Think SONCO Fence Bases for Construction Safety!

Safety Sticklers Guides Think SONCO Fence Bases for Construction Safety!

Think SONCO Fence Bases for Construction Safety!

Stabilize Job-Site Fencing With OxBlock Fence Bases

Kick Start Construction Safety With a SONCO Partnership

Construction and facility managers know that the next accident could be just around the corner. If compliance and safety distractions are slowing down your job site, SONCO product innovation boosts worksite performance.

New-Age Fence Accessories Elevate Safety & Productivity

Do 20 percent of your responsibilities require 80 percemnt of your attention? Construction safety managers can’t afford to spend time on recurring problems like unstable fencing, OSHA citations and equipment-caused accidents. SONCO customers need solutions to these persistent problems, and our product engineers have delivered. SONCO’s Versa Fence safety signage and fence stability products take common worksite safety issues off your plate — so you have time to manage unforeseen challenges.


Construction Safety Problems & SONCO Solutions

Work zone safety has many dimensions, and SONCO’s construction safety equipment solves many of the most common job-site safety problems. Common hazards and SONCO solutions include:

The Problem: Unstable Temporary Fencing

Buffeted by high winds and exposed to storms, crowds, trucks and heavy equipment, construction fences take a beating. Set fence panels up on slopes or unlevel ground and your perimeter stability is at risk. Add bulky concrete blocks or sandbags as temp fence ballast, and you have a mess on your hands.

SONCO’s Solution: New Age Fence Stands & Braces

SONCO’s line of temp fence bases is called “new age” for a reason. They are revolutionary in their design and application! Taking the place of concrete blocks and sandbags, these bases provide comparable weight with better stability, easier deployment and longer lifespan.

Fence Bases

Missing Compliance Signage

Safety signage effectively communicates warnings to employees and passersby. Popular sign messages include:

  • Instruction about personal safety equipment
  • Details about safety best practices
  • Information about area hazards

Messages detailed on several small signs are easily lost, damaged or covered up, and missing or improperly displayed signs could leave you open to citations, fines or worse.

SONCO’s Solution: Custom-Printed Safety Screens

Combine safety messaging in one easy-to-read sign and avoid non-compliance. SONCO’s OSHA safety screens include all required messages and get rid of the need for a battery of individual fence signs. Consult with our in-house designers to print a customized screen with your company policies and logo. Post safety screens on temp fence panels at work-zone entrances to ensure workers and guests follow designated practices.

OSHA construction signs

Tripping Hazards

Foot traffic and vehicles often share the same entry points and pathways at a construction site. In such crowded areas, a temp fence stand or strut base creates an unseen tripping hazard.

SONCO’s Solution: High Visibility & Low-Profile Fence Bases

New-age bases serve double duty in your temp fence line-up. The heavier weight or larger profile of our OxBlock and BigFoot bases stabilizes your perimeter fence. The bright safety orange and yellow striping catches the eye of passing foot traffic to minimize tripping and improve construction safety. Molded from OSHA orange polyethylene, OxStands feature a low-profile base that is seen in all conditions.

SONCO Savings Innovation: Bundle Pricing

When it’s time to equip your next job site, create a bundle of SONCO construction safety equipment and enjoy bulk pricing! Options include:

  • OxStand fence base
  • Temp fence brace
  • Construction signage
  • Fence screen
  • BigFoot fencing stabilizer
  • Versa chain-link fence
  • Versa pedestrian gate
  • Versa vehicle gate kit

Your order will qualify for FREE shipping and even lower prices. Saving money on bundled orders is another way SONCO elevates your buying experience. You receive the components you need for a safe, secure and stabilized perimeter in one package – at the best price available anywhere. No more picking up broken concrete blocks or torn sandbags. When your fencing job is done, just disassemble, stack and redeploy.

When Safety Comes First, Turn to SONCO!

When you manage construction site safety, complacency isn’t an option. Conditions change from moment to moment, giving you little time to react. SONCO OxStands and pre-printed OSHA signage reduce common safety concerns so you can prepare for the unexpected. With nearly a half decade of perimeter security experience, SONCO continues to improve our product lineup to make your job easier.

Consult our construction safety specialists for solutions to site security weaknesses. Request FREE, no-obligation advice for supplementing your current fencing inventory and upgrading as your budget allows. When SONCO’s bracing, gates, signs and stabilizing blocks secure your construction site, you’ll be ready to tackle the next safety challenge!

Partner with us for temporary fence innovations that increase site security and worker safety. You can learn more about SONCO’s state-of-the-art construction safety equipment in this helpful guide.

Nick Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolo
Nick had spent 15 years in the professional sports industry within the NFL, NHL and NBA before transferring over to Sonco. His experiences centered around sales and marketing as well as game day stadium operations.
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