Fence Gate to Control Access & Secure Assets

Safety Sticklers Guides Fence Gate to Control Access & Secure Assets

Fence Gate to Control Access & Secure Assets

Meet SONCO’s Fence Gate Lineup

We’re Making Perimeter Security a Breeze

Security always takes top priority when you are staging people and assets for a building project or big event. How do you protect equipment, regulate access and accommodate in-and-out traffic — without wasting time and workforce?

SONCO helps companies secure busy worksites and venues with our industry-leading temp fence panels. Still, too many job sites spend time disconnecting these panels to allow pedestrian or vehicle access. This has proven drawbacks! Why waste labor (and money) while weakening your perimeter? Ask our safety specialists about dedicated fence gates that connect with temp fence systems!


Security Advantages of a Chain-Link Fence Gate

Depending on the job site or venue, people and trucks may enter a work zone from dawn to dusk — or even overnight. It’s impractical to move installed fence panels repeatedly, and it’s also unsafe and costly. Companies report wasted labor, damaged fence panels, premature replacement costs and accident liability with this entry approach.

To solve these security problems, SONCO created temp fence gate systems with these proven benefits:

  • Convenient access.  Gates enable pedestrians and vehicles to come and go without delays or entry hazards.
  • Improved safety compliance. SONCO’s attractive, OSHA-compliant signage attaches directly to your gate, allowing workers and visitors to view posted safety guidelines and warnings as they enter the job site.
  • Fence line integrity. Fence gates ensure perimeter fencing remains secure and intact at all times. This helps to discourage intruders and safeguard your assets.
  • Proven savings. When you install the correct temp fence gate, you’ll save money on labor, accident liability and temp fence replacement costs.

How to Choose the Right Temp Fence Gate

As you secure your venue or work zone perimeter, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need a gate that swings freely to accommodate frequent vehicle traffic?
  • Does your temp fence gate serve as the main entry point for workers and guests?
  • Do crew members need to wheel supplies or equipment through your chain-link fence gate?
  • Will you have a gate security post, or will crew members and guests access the site independently?
  • What is the best way to protect your work site or facility from graffiti, theft and other property crimes?

As you map out your prioritized needs, connect with a SONCO support specialist for the best fence gate recommendation. We’re America’s perimeter security leader, and we’ll recommend gates that suit your budget and safety goals.

Temp Fence

Top Three SONCO Fence Gate Options

  1. When you’re looking for a sturdy swing gate that mounts between fence panels, choose SONCO’s Versa pedestrian gate. You’ll enjoy ease of access without disconnecting or removing standard fence panels.
  2. When perimeter integrity is a major concern, or you need pedestrian gates to break up a long fence line, choose the Versa gate panel. This chain-link panel with pre-hung gate allows access ease and increased security.
  3. Some crews use quick boundary solutions to block the way between drivers when a work zone has heavy traffic. But leaning a temp fence panel against the opening or pulling a barricade across the driveway leaves your perimeter vulnerable! Improve job-site security and enable frequent access with a wheeled fence gate. SONCO’s Versa vehicle gate kit turns chain-link panels into easy-to-use wheeled gates, saving you time and labor with every entry.

Features of SONCO Fence Gates & Access Panels

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Like all SONCO chain-link products, our fence gates feature welded frames, laced chain-link mesh and a hot-dip galvanized zinc finish. They are built to last — through rough weather, UV sunlight exposure and daily abuse. SONCO manufactures these fence gate styles:


This perimeter security solution incorporates a pre-hung, 4-foot-wide pedestrian gate into a standard chain-link fence panel. The gate panel pairs seamlessly with SONCO’s Versa panels to form a sturdy, unbroken fence.


Does your site require continual crew and visitor access? Ask our safety experts about Versa pedestrian gates. Each separate, 4-foot-wide chain-link fence gate fits between two Versa temp fence panels and is reinforced with tension bars and bands for increased security.


For venues and work zones with a constant traffic flow, SONCO engineered single- and double-vehicle gates. Your wheeled gate kit transforms one Versa panel into a 10-foot-wide swing gate. Position a second Versa panel and wheel kit for a 20-foot-wide access gate large enough to accommodate oversized trucks and heavy machinery. SONCO vehicle gates roll smoothly and quickly over unpaved ground. One crew member can open and close this rolling security gate without lifting or injury.

Signs & Fence Screens Reinforce Safety & Protect Your Site

Constant activity around construction sites and public events can result in occasional accidents, putting your company at risk. And when employees fail to meet safety standards or follow protocols, your liability increases even more. At SONCO, we’re proud to provide crew leaders and venue operators with tools that reinforce safety and prevent on-site injuries.

OSHA construction signs

Tired of hanging multiple safety signs for every construction project? Ask about SONCO’s chain-link, OSHA-compliant safety signage! Printed with safety requirements and branded with your logo, these fence screens fit securely onto gates and temp fencing.

SONCO’s safety screens combine messaging from individual OSHA signs into one clean-looking sign or barricade cover. Posting this safety signage at your temp fence gates emphasizes your team’s commitment to safety, alerts visitors of potential hazards and protects you from increased accident liability.

SONCO Adds Value to Your Job Site

Managing mega-events or major building and highway projects is demanding, but SONCO makes it easier. Partner with our U.S. team and benefit from a near-half-century of perimeter and crowd-control experience! Request FREE, no-obligation advice from our temp fence experts, and choose perimeter security solutions to suit your job-site requirements. And as you evaluate your current chain-link panel and barrier supply, contact SONCO to round out temp fencing and configure gates for time and money savings.

Ready to buy? Set up an account to qualify for attractive buy now, pay later credit terms. As a SONCO partner, you enjoy a variety of benefits — like bundled discounts and free access to our in-house graphic designers.

For even more tips on securing perimeters and complying with safety regulations, check out this helpful guide to temporary chain-link fence gates and panels!

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hessionhttp://soncocrowdcontrol.com
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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