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Benefits of Lightweight Aluminum Concert Barricades


Aluminum Concert Barricades Take the Stage:

Robust Crowd Control in a Lightweight Package

If your venue still relies on traditional steel concert barricades for crowd management, you’re familiar with the drawbacks. The cumbersome installation process, increased setup time and elevated labor and fuel costs make them a nightmare for skeleton crews and small venues. These heavy metal barricades also lack portability, preventing quick emergency removal. Some jurisdictions now restrict steel barriers due to this safety concern.

At SONCO, we know quick stage setup and equipment reliability are essential to a successful event. Trust our reputable stage barrier lineup to streamline crowd management without sacrificing safety. When patron, performer and crew security are paramount, these industry-leading aluminum concert barricades deliver.

SONCO Aluminum Stage Barrier Benefits

While steel stage barricades were the industry standard for decades, their weight and bulk were a detriment. To ease deployment and prevent personnel injury, SONCO engineers aluminum barrier systems for concerts, festivals, theater performances and other stage events. Our lightweight but heavy-duty metal barricades meet American Welding Society standards and install quickly with a small crew. Built for indoor or outdoor use, aluminum stage barriers come with durable connector pins as strong as the barricades, themselves. Securely interlock barriers for the ultimate crowd control system. Create a seamless wall of safety that protects entertainers while safeguarding attendees and event staff. SONCO aluminum barricades are trusted nationwide for events like these:

  • Red carpet performances
  • Portable stages
  • Mega-concerts
  • Conventions & tradeshows
  • BBQ battles & food-truck contests
  • Holiday events
  • Plays & musicals
  • Exhibitions & speaking tours
  • Political rallies
  • Fairs & festivals
  • Marathons & triathlons
  • Sporting & playoff events

Why Choose Aluminum Concert Barriers?

  • Stage crews love SONCO concert barricades! Weighing just 50 to 80 pounds per piece, these barriers are easy to handle and gentle on the back and knees. No more backbreakers. Deploy and relocate barricades with ease — while drastically cutting install times.
  • Aluminum barriers deliver steel-strong crowd control. While our barricades weigh a fraction of steel barrier weight, they’re built from the same high-performance 6000-series aluminum alloy that gives truck bodies their strength. With certified AWS welds and a tough interlocking setup, your barricade line won’t budge.
  • SONCO stage systems adapt to every situation. Integrating seamlessly with legacy or MOJO-style barriers, aluminum barricades pair with existing equipment or stand independently. Deck out the stage for concerts, speaking tours, festivals and more.
  • Enjoy easy transport & storage. To further reduce the physical toll of stage setup, pair stage barriers with our stackable carts. Carts are perfect for transporting and storing stage barriers, and they’re manufactured from premium aluminum with SONCO’s signature craftsmanship.
  • SONCO stage barrier systems resist weather, UV rays and corrosion. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, our straight-section barricades, snake runners and hinged-gate barriers are stable on all types of terrain. These barriers were made for extreme crowd control and demanding conditions, from major festivals to Broadway shows.

Power-Up Event Management With Aluminum Barriers

From their design simplicity to panel versatility, SONCO’s aluminum barricades offer unmatched flexibility for any stage setup. Choose from barrier equipment for delay towers, crowd-surge prevention and, front-of-house (FOH) positions. Take on these tasks and more with SONCO’s unrivaled stage barricades:

  • Provide secure access for stagehands, vendors & authorized personnel
  • Pass cables through accessible 12” snake runner openings
  • Adjust mics, lights & lamps without disrupting the barrier line
  • Interlock pieces for an immovable barrier wall
  • Fold flat for compact storage & transport
  • Protect entertainers & resist crowd surges
  • Save manpower, time & fuel while deploying or transporting
  • Prevent crew injuries & shorten installation times

Check out SONCO’s complete line of concert barricades:

Partner With the Event-Safety Authority

You can’t afford a security breakdown when it comes to packed concerts and sold-out performances. With half a century of event experience, SONCO partners with venue operators, event managers and concert promoters to secure facilities and protect people.

SONCO concert barricades are constructed from premium-grade, heavy-duty aluminum that’s proven to perform. With our battle-tested stage barrier lineup, every show goes off without a hitch.

Buying event barriers in bulk? Enjoy deep discounts with our truckload deals. Don’t forget about our buy-now, pay-later financing and a price-match guarantee that promises the best possible crowd-control value!


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