Chain-Link Fence Rentals to Porta-Potty Biz

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Chain-Link Fence Rentals to Porta-Potty Biz

Would Chain-Link Fence Rentals Boost Your Porta-Potty Business?

Get the FAQs About This Lucrative New Revenue Stream

As a professional equipment supplier, you already know the rental ropes. But did you know there could be substantial income potential in adding chain-link fence rentals to your inventory? Whether you’re a porta-toilet, event sanitation or roll-off dumpster company, temp fencing could be just what you need to build a lucrative new income stream. Fence rentals are a perfect pairing for your current business line, and SONCO has the scoop about getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chain-Link Fence Rentals

If you’re a rental business struggling to weather this year’s volatile market, we can help. SONCO has the inside story on storing, hauling and marketing fence panels, and we answer your most pressing questions in the printable FAQs below.

chain-link fence rentals

Why should I add chain-link panels to my rental inventory?

There are countless reasons to start a fence-rental biz, but here is the best: You already have the customer base! The best fence-rental customer is an existing customer, and porta-toilet and dumpster clients regularly use temp fencing.

Need another reason to rent out fence panels? When you add chain-link fencing to your lineup, you’ll be a single-source equipment supplier! Vendor-hopping is a hassle for event producers and contractors. It’s time- and labor-consuming to procure portable sanitation equipment, roll-offs and temp fencing from multiple companies. Streamline your customers’ shopping process with one-stop, hassle-free shopping to, you’ll build instant client loyalty and drive new business growth.

How do I promote chain-link fence rentals?

Marketing your fence panels starts with asking existing rental customers one simple question: “Do you need temp fencing, too?” Construction teams and event venues need fence systems for highway & building repairs, new construction, mega-concerts and festivals, red-carpet events, parks and rec projects, government security and more.

When it comes to promotional materials, SONCO does the work for you. Ask our fence experts about spec sheets, high-res images and product descriptions for your website, social media and print marketing materials.

chain-link fence rentals

What supplies do I need for my chain-link fence rentals business?

As a portable sanitation or dumpster provider, you already have most of your needs. Combine existing assets with SONCO’s competitively priced chain-link truckload bundles to start earning more today!

  • Fence transport: You may already have the perfect rental-transport vehicle. Haul SONCO fence panels, gates and accessories in a flatbed, stake-body truck, trailer or similar vehicle.
  • Fence loading/deployment: Two or more team members can install customer fencing. A forklift or similar machinery expedites the process!

How will I transport & store galvanized fence panels?

At SONCO, we know space is limited, and poor transit methods damage panels and cost you money. To help rental affiliates haul temp fencing and maximize storage space, we created the popular steel Sollage rack. This weather-resistant storage and transport solution is available as a stand-alone product or with SONCO’s 30-panel truckload bundle.

These stackable storage devices secure panels for transport while minimizing transit-related damage. No more mangled and damaged fencing or panels lost on the highway! Sollage racks also help you clean up your yard since they store panels in a compact footprint.

chain-link fence rentals

How much storage space do I need for a truckload of fence panels?

Store one truckload of fencing inside a 380-square-foot stockyard or warehouse. Tight on storage? Take advantage of vertical space. Double stack our popular Sollage racks using a forklift, and reduce needed space to 190 square feet.

chain-link fence rentals

Do I need a big crew to install customer fencing?

No! Leverage your current team and build a fence line in a few hours — with just two employees! Check the table below for average crew sizes and installation times, which vary by project. Contact SONCO with specific installation questions.

To expedite fence installation, reallocate employees from other business areas or use forklifts to lighten the workload. Forklifts aren’t essential to chain-link deployment, but they substantially boost labor efficiency. Plus, forklifts minimize injuries to fatigued crew members!

chain-link fence rentals

What is the return on investment for my fencing purchase?

ROI varies with purchase amount, market trends and customer demand. Most high-volume rental companies find chain-link fence panels a cost-effective investment with surprisingly quick payback.


chart sonco 2021y

PRO TIP: Remember, these numbers relate to material costs and do not include additional revenue for labor installs and takedowns, plus roundtrip shipping revenue.

*Revenue varies by rental company, market and project. Example provided is a national average & varies by customer. SONCO does not guarantee fence-rental profitability or expected ROI.

Is the chain-link fence rentals business for me?

We sure think so! Renting fence panels is big business. Over the last two years, SONCO has seen a 1200% increase in temp fence purchases made by porta-potty companies. Between short-term events and longer-term construction contracts, temp fencing rental businesses are thriving, and profit potential is soaring.

Still undecided? Contact a SONCO fenc pro! Our temp fencing team answers your questions, advocates for your business, and helps you determine whether fence rentals would increase your earnings. As a trusted supplier and chain-link fence rental consultant, SONCO helps you start or grow your business. With our help, you’ll be on your way to boosting rental profits and creating happy customers! Check out our truckload deals now, and make 2023 the year you take your porta-potty or dumpster business to the next level.

Andrew Hession
Andrew Hession
Andrew is approaching his 10th year with SONCO specializing in crowd control and fencing. Prior to SONCO, Andrew worked in the NFL and sports industry and has experience with logistics, sponsorship, site mapping and branding.
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