Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Barricades. Get the Scoop! | SONCO

Safety Sticklers Guides Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Barricades. Get the Scoop! | SONCO

Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Barricades. Get the Scoop! | SONCO

Cheap Barricades Aren’t Worth It! Get the Real Story.

SONCO Steel Barriers Dominate the Competition

SONCO sales reps field dozens of metal barrier questions each week, including queries about barricade size, interlocking compatibility, galvanized benefits and finish options. Of all these questions, one stands out the most: 

Why SONCO barricades are more competitive than Players XYZ’s barriers?

It’s an important question, and the answer may determine how you allocate equipment funds for your next project. We’ve written this comprehensive blog post to do justice to this essential FAQ. Read on for real-life pricing examples and current market barricade values — and contact the SONCO pros for help with your next equipment purchase.

The Unpopular Truth About Cheap Barricades

How bad can cheap barricades be? After all, you’re saving hundreds or thousands when you partner with a cut-rate barrier supplier. Unfortunately, taking the bargain route loses its luster when metal barriers begin to rust, bend or chip. Rowdy crowds knock over lightweight equipment, and cheap, low-gauge barricades serve as weapons in the hands of combative patrons.

cheap barricades

Benefits of Higher-Quality SONCO Barriers

Your SONCO safety pro will delve into the value of your heavy-duty barricade investment, but here are the basics. SONCO’s zinc-coated steel barriers deliver more value for your money than cheap barricades do. Here’s why:

  • Improved quality. In the SONCO example above, you receive a more robust and stable metal barrier to accomplish your crowd-control goals.
  • Higher resistance. Cheap, lightweight barricades are easily knocked down or wielded as a weapon by aggressive fans. SONCO barriers offer higher resistance levels and tight interlocking for enhanced stability.
  • Longer lifespan. Frequent barricade replacement is frustrating and labor-consuming. With SONCO’s high-performance, you’ll enjoy years of crowd management success.

What Is Barricade Gauge?

When it comes to a barricade’s gauge, lower numbers mean more steel. There’s ample evidence that SONCO barricades deliver the best value for your dollar. While many top competitors build their “premium-class” barricades from 18-gauge rather than 16-gauge steel, SONCO insists on manufacturing heavyweight barricade products from 16-gauge steel. That means we engineer each barrier with 20- to 25-percent thicker steel!

cheap barricades

Why would you skimp on essential crowd-control equipment? The risks simply aren’t worth it. Partner with SONCO’s barricade team and enjoy bulk truckload discounts on classic steel barriers, heavyweight barricades and extra-tall steel barriers. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your crowd-control initiatives are successful — and you’ll watch the value of your investment increase with years of reliable barricade service.

There’s a reason we’re rated 4.6/5 for product and service satisfaction — and we invite you to join the SONCO family today!

SONCO has develop a Buyer Guide to help you avoid common mistakes when buying crowd control barriers, click here to learn more.

Why Pay More for Field-Tested Steel Barriers?

Every month, SONCO safety pros field frustrations from barricade customers who took the cheap route — and paid the price. In the end, SONCO believes the safety of event crowds, construction crews and commercial facilities are worth our high-performance barricade cost. Pound-for-pound, our barriers are the best investment you’ll make all year.

  1. Imagine your company needs 30 galvanized-steel barricades for a small outdoor festival. Company XYZ offers its lightweight, pre-galvanized, economy-steel barriers, which weigh 34 pounds. At $80 per barricade, the total order comes to $2400. Break this number down by barricade weight and you are paying $2.35 per pound.
  2. SONCO offers a similar bid for your 30-barricade project, but we recommend a heavy-duty interlocking, galvanized-steel barricade weighing 45 pounds. For a barricade cost of just $105 per unit, you’ll pay $3150 in total. And while this total estimate is slightly higher than Company XYZ, your value per barricade pound is $.02 less. With SONCO, you’ll pay just $2.33 per barrier pound!
cheap barricades

Why Are Barricade Prices Rising, Anyway?

In what is commonly attributed to inflation plus growing market demand, barricade and equipment costs are rising. According to Fact MR research group, the global crowd-control barricade market currently stands at an estimated $1.9 million and will likely overtake $7 billion by 2032. These figures suggest we’ll see aggressive 13.7% compound annual growth rates over the next decade.

Fact MR also studied the significant uptick in barricade use over the last five years, attributing the surge to pandemic-related crowd management by police, military installations, event organizers and commercial facilities. As pandemic restrictions have loosened, many municipalities, medical facilities, construction crews and retail environments continue to use these crowd-blocking products.

Equipment suppliers have welcomed this market wave, but it is placing an untold burden on event planners, construction teams and municipalities facing budget shortfalls. To stretch strained budgets and ease daily stress, some barricade buyers search for the market’s cheapest pedestrian and traffic barriers.

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hession
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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