How To Be A Successful Construction Project Manager: Being Successful With 10 Steps!

Safety Sticklers Guides How To Be A Successful Construction Project Manager: Being Successful With 10...

How To Be A Successful Construction Project Manager: Being Successful With 10 Steps!

It’s not easy to be a successful construction project manager. The job requires the ability to put a plan in place but also to think quickly and act fast. Here at SONCO Perimeter Security, we’re proud to partner with the construction industry to provide tools that make their job easier. We’ve also learned quite a bit about what it takes to ensure a construction project goes off without a hitch, and we’d like to share our top 10 tips with you. If you’re in construction management, keep reading today’s blog post to learn more.  

Ten Steps for Successful Construction Management


Being a good planner may be the number one skill required of a successful project manager. You have to have the ability to see the big picture and put all of the small pieces together to make it all happen. Make sure your project has the people, equipment, and materials to get the job done, and always have a plan B in place.  


While you’re responsible for bringing a vision to life as the project manager, you’re not capable of getting it all done on your own. Instead of just telling people what to do, make sure they have the knowledge and tools required to complete the task you’re giving them.  

Manage Time Well

Nothing will derail a project quicker than poor time management. You’re likely going to be up against multiple questions and problems during a project, so make sure you keep track of everything that needs to get done and when it needs to get done to ensure everything stays on track.  

Know Your Contracts

A successful project manager takes the time to read their contract in full before starting to ensure they know how to mitigate problems as they arise and can keep the customer happy. Minimize conflicts and arguments by fully knowing how to deliver on the project at hand.  

Know Your Costs

Keeping a project within budget is vital to the success of a project manager. Customers aren’t happy when they hear of surprise costs. Make sure you have a good idea of what the materials, equipment, and labor will cost before starting, and always reserve funds for problems that will surely arise.   

Make Informed Decisions

As a construction project manager, you know the importance of embracing challenges and making on-the-spot decisions. Afterall, you’re required to plan and implement every aspect of a construction project from beginning to end. Don’t let a bad decision cost you time and money. Think through your options, and always keep a few alternative options in your back pocket.  


When it comes to communication, project managers need to be excellent at both written and verbal communication. To make sure that things get done when and how they should, clear and concise guidance is a must.  


From customers and suppliers to subcontractors and your own team, negotiating skills are a must. It’s your job to persuade people that your ideas and proposals are the way to go, and you’re also in charge of getting the price right and the materials needed. Good negotiating skills will go a long way.  

Accept Responsibility

While it’s true: accidents happen. When it comes to construction, accidents may be life-altering or life-ending. Safety should be your top priority, and understanding that saving money or meeting a deadline is never more important than following the correct protocols.  

Get in the Trenches

It’s hard to know how things are going with your project if you’re not there. Instead of being in your office, prioritize being on the job site so you can assess how things are going and what you can do to help. It also tends to boost morale when workers see that the boss isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  

Construction management can be a hard job. However, it’s rewarding to see an idea come to life, and construction project managers get to see their success in the form of a physical space. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re in construction and are in need of products such as temporary fences, safety signs, water barriers, or other security measures, contact us here at SONCO Perimeter Security. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs.  

Giuliano Marinho
Giuliano Marinho
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