7 Tips on Crowd Control and Branding for Minor League Baseball Stadiums

Safety Sticklers Tips 7 Tips on Crowd Control and Branding for Minor League Baseball Stadiums

7 Tips on Crowd Control and Branding for Minor League Baseball Stadiums

The 2020 MiLB season starts on April 9, which means stadium managers have a great reason to look at the current status of their crowd control and branding needs. The first game is rounding third and almost home – are you ready for the arrival of the fans both outside and in? Are you generating the most sponsorship revenue possible? Here’s what you should have on deck to stay prepared for anything this business might throw at you, curveballs included.

1. Steel Barricades for Exterior Crowd Control

steel barricades for exterior crowd control

Steel barricades, also known as Bike Rack Barricades for obvious reasons, are practically an essential for stadium exteriors. These interlocking barriers are a fast and easy way to set up a perimeter to funnel visitors to the entranceways, and they’re especially productive when bundled with a barricade transport cart.

2. Barricade Covers for Branding Purposes

barricade covers for branding purposes

You know opening day is rounding third, but do they? Custom barricade covers make for effective marketing that utilizes space you own: the exterior of your stadium. So on top of your existing marketing strategy, consider investing in making sure every passing car knows they can enjoy a baseball game come spring.

But beyond teasing the upcoming season, custom barricade covers are an affordable way to generate sponsorship revenue all season long. Once you own steel barricades, every one becomes space you can sell for advertising dollars.

3. Stanchions and Posts for Concessions and Merch

stanchions and posts for concessions and merch v2

Custom retractable belt barriers can feature your team colors and logos, but even the standard black options make for fast, easy, cost-effective, and extremely storable crowd control. Whether the wall mount or post stanchions, you can create orderly lines on the fly – and adapt to crowd size in real-time.

4. Large Banners and Flags to Create the Ultimate Atmosphere

larger banners

Your stadium is unlike any other of the 160+ MiLB home fields around the country. Make it an unforgettable, all-encompassing experience with custom large banners, event flags, and other signage that electrifies the crowd – and monetizes otherwise plain walls and empty areas.

5. Solving Other Gameday Concerns

general sonco produc imagery in stadium not used above

When you consider every aspect of your stadium, you can increase attendance, boost safety, generate ad revenue, and avoid unnecessary liability. Here are a few more considerations minor league baseball stadium managers should have on their radar:

  • New Backstop Netting
  • Custom Bleacher Cushions
  • “Mini Bat/Hat Day” Promo Merch

Of course, the possibilities are endless. But when you keep optimization top-of-mind, you’ll discover a wide range of areas for improvements that go a long way.

6. Solutions for Events and Promotions Outside of Baseball Games

solutions for events and promotions outside of baseball games 1

Most MiLB stadiums double as an event complex for a variety of purposes. Even promotional stunts mid-game, like races around the bases or pitch contests and so on, can require some additional products that can come in and out of storage with ease.

You should also consider your parking lot as potential event space, as well as the engagement opportunities on the way inside the stadium. Outdoor displays like event tents can facilitate impulse buys or generate fundraising interest. A temporary vinyl event fence that’s made to look like white picket fencing creates pastoral atmospheres on the fly for VIP events, Easter egg hunts, and other activities.

7. Get Free Expert Advice from Industry Insiders

At SONCO, our team is available to help minor league baseball stadiums get the most out of their space and within their budget. From a price-match guarantee to a huge selection of stadium-specific products made right here in America and customized to your heart’s content, we’re the all-in-one solution.

For no-obligation advice from our industry experts, contact us today.

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