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Barricade Covers for Branding & Advertising | SONCO


High-Powered Benefits of SONCO Custom Barricade Covers

Trade Plain Barriers for Brand Credibility

With SONCO’s custom printed barricade jacket covers, your crowd control and perimeter safety investment will double in value! When you secure your restaurant, hotel, arena or concert venue with top-of-the-line barriers, SONCO barricade covers ensure visitors, event attendees and community members can’t miss your message! Showcase your brand, emphasize safety, advertise for sponsors or preview an upcoming event. Whatever your marketing initiative, barrier jackets turn crowd control barricades into billboard ads attracting thousands of potential views per day.

SONCO’s creative customers use crowd control barrier covers in dozens of ways. Check out these popular barricade-cover printing strategies!

  • Promote your company’s name, logo or project
  • Announce upcoming building plans
  • Share your project’s “before” and “after” images
  • Hype local sporting events & advertise team merch
  • Share COVID-19 & other health guidelines
  • Boost ticket sales for upcoming concerts
  • Hold a community art contest
  • Beautify your community with murals & artwork

Opportunity Is Knocking:

Monetize Your Barricade Security System With Custom Printing

Create pre-show buzz by adding a printed barricade jacket to each SONCO barrier panel while you prep for that championship game, mega-concert or music festival. With double-sided, high-resolution printing, your crowd control barricade jackets serve two valuable functions: messaging and promoting. Here are a few other ways to put barricades to work with custom signage:

  • Guide attendees to security gates, seating sections & concessions with directional messages & queue guidelines.
  • Use event safety guidelines to inform waiting crowds about safety expectations.
  • Attract sponsors with product ads reaching thousands of attendees.
  • Sell perimeter advertising to promote local businesses or future events.

Striking barrier covers printed with high-performance inks add value for you and your sponsors. Barricade covers complete the professional, aesthetic look of your sports venue or festival grounds. As needed, they heighten event awareness and attract paying sponsors looking for targeted advertising impressions. And, when you monetize your site with barrier jackets, you’ll enjoy a revenue boost that pays for printed signage and delivers profits on top.

Advantages of Choosing SONCO for Barricade Jacket Covers

For over 45 years, SONCO has led the perimeter security industry with unmatched quality and innovative equipment. As your single stop for perimeter fencing, crowd control barricades, accessories and custom signs, we provide in-house barrier and fence-screen printing. You’ll also gain immediate access to our design and printing specialists when you purchase or upgrade security equipment!

Add printed barricade jackets to new and existing bike rack barriers in a snap, then save time and eliminate the potential mix-ups that occur with third-party design and production vendors. Other advantages of choosing SONCO printing include:

  • FREE image proofs — view before you buy!
  • In-house logo sizing & template placement
  • Free shipping on purchases of five or more barrier covers
  • Bulk pricing for an unbelievable investment value!
  • Durable vinyl or polyester fabrics & meshes
  • High-res printing for a clean, professional look
  • Durable, reinforced construction that endures years of rugged use
  • Custom colors, materials & closure types
  • Double-sided printing for additional ad exposure
  • Fitted barrier covers & universal-fit barrier jackets

SONCO Free Barricade Advertising Design Services

Staffed by industry experts and graphic designers, our custom printing team helps you choose the fabrics, colors and closures suited to your budget and barricade advertising goals. Adding images is easy and free. And with our online platform, you can upload high-resolution artwork and trust our staff to place graphics into professional-quality templates. After checking for proper color, sizing and resolution, we’ll deliver a free proof for your review. Approve your design before you pay a cent! Ordering barrier covers in bulk? Get free, expedited access to our design team.

Printed Barricade Covers Sized “Just Right.”

When it is time to expand your crowd control system, SONCO gives you options. We’ll help you make cost-effective upgrade choices without starting at square one. Our bike rack barricades fit with common barricade brands, so you can pair them until your SONCO system is complete. Universal barrier covers make it easy to achieve a uniform look when mixing barricade brands. For faster equipment set-up and take-down, order professionally fitted barricade covers. Each barricade jacket undergoes the same high-quality production process for optimal results.

Choose SONCO for Crowd Control Barrier Covers & Barricades

Find everything you need in one convenient online location. Shop for SONCO crowd control barriers, bike rack barricade covers, perimeter fencing and custom-printed fence screens, and manage your order with our secure online portal. Use the portal to request a quote, inquire about bulk pricing, check product availability, upload artwork, track your order status and more!

Set up an account today and discover more about SONCO’s cutting-edge crowd control equipment. With qualified orders, use our Apruve Credit Program to buy now, pay later. We look forward to partnering with you!


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