Hide Your Dumpsters with FenceCade Covers

Safety Sticklers Guides Hide Your Dumpsters with FenceCade Covers

Hide Your Dumpsters with FenceCade Covers

Keep Your Job Site Clean With FenceCade Barricade Covers

Top Uses for Covered Barrier Enclosures

When your project requires more than crowd and perimeter control, the SONCO FenceCade barrier is a worksite powerhouse with remarkable versatility. Engineered to resist abuse from construction traffic, busy facilities and outdoor projects, this extra-tall steel barricade is zinc-dipped for all-weather durability. FenceCades stand at 72 or 96 inches and are a value-priced alternative to temp fence panels.

We shared the many benefits of this extra-tall temporary fence in our first installment of a two-part FenceCade series. Today, we reveal a unique use for your FenceCade system: secure enclosures that conceal temporary dumpsters or trash receptacles.

Maintain a Junk-Free Work Zone

A sanitary, orderly facility or work zone demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and speaks volumes to facility guests and neighboring businesses. Get a jump-start on organization and sanitation with your easy-build FenceCade corral! Hide ugly trash cans, recycling bins, overflowing dumpsters or yard waste behind steel barriers fitted with custom barricade covers.

Connect three or more barricades to create a multi-panel enclosure that fits virtually any trash configuration, and finish off the dumpster corral with a polyester, mesh or vinyl cover. The result: a privacy fence that improves curb appeal and camouflages smelly garbage.


Benefits of a FenceCade Trash Enclosure

Consider these proven reasons for installing a trash corral at your commercial property or construction site:

  • Prevent animal activity & maintain a sanitary environment. Unsecured trash is a haven for rats, raccoons and stray animals. Trash enclosures help minimize pests and establish a safe, healthy work zone.
  • Discourage dumpster diving. A well-built structure prevents trespassing and minimizes unnecessary liability risk. Ask our experienced crowd control pros about rolling doors and other accessories that limit trash bin accessibility.
  • Save money on waste disposal. When the public has access to your trash area, they may use your company dumpster for personal waste. Overflowing bins require more frequent trash pickup, and the costs can add up fast! Enclosing your dumpster with FenceCade barriers reduces unauthorized dumping and saves you money in the long run.

Dumpster Corral Setup Steps

To install a dumpster enclosure at your school, medical facility, municipality, business property or construction site, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Arrange interlocking FenceCades in straight lines or angles to fit any dumpster layout.
  2. Ask SONCO’s support team about wheeled gates and accessories that facilitate efficient trash pickup and entry control.
  3. Partner with SONCO’s in-house designers to develop custom-printed barricade jackets with your choice of logo, tagline or marketing message.
  4. Install a printed barrier cover by attaching bungees or zip-ties to the FenceCade cover’s grommets.
  5. Secure your barricade system with a locking mechanism and prevent unauthorized dumpster access with gravity bars and receptacle locks.
  6. Install privacy signage that warns strangers about prosecution for trespassing or dumping violations.

Other Uses for Barricade Fencing & Barrier Jackets

In addition to corralling work zone trash receptacles, FenceCade equipment and custom signage are handy for concealing other things. SONCO customers secure mechanical equipment, scrap metal, building materials and other construction supplies behind these extra-tall barricade enclosures. This strategy keeps project zones free of clutter and curtails theft and other property-related crimes.


Key Advantages of FenceCades & Barrier Covers

  • Safeguard construction equipment & facility assets
  • Maintain job site & property privacy
  • Protect employees from blowing dust & debris
  • Prevent unauthorized trash dumping or poaching
  • Drive brand awareness with logos & taglines
  • Publicize events & upcoming project initiatives
  • Beautify communities with original artwork & murals
  • Share project blueprints & “coming soon” images
  • Market upcoming events to concertgoers & spectators

Get Deep Discounts With Bulk Barricades!

SONCO’s LineMaster temporary barricade fencing delivers a clean look, unmatched value and extra height that makes it a perfect dumpster, equipment or supply enclosure. Our FenceCades come with a full one-year warranty, but their hot-dipped galvanized construction ensures you’ll rarely need it!

When buying barricade fencing for your next construction or building project, ask our team about bulk discounts and truckload offers. Temporary fencing alternatives like the FenceCade come with turnkey accessories, like made-to-fit access doors, all-terrain feet and custom-printed barrier jackets that convert your perimeter into an all-day advertisement. Learn more about the FenceCade by calling today or requesting an estimate online!

Chris Keith
Chris Keithhttp://soncocrowdcontrol.com
Chris is a veteran of the event industry and has spent over 20 years working with some of the top promotions, marketing and production companies in the country. Whether it's on site sponsorship fulfillment or logistics and operations, Chris has the experience to help you with all of your on site needs.
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