled plastic composition 
  • Easy set-up, clean-up, stacking & storage
  • Durability with impressive ROI that surpasses blocks & sandbags 
  • Customized look with logos, branding or colored inserts 

Watch this Video to Learn More About SONCO Bases

Say Goodbye to Messy Fence Dunnage & Prevent Damage

SONCO has designed the Sollage rack after receiving feedback from fence experts who wanted a safe and quick solution to transport temporary fence panels across different job sites

  • 2 different designs to fit 6 x 10′ and 6 x 12′ panels
  • Stackable racks for maximum storage capacity
  • Safely transport up to 30 temp fence panels
  • Galvanized finish to avoid rust and increase durability

Gate Options for Elevated Security & Worksite Performance

When you constantly move temporary fence panels to allow vehicle and personnel entry, accidents are bound to happen. Prevent mishaps and improve auto- and people-flow with Versa gate panels. Like temporary chain link fencing, SONCO gates are built from heavy-gauge, galvanized metal to defy corrosion, combat adverse weather and hold up to rigorous use. Hinges and latches regulate traffic and secure entry to your event or construction site, and gate panel options include: 

Printed Screens & Banners for Privacy & Marketing

Chain link fence panels shield celebrities and hide valuables when you cover them with custom-printed wind and privacy screens. Partner with a SONCO designer for these priceless products and services: 

  • Stock-style OSHA signage that complies with regulations & worksite requirements 
  • Buzz-creating custom banners & signs for your event or city project 
  • Paid advertising to monetize your site & promote sponsor messages 
  • FREE layout with submitted logo & art files 
  • FREE graphic proofs — review & approve before printing begins 

SONCO Temporary Fencing: Superior Value & Service

Durable SONCO fencing and accessories outlast competitors with years of dependable performance. Neatly stack and store gates, stands and weighted supports when your project is finished; then deploy them at a new location and reconfigure components for concerts, food expos, festivals, road projects or work zones. With SONCO temp fencing in your inventory, you can create straight lines, angled perimeters or curved fence shapes in no time! 

How to Get Started

  1. Buy complete temporary fencing systems by the truckload bundle
  2. Marvel at our unbeatable pricing and FREE shipping
  3. Use a buy now, pay later Apruve credit plan suited to your budget! 
  4. Enjoy our full 1-year product warranty and price-match guarantee!
  5. Get the industry’s best service and follow-through, hands down.

Contact SONCO Today!

SONCO temporary fencing surpasses other brands for value and customer service. Access your secure portal login for easy ordering, and connect with an industry expert to request your FREE chain link fence cost estimate. 


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